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I just finished watching the NBC Nightly News. It’s the first time I’ve watched a TV newscast in a very long time. Brian Williams was discussing the “manifesto” that Cho Seung-Hui sent to NBC. In it, he refers to the Columbine killers, Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold, by name calling them martyrs. So he’s nothing more than a mutant copying the actions of two cowardly scumbags.

The flames of hell burn a little more yellow tonight with the addition of another coward.

20 thoughts on “It's official: Cho is a mutant

  1. Liepar says:

    Hey Trench, I was just over at crimeblog and got to thinking about ‘Sebastian B’ the german school shooter from November of last year then found my way over here to do some research on him. Seems as if all their names are interchangable.


  2. Trench says:

    Don’t forget Rafael Alvaro Castillo too from North Carolina. He sent a manifesto to his local paper too. But in the end they’re all known by the same name. Loser.


  3. ZappaCrappa says:

    I just saw his video…what a piece of garbage. The boy had a serious case of class envy. I’m sure that there are those out there right now reading this that think this puke wad was:

    a. A hero for doing what he did

    b. Justified in doing what he did

    If you fall into either of the above…just do us all a favor and go stick a gun in your own mouth and pull the trigger or jump from a very tall building NOW! You are just as big of a useless unfixable turd as the freak we are talking about here and probably just as big of a coward and the world will be MUCH better off without your worthless ass here…seriously. Do it. Take no one but your own miserable useless worthless self…but go now and do it.


  4. Nettie Lawson says:

    I was waiting for it all to come out, but the signs are ALL being missed. You will find out in the next few weeks or so, that this was something bigger than him admiring Columbine, though Cho THINKS he is being ultra clever in disguising the true motive. This, quite CLEARLY, more than ANY of it’s type since 911 was a terrorist attack perpetrated against the easiest and most convienient targets he felt he could get away with killing. First off lets look at his alter-ego Ishmail (Ishamael) that the media is either deliberatelyconfusing with Moby Dick or stupidly confusing with Moby Dick. Who was Ishamael? Ishmael was the first born son of Abraham from the Old Testament. He bore this son thru his Egyptian slave, Hagar, when after years of not being able to have a child with his wife,his wife bid him to sleepwith herservant,against God’s wishes. Thestory goes thatSarah, hiswife did eventually conceive a child, Issac, I beleive, though memory may not serve. What DOES serve, however, is that Sarah became jealous of her husbands first born and cast he and his mother into the desert to starve. But God,in his infinite mercy spared them this fate and promised Ishmael,for all he had suffered a land of his own and people of his own. Thus, guys and gals Ishmael became the father of the Saudi Arabs, the grandfather of Islam. If you don’t take my word on just that. Take a HARD look at what he says in his videos. “The weak Christians” “It wasn’t enough for you to have your vodka and cognac” Hementionsour poor morals. He mentions making us pay for what we have done to “his brothers and sisters”. Brothers and sisters of what? ISLAM. Have weever felt the pain they feel, fire, beatings, etc….like those in Iraq have perhaps? He didn’t want to do this,but he had to…..There are TONS of things in that video that make it obvious,once you put it all together. This guy was a closet muslim who may or may not have been recruited to do this. The government and the media will try to downplay that. They already have,as if modern day Americans have never read the bible, and are too stupid to realize that this man was speaking to general American Christians, sheesh. But I gave you the word of truth today. This was a muslim suicide attack.


  5. eric says:

    oh please. frankly, i can respect dylan and eric far more than i can respect cho. cho killed indiscriminately and without purpose. dylan and eric attempted to strike a blow against bullies, against social stratification, against prejudice. frankly, their actions may well have been justifiable, to bring to light the massive implicit violence that already exists in our school system. it seems quite possible to me that school bullies hurt and maim and kill 10 times as many people each year than dylan and eric ever did. the violence that is inherent in our society needs to be fought, and while i personally think it will not work to fight it with violence, at least they were taking a stand for something rather than sitting around and judging people who are difficult to understand.


  6. Trench says:

    Again I say show me proof that Harris and Klebold were bullied.


  7. Cho: An Hero High Score says:

    This was a kid inspired by “the darker side” of myspace culture.

    I’m going to take the non-cliched route: I DO blame the music, the movies, and the TV, all combined into a sub-level-IQ Ass-burger syndrome sufferer offers deadly results.

    From Family Guy, Anime, to Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy, Guns and Roses, Linkin’ Park, Smokin’ Aces and some shitty “noir” kung-fu flicks (where he learned his guns akimbo level-up move), Boondock Saints (a movie that has to be highlighted as the worst of the worst and sums up modern day American culture of our trenchcoat wearing degenerate youth as my one best-friend, no longer my friend used to comment: “best movie evar!”), Grand-theft-Auto, Doom, add them all up into a pointless existance of VIOLENCE hailed as Americana.

    I reject America. A nation with less of a future than had Sodom and Gemmorah.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I’m sure you hear this a lot, but that was a stupefyingly idiotic little speech on many levels. There. Now you’ve heard it again. Enjoy defending your sweet li’l mass murderers.


  9. kdzie999 says:

    Yes, and Castillo stated that he mailed the videos to the news media so that they would not be locked away like the Basement Tapes of harris and Kliebold. you can bet this scum thought the same thing.


