Steps should have been taken at LSRHS

Principal says ‘extra step’ not taken before stabbing:

Yesterday the principal of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and the superintendent said at a school board meeting that the school psychologist who confiscated a knife from John Odgren then gave it back at the end of the day should have reported it to authorities. You don’t say.

John M. Ritchie told the school board in a meeting last night that he didn’t think that there was “flagrant neglect, disregard for the welfare of the school, or irresponsible ignoring of school policy.”

Still, he said, “Some additional effort had to be made that wasn’t made to determine whether this was a pattern, to call it to someone’s attention, to determine whether it was completely innocent.”

“That was where people did not execute reasonable expectation on my part,” Ritchie said. “I think that in a school setting with safety being of paramount concern to us, an extra step had to be taken.”

Ritchie did not single out any school staff, and he declined to say whether disciplinary action would be taken, citing confidentiality.

If that school employee doesn’t lose his or her job then there’s seriously something wrong with that school system.

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  1. Endersdragon

    Could he have legally reported it to the authorities??? He had no reason to believe at the time that Odgren was a threat to himself or others (the simple fact that he showed the counselor the knife says that he wasn’t going to use it on anyone at that time.) Yes it was an illegal act but as far as I know a nonviolent legal act (which it was, remember hindsight is always 20/20) can not be reported to the authorities. He should have kept the weapon but doctor/client privelge applies there I think.

    I hate to break it to you but I doubt special needs children bringing knifes to school is that rare. I have heard a couple other cases of it just on the forums I frequent, they generally just don’t use them other then to threaten.

  2. Trench

    If I remember correctly by state law they are supposed to report any weapon to police.

  3. Endersdragon

    Even counselors??? That seems to go against confidentality, of course kids these days don’t have half the rights that adults do.

  4. ZappaCrappa

    Did that statement make you laugh as hard as it made me laugh Trench? Please point out the obvious since I can’t answer -)

  5. Trench

    I was hoping someone else would but since you called me out on it. 😎

    If a counselor or psychiatrist knows that their patient committed a crime then confidentiality is waived.


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