Odgren ruled competent to stand trial

Doc: Teen stab suspect competent to stand trial:

John Odgren, the 15-year-old suspect in the fatal Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School stabbing of James Alenson, was ruled competent to stand trial yesterday. A psychiatrist informed the court that Odgren is competent and no longer needs to be housed in a psychiatric facility. Odgren swore at the judge when he was told that he was going back to juvenile lockup.

“(Expletive) it,” Odgren said. “(If you) send me back to Plymouth, I’m not coming back.”

Odgren’s attorney, Jonathan Shapiro, argued that Odgren’s Asperger’s puts him at risk in lock up.

Shapiro argued Odgren’s Asperger’s syndrome puts him at risk in jail because he makes ‘inappropriate comments’ to other boys. “Frankly, it’s dangerous,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro also states that Odgren is at risk for suicide and that he has, get this, amnesia of the whole stabbing incident. Isn’t that convenient? So you’re going to tell me that someone who was joking with police and offered to assist the crime scene investigators all of a sudden has amnesia of the entire event. Amnesia, it’s not just for soap operas and cartoons anymore.

Shapiro argued that Odgren should still be kept at the mental facility but the judge put a quick stop to that.

Judge Isaac Borenstein responded and said, “The very same doctor you quote said he does not need to be in the hospital.”

Well since Odgren allegedly has amnesia then he won’t remember where he is.

What a drama queen.

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  1. Endersdragon

    Why haven’t you let my last few posts get through??? You aren’t afraid of letting alternative views to come threw are you. A boy wants to commit suicide becuase he is being bullyed and abused in jail, sounds like it is probably a quite common thing.

  2. Trench

    Opposing viewpoints are more than welcome here. I banned you for posting off topic comments again and you’re just plain annoying. Your behavior on my site is almost stalkerish.

    And it’s not jail, it’s juvenile detention. Personally I think his “jailhouse” strife is all part of an act.

    If he was so worried about being bullied in lockup he shouldn’t have stabbed James Alenson in the heart.

  3. Endersdragon

    I am still not convinced he meant to kill James, he bragged about being able to commit a perfect crime, he easily had the knowledge to do it (or at least better then this), yet he did a really really really crappy job of it. At least I am willing to admit I don’t know. And fyi I didn’t post off topic comments there, one was a response for crying out loud.

  4. Endersdragon

    Just wondering, isn’t talking about a killer in his 50s or even in their 20s (like you have done so many times before) off topic on a site about teen/kid killers.

  5. carl

    Trench, thank you for banning that mutant.

  6. Endersdragon

    You never have said how I am a mutant. I thought a mutant idolized what these guys did not defended the kids as being such.

  7. Trench

    I never said you were a mutant. Just misguided.

  8. Trench

    This site is mainly about school shootings. This was a shooting that took place in a school. Much like the Amish school shooting which I also posted about.

  9. Christine

    yes, he didn’t mean to kill James at all, he just created the crime scene he wants. how many crime scene will he create again if let him free? do you want to play one of the role of victim?

  10. Christine


    You’d never misguided, you just spread out the truth.

  11. Endersdragon

    How can an opinion ever be truth?

  12. Christine

    if it could be for him to commit suicide, he would have killed himself to creat the crime scene he wants instead of slashing James to death.

  13. collateral

    It was not a shooting.

  14. Jenny

    yeah he didn’t mean to kill James, he just STABBED him in the HEART, you idiot!


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