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County Attorney Defends Charge against Mesa Teen:

The County attorney who decided to charge Brent Clark as an adult is having to defend his stance on the charges.

“I thought that was the appropriate charge,” Thomas said. “How it ends being handled by the courts and what penalties are ultimately given to this alleged offender will be determined at a later date.”

I agree. In order to try to prevent crimes like this from happening in the future, we have to let these kids know that there are serious and life-altering repercussions.

2 thoughts on “Attorney defends adult charges

  1. Brent's Mom says:

    So do I, actually. I also believe it’s important for all children to feel safe in their schools, and that bullies shouldn’t be allowed to walk away from their behavior at another person’s expense. I cannot make the school take responsibility for their lack of action, so I will pray often and loudly that YOUR child never is made to feel so badly that he or she makes a really bad choice under the worst of circumstances. I will pray that the legal system will never punish your child in such a manner that they can attempt to fix their wrongs (especially if it’s their first one ever) and continue to build a future for themselves once they have paid their debt. I will pray that no parent be placed in a hopeless situation to defend thier child’s rights because of ignorance of the law or the system, or because they run out of things to sell. And I will pray that you and everyone around you continues to be perfect, so that you need never face the depth of pain, fear, remorse or embarassment that I live with each day.


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