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Randall S. Shesto II

Wisconsin Heavy Metal Singer Charged With Having Sex With Underage Girl:

Well, well, well. A few months ago I posted about Randall S. Shesto II. He is the 20-year-old lead singer of the Wisconsin based “metal” band Nailwounds. Previously he was caught with an underage girl and I dubbed him The Metal Molester. All sorts of people came to his defense stating things like that the girl was lying about her age. To that I say…


It turns out that RJ Shesto’s first arrest was not his first dalliance into jailbait.

Randall S. Shesto II (photo) — a.k.a. RJ Nailwounds, lead singer of NAILWOUNDS (MySpace page) — was charged in a criminal complaint with having sex with a 15-year-old Town of Mukwonago girl three weeks before his encounter with a Sheboygan County girl that led to his conviction there.

Like the earlier case, Shesto is charged in a complaint that says he met the 15-year-old through, had ensuing meetings with her and the two eventually agreed to have sex. The girl was not legally old enough to make that decision, however, and the complaint indicates that she did have some qualms about her decision after making it.

From another article

The Town of Mukwonago girl’s sexual encounter with him in her home occurred on Dec. 22, and for a time remained a secret. The girl’s father had met Shesto during a visit he made to her home, and the father was led to believe that Shesto was 18 and attended Mukwonago High School.

After the father learned of Shesto’s arrest on sex charges in Sheboygan County, he became suspicious and decided to look into his daughter’s account. After seeing indications there that the two had sexual contact, the father brought her in to speak with Mukwonago police.

The girl detailed her relationship with Shesto to police and explained that he knew she was 15, and she knew he was 20. She also explained how the two had sex in her home on Dec. 22.

I might be able to buy the “she said she was 18” defense once. But what are the odds of lightning striking twice here? Slim to none and Slim just left.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for linking to here.

32 thoughts on “The Metal Molester strikes again

  1. BelchSpeak says:

    Love the ORLY OWL! And seriously, that band of his sucks.


  2. Trench says:

    And I’m a big metal fan. That is not metal.


  3. Jacki says:

    Well well…. I for one am not surprised. A lot of the people speaking up on his behalf in the last post were around that age. Seems to me he has a high school following and he took advantage of that. I wonder if the same people will show back up to make more excuses for his behavior.
    I remember a lot of posts saying “RJ was there for me when I needed him” well duh… that right there shows the difference in adult vs child mentalities. Just because he acted nice and was “there” to listen to your 15 year old woes does not mean he is incapable of crime or alterior motivation.

    I would also not be surprised if there arent MANY more underage girls out there that he has had a relationship of that nature with. The only reason he has been caught in both of these instances are because of parent involvement.

    A lot of 15 year old girls are sure they know what they are doing and think they are capable of the responsibility that decision entails. or they are just too embarassed to speak up.


  4. Chuck says:

    Wow…I was willing to give the perv’s groupies the benefit of the doubt the 1st time around, but I guess RJ’s proven that the only singer he’s in the same league as is R. Kelly, LOL.


  5. Yeah says:

    I think its hilarious how everyone believes what they hear. Rj NEVER was in trouble a second time for having sex with a 15 year old. There was only one time and thats it. People just wanna make this situation worse than it is. Yea he made a mistake but who doesnt!? People just take one look at him and say ” omg he looks like a child molester” Of course he does in the damn mug shot, hes pissed. And for the myspace pictures, they are old and grungy looking of course he would look like that. Why cant people just back off and leave him alone… he has enough going on without hearing about this. If anyone knew him you would NEVER EVER say that he is a “metal molester”. Honest to God he is the best, most caring and gental guy you have/will met! Im just sick of hearing about how hes horrible for doing what he did… when people dont even know the real story!!!


  6. rawr says:

    Dont believe everything you hear about him. People stretch the truth more than you think.


  7. Trench says:

    And it begins. 😆


  8. Jacki says:

    Ever think that maybe you also shouldnt believe everything you hear? Just because RJ says he didnt do it doesnt make it truth. Just because he was “nice” doesnt mean he is incapable. Geesh!


  9. Chuck says:

    Jacki, some of RJ’s groupies would believe him if he said that someone got ahold of his bodily fluids and left them @ the crime scene…LOL


  10. ...geez says:

    tell me this, have you ever met him? did you ever hang out with him? probably not. so stop saying crap about him, like “he was lieing about the age.” i hung out with him and i know him. he doesn’t seem the type that would do something like that… and instead of wasting your time on talking about this …… do something else.


