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EXCLUSIVE: Va.Tech Gunman Ordered to Get Treatment at On-Campus Facility, Lawyer Says:

The other day I asked if Cho Seung-Hui was court ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment why did no one from the court follow-up to make sure he was attending said treatments. It turns out that no one was required to.

With no agency responsible for checking up on court-ordered psychiatric care, it is unclear whether Cho showed up for treatment or received care at another facility. As is standard practice for Montgomery County, the court would have sent Cho to the eligible provider nearest to his home. Cook Counseling center, which is located a few buildings away from Cho’s senior-year dorm, is funded by student health fees and provides care to those enrolled at Virginia Tech.

Now I’m not trying to blame anyone but Cho for the massacre but it seems that Virginia has another loophole they may want to close. What’s the point of court ordering someone for psychiatric treatment if there are no repercussions for not following those orders?

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