Odgren may recover memory

Lawyer Says Teen Charged In School Killing May Recover Memory:

Now that he’s been ruled competent to stand trial John Odgren’s attorney is saying that Odgren’s memory of the murder of James Alenson may return.

Jonathan Shapiro now tells “The Boston Globe” that the extent and permanence of Odgren’s amnesia is unclear. Last Monday he withdrew a request for a mental competency hearing.

This is after prosecutors planned to hire their own psychologist to do a comprehensive examination that would give them access to all of Odgren’s medical and psychiatric records.

It’s funny how things work out that way.

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  1. Endersdragon

    This lawyer is an idiot, now it doesn’t matter if John really does have serious mental issues and he can’t remember the attack (which in rages can be more common then you think, I couldn’t remember half the rages I had when I was a kid 10 minutes after the fact), it all just seems like cheap lawyer tricks now. He seriously needs a new laywer and to submit to the psycological examination no matter how much about his past gets in. Honestly, I would imagine everything from his past would help farther this theory.

  2. Anonymous

    Personally, as someone who has Asperger’s, the thing that surprises me the most about this case is that he killed a complete stranger instead of someone who had been bullying him(rest assured it does happen). Not that would make it any better but I’m torn. As someone who has Asperger’s I know prison will rip this kid apart. In the same breath, he needs to be kept away from society,if it means permently in a mental hospital, so be it.

  3. Endersdragon

    Hey, email me at fnofsports@hotmail.com you seem interesting, especcially if you are interested in this stuff. I agree for the most part, just not the permently part. God knows I could have done this before but not anymore. He should be kept in the mental hospital until he is no longer a threat, but not forever. I still want to know the truth about what happened, I doubt we ever will though.

    P.S. Did anyone catch the Nightline episode where the school phycatrist said that 90% of aspie students are bullied on a daily basis (which I have no reason to doubt), maybe John was the lucky one, but I doubt he stopped being bullied.

  4. teacher

    Yes John was picked on, but he will be a constant danger to society. IHe committed first degree murder. He planed it ahead of time, and picked a random student. His parents are complete airheads and just basically put the knife in his hand (so to speak). It is all a mess, and people are driving me nuts who agree with him. They don’t understand that John needs to be punished, and that the entire school population is more important than just JOHN. That James parents will never hug him, see him graduate or get married. They can visit a cold grave. Johns parents have the privlege of seeing him. That is my problem with all of this mess… Those idiots (and some of them are his own classmates) feel pity for John.


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