How not to be a loser

How Not to be A Cho Seung Hui:

Normally I don’t like to link to political sites on this blog from either side of the aisle. However I just couldn’t pass up this commentary from Doug Giles at about how you can avoid being the next Cho Sueng-Hui. I’ll just give you a little taste.

The video left by Cho affords great insight into this sick gnat’s psyche, which provides us with a good blueprint on how not to become twisted and pathetic. Three principle evils repeatedly showed up in this petty ninja turtles video montage.

It’s worth your time to read the entire article.

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  1. Endersdragon

    Wow everyone in America is blessed! Amazing! I would like someone to tell that to the next Eric Hainstock or Cody Posey. Tell them that they are blessed to be abused and have no one do anything about it. Lets face it not everyone is blessed, not everyone has a great life here. Maybe Cho didn’t have that bad of life, but people do have horrible lives here.

    I agree on the not being a loner part, sadly from experence it can be hard. Sometimes people lose trust of people if they are bullied and abused throughout there life and have a hard time interacting to begin with… trust me it can be hard.

  2. whatsername

    it´s so stupid.
    i can only speak for myself but do you think i´m happy being a loner?
    definitive not.
    i really tried to get friends but they talked shit about me and made fun of me.
    people make fun of me everywhere i go and i´m a really nice person, i don´t judge people because of their look or heritage or something else but people judge me everywhere i go because of that.

  3. Trench

    I mean this in all seriousness. I noticed that part of your e-mail address is ‘rebsgirl’ which leads me to believe you have some kind of admiration for Eric Harris. That may be part of the problem right there.

  4. Endersdragon

    Trench on this form it says our email will be kept confidential, shouldn’t that mean all of it. I know your friend Pat doesn’t believe in listening to himself but I would think you should.

  5. Trench

    Notice I said *part* of her e-mail.

  6. Endersdragon

    Still it may be part she wished was confidential and you lead her to believe it would be. Just curious do you think I have any sort of law suit against Pat for libel, he did basically give away my name, location, and made slanderous/untrue statements about me.

  7. Trench

    I’m not getting involved in that.

  8. BelchSpeak

    I have complete immunity for anything I post on a message board Bryan. Its the law.

    And I did nothing except collate *your* other posts on other messageboards into a single location so people will figure out what a lying loser and whiny bedwetter you are.

    You brought this all on yourself Bryan. You ought no go on other peoples’ blogs and pick a fight you are inequipped to handle.

    You don’t like people finding out about how pathetic and slimy you are? Stop writing about yourself numbnuts. You wanna sue someone? Try Google. They indexed your simpering remarks on various bedwetting boards so I could find it.

  9. BelchSpeak

    Oh Yeah, everything Giles wrote at TownHall was right on the money. Cho was a loser with no right to complain about anything in life.

  10. eric

    Hey Endersdragon

    This is just my opinion but I don’t think you have a case against belch because all that stuff he colated together is in the public domain.

    Another thing is worrying about your past is going to slowly eat you alive. I’ve been through a lot of bullshit myself and I know this to be true.


  11. Endersdragon

    I have not been on your blog in over a week, yet here we are.

    See your problem is, you refuse to believe that anything can change in 5 years time. I have not wet the bed since I was 16. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s when I was 19. This means you are telling lies about me, by this point intentional lies as your only evidence is stuff I posted 1/4 of my life ago.

    You have no evidence I ever lied about anything so you need to do everyone a big favor and shut the fuck up before I do decide to smack a big libel suit on you.

  12. Endersdragon

    Yes, but the stuff he has found was several years in the past and he is using it as if it was written yesterday and must still be true. That has to account for something.

  13. BelchSpeak

    Libel does not apply to blogs you big-brained genius. The high courts just upheld that ruling that anything written on a blog or a message board cannot be considered libel.

    And if you file a lawsuit, I will learn your last name. I wonder if your name will turn up in public court records? A nutbag like you must have run up against the law a few times in the past.

    Just quit while you are behind- not buried.

    But you know: This is basic first year law material… Didn’t you try to claim that you were going to law school? Is this another of your lies Bryan? Someone working to be a legal counsel for serial killers should know the latest rulings in the legal world. And they would know about libel issues. Its chapter 2 of most law books. I think that you are not only lying about your autism, but you are lying about going to school to be a lawyer too. Shame on you.

    Oh, and filing “lawsuits” is just another form of bullying. I read that somewhere, and it makes people commit suicide, so be careful you fat douche. If I die, someone might write horrible poetry about me and you might have to quote it.

  14. Endersdragon

    Nope just said I was looking into law school, as in I am still an undergrad, like a typical 21 year old, now. Personally I would feel it is divine justice if you died and I would throw a party.

  15. whatsername

    i live in germany and nobody knows about columbine and eric harris and i´m not that kind of person who tells everyone at school : “hey guys did you hear about eric harris and dylan klebold, the guys who shot up their school? i admire them.”
    because it´s not true.
    i really like the fact they stand up for what they believed in but it was wrong to kill other people.
    and i don´t like that you posted my email adress even it´s just a part but i´m happy i don´t use this one, so

  16. ZappaCrappa

    The battle cry of the patheic….”I’LL SUE”!!!!!!!!


  17. Endersdragon

    Well I have run out of other ways to make an online idiot shut up.

  18. Endersdragon

    Just curious, if you consider a law suit pathetic what do you consider the idea that some of the regulars here have of silencing the opposition.

