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MySpace sex offender gets 3½ years in prison:

Another pioneer of the MySpace predators has been sentenced. John Wentworth of Naperville, Illinois was sentenced to only 3 1/2 years behind bars for having sexual contact with an underage teen he met on MySpace. As far as I can tell Wentworth only had internet contact with his victims. I wonder how many have not come forward since the article states he would send out 50 messages a day on MySpace.

“This is not an isolated incident or a single offense,” Judge Perry Thompson said as he sentenced Wentworth. Wentworth was charged last year with two felonies after he met a 15-year-old Naperville girl online and then during a subsequent meeting engaged in sexual activity with her.

“This event devastated my family,” the teen, now 16, said in court before sentencing.

I’m sure the judge’s hands were tied with sentencing but 3 1/2 years is not enough to discourage this predator from trying again.

3 thoughts on “John Wentworth sentenced

  1. Den says:

    i worked with John Wentworth in San Francisco. This dude was the preppiest fella you could meet I mean the kind of guy that wears thematic clothing on Christmas and Easter. He married and moved to Illinois.. i bet the married life wasnt all that


  2. Courtney says:

    As someone very close to him and his ex fiance, I can assure you that for one he was not married and secondly, for you to insuate that it was OK for him to be out there doing that just because his “married” life may not have been all of that is very disgusting and speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. While John was very preppy yes, it does not mean he was a good person that was not out there doing what he was doing. He had been doing this before he met her and you should probably read up on people who commit these types of crimes as well. It has nothing to do with who they are with at the time. It is a sickness that they have. It seems you may be just as sick. Hopefully you stay in CA and keep your twisted comments and attitude out there.


  3. ME says:

    Also Trench should read the articles a little closer and watch the news before posting on here. John had more than internet contact with his victims. He molested one that came forward. You were at least accurate in saying “who knows how many there are that have not come forward since he was sending out more than 50 emails a day’


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