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Mesa victim speaks out about attack:

The girl who Brent Clark tried to take hostage has spoken to the media.

A 7th grade girl walks home alone and when she gets to her apartment complex she said she was attacked by a classmate with a pocketknife.

“He said he was going to kill me if I say anything,” said the girl who didn’t want to be identified.

The boy let her go and she ran home and called police.

But since that day two weeks ago she’s been getting sick, loosing weight and this week didn’t go to school.

She claims it’s just something she ate, but her mom thinks its something else, a bad case of nerves.

The accused attacker was a classmate. Clark and the girl had 7th hour Spanish together.

As for girl who was attacked, she believes the boy might have done it, but she doesn’t feel like a hero.

She just wants her old life back.

As usual the victim had very little connection with the attacker.

For added fun we have some attorney hilarity.

The lawyer for Clark said charging him with terrorism goes way too far.

Something that could ruin his life instead of teach him a lesson. He calls it politicking by the prosecutor’s office.

Well, maybe he should have thought of that before he tried to kidnap that girl. And instead of teaching just him a lesson hopefully this will teach a lesson to other kids who have similar ideas.

4 thoughts on “Brent Clark's victim speaks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Consdering how many times since Columbine there have been hit lists, bomb scars etc. and how harsher the punishments have become, the fact remains they will still go on. This kid should be punished but to think this will deter others that have this idea is laughable.


  2. Endersdragon says:

    Thank you! If you don’t fear a bullet in the brain wtf do you fear!


  3. Brent's Mom says:

    If you will check the crime archives for the 3 weeks immediately following this “incident”, you will find that almost 30 juveniles were involved in “plots” that were thought out and written down, & had specifically-named victims. They ALL went home from juvenile with slaps on their hands.

    Yet you would prosecute this boy as an adult for THINKING about what others planned? Don’t you think a prescribed curriculum of electric shock treatments might train the brain not to have any thoughts that might be considered “dangerous”? Maybe it ought to be done first thing each in home-room….

    Punishments need to be appropriate. Do you think it’s appropriate to lock a kid up in an adult jail for 3 weeks without providing that public defender your Constitution says he has a right to? Or to send the kid’s “case” before a Grand Jury before he has that attorney, and without his knowledge? YES, FOLKS! This kid received a public defender’s NAME, but not until AFTER the Grand Jury returned an indictment against him based on LIES and half-truths, without either his or his parents’ knowledge (they found out when they heard it on the NEWS!)

    I have always taught my children to DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE RIGHT REASON, EVEN IF IT’S NOT THE POPULAR THING TO DO. Also, that everyone deserves at least one opportunity to set their life straight. I kept silent for a long time, believing that the TRUTH would catch up to this mess and it would be settled fairly. Blackmail comes in many forms, no matter what it’s called. And I may not figure out how to fight it, but I will go down trying to right the injustices displayed by this situation. Because it shouldn’t happen like this for ANY CHILD. And I DO firmly believe the County Prosecutor has taken leave of his senses. If public opinion counts for anything.


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