  10. Nettie Lawson says:

    Perhaps they should fight injustice by getting college degrees and becoming law makers, and/or politicians that take a stance against corruption? What’s that you say?? Oh, that’s right, I forgot, that would mean these people would actually have to WORK at something other than becoming a mass murderer. My God, yes, there IS something wrong with this world when I see the number of mutants still believeing that the Columbine killers did this for any other reason than shock value and the “experience” pure and simple. They are no different than the serial killers who prey upon the innocent in the dark and stalk and kill women who say “she asked for it”. WHO asked for it? Oh yes, blame the victim for her own murder when all else fails. Some women 20 years before rejected a date with you, so now you hunt all women who look like her? THAT is asking for it? The kids the Columbine killers shot WEREN’T EVEN THE ONES THEY CONSIDERED THE BULLIES. The spoiled little slimes with their self-inflicted social problems had a fancy temper tantrum, so people had to die. And anyone who supports or admires this in any way is just as sick as they were.


  11. homeschoolmom says:

    I haven’t heard yet whether this guy was paying for his education or his parents. Just based on the fact that he had all this free time to come up with this horrific crime and so much time to sit and stew his hatred to this magnatude, I assume it was being paid for by someone else and not himself. So this alone to me blows his lame excuse as it being against “rich kids” out of the water. Last I checked, a college education costs a little more than the things he spouted off about in one of his videos…mercedes, cognac, whiskey, etc. To some, he was a “rich kid”, and many would have gladly traded places with him to get the luxury of a college education…..but they wouldn’t have killed him for it.

    I am just totally in shock of how ones perception of the world and reality can become so twisted.

    As for bullying being an excuse of a defense. If you truely believe this acceptable retaliation, I must assume you to be either a child or to have a child-like mentality. If you really think this an acceptable response to life’s problems then do me and the rest of the world a favor and bow out now and please do it in a respectable way by not taking those of us who want to live with you. Just wait until you reach the adult world and you actually work and pay people to bully you, i.e. car salesmen, mortgage companies, credit card companies, and on and on.



    You know, I feel bad for Cho. He was deeply effected by something in his past. He had all the signs of something bothering him, from his writings to his strange behavior. I blame the POLICE, I blame the SCHOOL, I blame the DOCTORS, I blame the TEACHERS! None of them did anything. Like an alcoholic not all the time will they admit they have a problem and go and get help. Sometimes they need te intervention in which people make sure HELP is provided. If someone would of went that extra mile this ALL could have beeen avoided. Virginia is a bunch of morons in my opinion. Who just wanted to sweep things under the rug, just like they did when they first shooting took place in the dorm. He needed someone to talk to, and no one gave a shit in my opinion. One teacher just kicked him out of class. The doctors just said “maybe you should come back.” The police just had a little talking to him. It was all pathetic. People like Cho need that extra help, especially if other people could be in harms way. The SCHOOL is run people who obviously just dont care about their students. If they did they would of stepped in. The freaking kid needed a hug. And what about the interview of two of his former roommates, the little prick sat there with a freaking grin on his face, I wanted to go thru the T.V and slap him. After all the crap thats going on that asshole can sit there and grin. Nothing about that interview was funny at all. With kids like that on campus, who would’nt go a little crazy. Anyways, people keep saying he’s a monster, yadda yadda yadda. But I think he just needed a friend, I think he just needed an ear to talk to. Maybe some of the students should change their attitude, it could very well be some of the students Cho ran into WERE snobby and stuck-up. No one deserved to die that day. Not even Cho.


  13. homeschoolmom says:

    I once went to the police with a voicemail on my cellphone from a guy threatening my life. You know what the cops told me? There was nothing that could be done. My only option was to file against the guy in magistrate court with a peace warrant or possibly a restraining order (neither of which granted me protection). For all I know that could have further enraged the guy. Was it the cops fault? No. It was just the law. There is only so much that can be done until someone ends up dead and an actual crime is committed… Unfortunately, there is no crime in just being crazy or just being an asshole….whatever the reason.


  14. TCM member says:

    It’s sad that Cho slipped through the system, if people had taken more precautions, maybe this could have been prevented. It’s just another case of the system failing school shooters. May the 15 people that died in the Columbine High School Massacre 8 years ago today and the 33 people that died in the Virginia Tech Massacre on Monday R.I.P.


  15. Trench says:

    What’s sad is someone allowed you to have access to a computer.

    Cho did not slip through the system. Several people approached him and the school tried to get him mental help but you can’t help people who don’t want it. Most if not all school shooters would probably refuse help if they were offered it.

    As Ralph Kramden used to say, you my friend are a mental case.


  16. TCM member says:

    Let me ask you something, what do you accomplish by going online and making narrow minded posts. And insulting the shooters’ families, what purpose does that serve at the end of the day? Would you want people doing that to you if you had a kid that went on a rampage?


  17. null says:

    What’s sad is someone allowed you to have access to a computer.

    …And vice versa. Also, arbitrarily redefining widely recognized lexemes to further your ideological agenda is doubleplusungood.


  18. Trench says:

    Do you know what other “community” calls me close minded? Pedophiles. That’s some nice company you keep. Just because someone’s opinion isn’t the same as your own does not make them close minded.

    What do you hope to accomplish by going online and portraying mass murderers as poor widdle victims of the big bad bullies?


  19. Trench says:

    Ooh, you can quote a buzzword from 1984. You must be a genius.


  20. null says:

    Ad Hominem is so persuasive.

    Just because someone’s opinion isn’t the same as your own does not make them close minded.

    He neither said nor implied that that’s why he thinks you’re closed-minded.
    The fact that you didn’t notice this is instructive.

    What do you hope to accomplish by going online and portraying mass murderers as people?



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