  19. BelchSpeak

    Typical whiny liberal. Can’t win an argument, so you want to silence someone. You are all about taking away all of the rights of other people who somehow don’t fit into your bedwetting worldview.

  20. Endersdragon

    Lol thats funny, I actually don’t want to silence someone, I want you people to stop trying to silence me. One of your supporters the other day said, “Trench, I thought this fuckhead was banned?”, in an attempt to silence me. I think you just called him a typical whiny liberal.

    All I want you to do is stop taking the past and my personal life into these arguements and realize that 5 years is a long time.

  21. BelchSpeak

    I really can’t separate your past from your present opinions, Bryan, and neither can you. You espouse some degernate, depraved opinions that are disgusting and truly offensive, probably in part to your personal history, repressed sexuality and your paranoid feelings of persecution.

    And you wish you could silence me, otherwise why make threats of a lawsuit?

  22. Endersdragon

    I wish you to debate the facts not the fact that I wet the bed or that 5 years ago I had not yet been diagnosed with Asperger’s. These are nothing but personal attacks and have nothing to do with the argument at hand.

    I find it ironic that you considered my opinionds degernate, depraved, disgusting, and offensive when your supporters are advocating the rape of a 15 year old boy. Maybe you think about your defination of those words, I would certianly hope that child rape falls into those catergories.

    By the way, considering I am against child rape what opinions of mine do you consider that bad? Is thinking that kids are always kids really that bad of an opinion?

  23. BelchSpeak

    This is not about child rape you twisted little goon! How can you debate when you constantly jump around from topic to topic?

    You diagnosed yourself with ass-burglars uh.. I mean.. aspergers. From a website about it. You also took your own IQ test from one of those stupid ad banners on the internet, and you cheated on that too.

    You are depraved, degenerate and disgusting because you always side with killers on this blog- and are gleeful that innocent people die, just because you feel vindicated personally because you were once picked on over five years ago. You write fan mail to the killers and want to “mentor” vulnerable children, which, given your background, and statistics, means you will likely try to molest them- that is if they can stand the sight of you.

    You say you are against child rape? Want a cookie for that? Who the fuck is for it?

  24. Endersdragon

    When have I ever said that I agreed with what they did, or that I felt no sympathy for the victims, or any of the ideas you are putting in my mouth. Your using logical fallacy after logical fallacy. Can you even once argue me on the points?

    And Zappacrappa is for child rape, or at least for the raping of a 15 year old.

    What statistics say that a bullied bedwetter will molest children? Can you show me that statistic?

    And yes 5 years ago I was self-diagnosed. Please try to remember that when I was a kid little was known about Asperger’s and it wasn’t even in DSM-IV until I was 10. Many people out there today are self diagnosed, I am no longer one of them, I went to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics several years ago and got diagnosed.

    And before you try to say I am using a logical falacy by bringing up Zappacrappa remember that it was used as a way to show you that you shouldn’t critize me if you don’t critize him.

    And no like any kid in the state of Iowa (at least I think the entire state, I know my entire district) I had an IQ test given to me in school.

  25. ZappaCrappa

    “And Zappacrappa is for child rape, or at least for the raping of a 15 year old.”

    Be sure to add “convicted murderer” to that…we wouldn’t want people to get the impression that I’m a NAMBLA idiot or something…I only encourage the rape, torture, and prolonged misery of cold blooded killers and such…heh heh.

    “self-diagnosed” LMAO!!!!!!! That speaks VOLUMES!!!!!!

    And remember something Belchspeak…I believe that this is also the guy who said something to the tune of the principal that Hainstock had shot “had lived a full life” at 43 or whatever so it just wasn’t that big a deal. I might be mistaken…but I’m pretty sure it was him. If not…sorry Enders…one of the few things I’ll apologize for….if I’m correct….LMAO yet again. Regardless…you have become a good source for a regular laugh because of your absurdity at times. Keep up the chuckles.

  26. Endersdragon

    Man why can’t people get that 5 years is a long time? I have been diagnosed since then, do you really need to see my medical file to believe me? Thats pretty annoying.

    And you are worse then NAMBLA idiots, NAMBLA idiots believe that the child wants it, that the child can like sex, you believe the the child is scared to death of being raped but you like it anyway. That makes you far far worse then any NAMBLA idiot.

  27. ZappaCrappa

    LOL…you are very entertaining.

    “Man why can’t people get that 5 years is a long time?”

    Yet…you STILL hold grudges from that far back and even farther. But I guess YOU are the only one that changes over 5 years.

    “And you are worse then NAMBLA idiots, NAMBLA idiots believe that the child wants it, that the child can like sex, you believe the the child is scared to death of being raped but you like it anyway. That makes you far far worse then any NAMBLA idiot.’

    lmao AGAIN…YOU ARE FUCKING DELUSIONAL….and an idiot…but an entertaining one at times after one learns the correct context to take you in and not to take you too seriously as it becomes obvious that you are still battling mental issues. Good luck with that.

  28. Endersdragon

    Ummm I never said I still hold grudges. Am I still hurt by things that happened over 5 years ago, yes. If I met any of my bullies would I beat them up (assuming I could), no. I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s, I was diagnosed my freshman year of college, why is that so hard to believe. Go to any Asperger’s support group and see how many people got diagnosed later on in life, especcially after they have kids with it.

    And you never said how I was delusional. You never have expressed one bit of sympathy for a boy who has been sexually abused more times then anyone would care to imagine by the time he is 15. No you want him to be sexually abused more. That makes you worse then a NAMBLA idiot that believes they are helping a child.

  29. jim

    there is something you are not telling us.


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