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Teen accused in abduction faces charges of terrorism:

More details on the arrest of the Mesa, Arizona teen from Powell Junior High. The suspect’s name is Brent Clark. His name has been made public because he is being charged as an adult. How it started is that Clark pulled the knife on a random girl walking home from school and tried to take her hostage. When Clark didn’t show up for school the next day police went to his house and found the backpack full of weapons and restraints. Clark told police he intended to kill the girl.

If this is really about a problem he had with another boy at school then why kill a random girl?

3 thoughts on “More from Mesa

  1. WR says:

    My sister was in first hour with Brent. Allegedly, he was after a boy in that class specifically, but was on his way to hold the whole class hostage. He loved the military, and there is still a painting by Clark hanging up in the classroom of a military man. He had very few friends there, was picked on a lot, and always talked about the military and weaponry. My sister is shocked. She says that he was the nicest boy.


  2. Endersdragon says:

    I wonder what happened, sounds like another case of a kid just snapping. I hope we find out what he did his actions before we sentence him as an adult… he was still in middle school after all.


  3. Brent's Mom says:

    FYI: by insisting he be charged as an adult, the Prosecutor took away his RIGHT to psych eval. Took us 4 months to get approval for an independent one, which the Prosecutor will not even consider looking at. Had we received it immediately, we might have answered a lot of questions. Now? It’s anyone’s guess if we’ll ever find the original trigger. Still, counseling would give this kid appropriate coping skills.
    OOPS! I forgot: we’d rather hang him out to dry than give him life-coping skills.

    Has anyone checked the research on the effects of bullying, particularly on middle-school-aged students? It’s the WORST time of their life, tending to wane as they enter highschool (and adulthood), and also the most misunderstood affliction of all their trials, at a time when they do not trust adults and think they know all and can solve all. Add to that any learning or social disablilty and what you have is a time-bomb: some blow up, others sizzle for years, while the majority end up working through the difficulties. Anf there are few predicters of who is which type.
    There is also significant research on brain growth and development at this age: during this period of adolescence, the brain actually experiences its second of three major growth spurts. Ever wonder why teenagers ALL seem to have chronic PMS? It’s a shadow of the Terrible Two’s in much larger bodies, and they still fail to conceive the true impact of long-term consequences during this period of growth. Just a reason–no excuses. Trying to make sense & understand….


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