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Mother of teen facing terrorism charge speaks out:

The mother of Brent Clark is saying that her son being charged as an adult is unjustified.

Danette Reed told K-T-A-R she and her husband called the police on their son hoping to get him help in the juvenile system.

The decision to charge him as an adult upset the boy’s mother. Reed says she believes her son was crying out for help and years in an adult prison are unjustified.

Let’s see. He attempted to kidnap and kill a random female student, he was found with a loaded gun, and he planned on taking the entire class hostage.

Nope, seems justifiable to me.

And yes I am being glib.

6 thoughts on “Brent Clark's mother speaks out

  1. Endersdragon says:

    I am not saying he shouldn’t be tried as an adult but why is the DA the one who gets to say so? Where is the judges say in this? Where are the experts say in this? Where is anyone elses say in this? Or am I missing something and that comes later, I sure hope so but somehow I doubt it.


  2. Brent's Mom says:

    Did you know that no one screens the Grand Jurors for bias? Or that no judge sits on the proceedings, and that the Jurors are NOT instructed in the law? Did you know that ONLY THE PROSECUTOR gets to present evidence to the jurors without the defendant’s knowledge, and that he is NOT required to present ANY evidence that might possibly conflict with his theory–even if it is true!

    Did you know that the Mesa PD PROMISED to get this child a psych eval & UA within 24 hours, then railroaded him into a direct file in adult court just to deny him those very evaluations? YES! Your police officers are allowed to LIE to trick you into saying and doing what they want you to do!!!

    This kid is a great student, working on his Eagle Scout, and a ranking youth member of the Young Marines in Arizona, just received two very prestigious awards this weekend for his extensive service to the community and his work caring for our Nation’s Veterans. This kid can tame feral animals and has NEVER been in trouble before. I postulate that when a kid’s behavior makes such a sudden and drastic turn–SOMETHING HAS TRIGGERED THE BEHAVIOR! Why doesn’t he deserve ONE chance to prove he is not the monster he has been LABELLED??? Just because someone SAID it, does not make it true. The truth lies in this boy’s history and remorse.

    And, BTW folks: THE POLICE DID NOT FIND THIS CHILD WITH ANYTHING. THE POLICE DID NOT GO TO HIS HOME EVEN TO LOCATE HIM. FACTS HAVE BEEN TWISTED WAY OUT OF PROPORTION. Keep eyes on Channel 15 News & LOOK beneath the physical appearance of this kid when he speaks. Or let’s just turn him into a monster by BLACKMAILING him into a corner with an unfair and overly severe plea bargain. There is a cover-up of the worst kind in this, all to garner someone’s career votes. Do you really think ANY KID should pay for that? Is it reallay worth a good person’s ENTIRE FUTURE?


  3. Rosalinda L says:

    I do know this boy personally and don’t think he should be tried as an adult. He seemed to be a well rounded kid and had rescpect for others and was into the Young Marines. Why I don’t agree with what he did, I strongly agree that putting him in an adult prison will NOT only make him a hard person, but will also harm him emotionally too. Why can they not get him some couseling or help first. He obviously has been scarred emotionally also and no one seems to be helping him
    Where is the school system when it comes to be bullied? Our kids go to school to learn and we as parents think that our kids our safe by sending them there each day. I know that there are NO bullying signs around the schools and also that they give these children classes on this. But, in reality, the bullying stills happens in all everyday lives.
    My question to the school is, “What happened to the kid or kids that had been bullying him for all these months?” Did they happen to get any kind of punishment for their actions on this boy? Of course, we have never heard any thing concerning that!! Why should Brent be tried as an adult and these bully’s walk away with NOT even a slap on the wrist. They should also be punished for their actions on harming Brent also.


  4. Brent's mom says:

    The young man (bully) in question stated that he was aware Brent felt he (the bully) was picking on him (Brent). No one has yet investigated this alleged bullying interaction…though that will soon change.
    By charging Brent as an adult, the Prosecuting Atty gives the School District “plausible deniability.” As long as Brent remains a “criminal,” he is not entitled to help, and therefore the District does not HAVE to investigate our allegation: it is easier for them to simply DENY it because the instructor FAILED to address it or to document it (I was not aware that parents were ALLOWED to attend secondary education classes with their children, to ensure they were being fully responsible parents, or else I would have been there every minute of every day!)
    Do I believe it happened? YES. Do I believe Brent defined it as bullying at that time? NO. Do I believe that he has the mental maturity to make one of two choices in TWELVE days: go to trial and face 45 years, or accept a plea agreement that takes away every small chance he has to correct this mistake? NO. And MANY other people SAY they agree.
    But it is left to me, ALONE, to show my children that standing up for the right thing, for the right reason, at all personal cost if needed, is what a person of character and integrity must do.
    If I loose my child, I have nothing more to lose. But if my child is given ONE chance to correct his ONE mistake, then I have nothing further to fight for: his choices thereafter will determine his path in life. Someone ONCE gave me ONE chance to fix myself and change my life. And that JUDGE made all the difference in who I have been able to become. If I had blown that one chance, well…. And if Brent is granted that ONE chance and blows it, he’ll be on his own.
    But I can promise he won’t blow it. And I never make a promise I cannot keep.
    So let me finish rearing my son under the responsibility God granted me when He gave him to me, and quit trying to BE God, Mr. Prosecuting Attorney.
    Justice means fair. It does not mean to destroy a person just because the law allows you to do it. And I intend to keep fighting….


  5. Rosalinda Leavitt says:

    Keep standing up for your child Mrs. Reid! He will keep his courage up and stay strong as long as you are.


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