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Terror charge too much, teen’s attorney says:

Brent Clark’s attorney is bemoaning the terrorism charge and the fact that Clark is being tried as an adult.

David Michael Cantor, the teen suspect’s attorney, said he has several concerns with this case.

One of them is the county attorney’s decision to try Brent Clark as an adult. Another concern is charging him with terrorism.

“I think it’s an insult to add a terrorism charge in this day and age to a case like this — a 14-year-old boy. That’s just politicking at the lowest level,” Cantor said.

“With adult charges, he may never get into college, or a dormitory, they would ruin him simply because of an emotional problem,” Cantor said.

Cantor describes his client as a good kid who was the victim of intense bullying at school. He said it was a cry for help and not an act of terrorism.

College? Emotional problem? He held a girl at knifepoint. That’s not an emotional problem. That’s an act of violence. As far as worrying about college, he should have thought of that before committing a crime.

If Mr. Cantor had any sense he’d tell his client to plead out and he may avoid serious jail time.

3 thoughts on “Suspect's attorney says charges are too much

  1. Endersdragon says:

    To please out you need to be given an offer, most kids never are. Prosecuting kids is one of the few changes a DA gets to show they are “tough on crime”, when you are tough on an adult who cares, it takes a real DA to be tough on kids!

    Heck even people like Cody Posey who did go through serious shit were never given an offer. As of yet Thomas White hasn’t gotten one either (been through less shit for sure but still). The government of this great nation wants to make an example of kids. The just don’t get that when you don’t fear a bullet to the brain, there isn’t much you do fear.


  2. Brent's Mom says:

    I agree with TOUGH, when it’s deserved. I also agree with saving as many people in this world as we can. The kid fears bullets–and guess what? THE POLICE DID NOT EVEN GO TO THIS KID’S HOME TO LOCATE HIM, let alone find him with any weapons. No weapons were found on his person on school grounds. And he was tricked into speaking private thoughts, which were later labelled threats. So now we can try people for their THOUGHTS? You want to lock up a child’s entire future because he had THOUGHTS? You have never THOUGHT about something?

    Why do you excuse the FACT that POLICE OFFICERS ARE LEGALLY ALLOWED TO LIE TO the community to coerce any person into SAYING or DOING what they want that person to do? They can make promises, but are not required to follow through? ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO TEACH CHILDREN TO TRUST THE COPS? Because they have less rights, obviously, than adults: igorance of the law is NO EXCUSE! What if this were an 8-year-old–who CAN be tried in AZ as an adult? Would you expect an 8-year-old to know they could be PROSECUTED and IMPRISONED for THOUGHTS? What if your community police found out YOU had an illegal thought? YOU COULD BE SITTING IN THIS CHILD’S BRITCHES, being BLACKMAILED into prison because you had those THOUGHTS?

    Just think: Mesa PD would have a field day, with the whole city in lock-up. Anyone want to verbalize any anger or frustration issues? Why does this child NOT get to feel safe in school? Why did his teacher ignore him when he reported?

    I cannot do al the good the world needs. But the world needs all the good I can do. Maybe you are related to one or some of the kids I work with daily–because too many people don’t want to teach them that EVERYONE deserves at least ONE chance to make things right.


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