  11. Chuck says:

    “Do something else”? News flash: this is a crime blog…if you don’t like hearing people talk about your hero RJ, do something better w/your time, like starting a group on MS to raise money for his legal defense fund…LOL


  12. Jim says:

    Hes fucked.


  13. marty says:

    and the part about where you said you dont buy the lying about her age from the sheboygan girl. she did.
    i go to school with her.
    she has 13 piercings and 5 tattoos and is 16 now i believe.
    she has a reputation for being with older guys and lying about her age every time. so dont believe what you hear about her.

    and btw. rj does have enough to worry about without you fucks talking him down.
    for 1 his dad is very sick with lukeimia (sp?) and his mom is also very sick.

    I’ve been friends with him for 3 years or more and i was the bassist for his band for about a year. trust me. i know him better than most of you.


  14. Chuck says:

    Well, I’m sorry for RJ’s parents’ illnesses, but I don’t see how having sex w/an underage girl – twice, I might add – is supposed to improve their situations.


  15. well... says:

    haha you guys dont even know the story…you clueless tards…rj is my best friend, and is a brother to me. you guys are retarted and i laugh at the fact that you guys argue over this case…ITS NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS TRENCH! GO FUCK A SQUERREL YOU RETARDED LITTLE SHIT. do you really think someone intelligent as RJ would do that with a girl he KNOWS is 15 and then admit it…yeah he admitted as soon as he found out. dont believe me? well then go on and waste your life debating this situation, in fact, i hope you do…and its also hilarious how you all believe what you hear…you gullable little basterds…ooh and btw trench. you will never be as popular,cool,friendly,talented or as smart as RJ… BTW i wont be reading responses. i just felt like coming here to put trench down for talking shit about someone you dont even fucking know…ignorant piece of shit. i hope you die…and if you ready this and are against rj…well i think you have a bit too much time on your hands if your STILL argueing over something that happined a good YEAR AGO…once again so am i…but its mainly just to prove trench wrong and inslt him.



  16. Trench says:

    do you really think someone intelligent as RJ would do that with a girl he KNOWS is 15 and then admit it

    No but I think he’s stupid enough to do it twice.

    Face it. You’re a dumbass and so is you’re friend.


  17. he diddent know she was 15 dumb shit, and he diddent do it twice. what is that all you do is unsult people? your a terrible person, you should die. and trench

    im sure rj dosent give a FUCK about what you think or say.

    and i mean even though that chick lied about her age..atleast he can get laid unlike you!


  18. Chuck D. says:

    Like I said, those who defend these scumbags always exhibit the same 4 characteristics:

    – Poor grammar/spelling (usual “your/you’re confusion”…also, what’s “diddent”? Do you find it ironic that someone who’d call us “retarted”[sic] can’t even spell the word? And I thought “unsult” was an adjective, like “unsulted popcorn”, LOL)
    – Extreme defensiveness
    – Childish name calling (note how RJ’s “best friend” even admits that he just came here to basically shoot the messenger)
    – Demonizing the victim (witness the earlier post from Marty)

    And while I was even willing to consider the “he didn’t know she was underage” excuse, doing it again a 2nd time basically killed that theory…fool me once, shame on you…

    Oh, and it’s funny how RJ’s defenders attack people for discussing the case (what do you expect on a crime blog? LOL), yet take the time to come here and read the responses. As I’ve said before, why don’t they do something more productive, like establish a legal defense fund for their boy?

    And yes, I’m sure RJ can get laid…too bad it has to be w/underage girls!


  19. David says:

    You must be retarded. This is Trench’s site, and he posts the facts, not lies. So if you have a problem with something he posted maybe you should go to the original source and tell them. And did you ever think, that is the only reason he can get laid, he fucks 15 year old. and besides this is from may, get over it, it is over dumb ass. What are you one of his 15 year old fuck buddies? It sure seems that way by your spelling and grammar, go back to school moron


  20. David says:

    And the girl said he knew, which probably means she told him.


  21. notsayingname says:

    i am the mukwonago girl. second girl is real. so u should believe what u hear. its in the paper and its on the web everywhere.


  22. MPO says:

    come one people. how fucking brainwashed are you when you believe everything on the internet?
    if a site said something about you that wasn’t true, you’d probably believe it just becuase it was online.
    i’m pretty sure almost none of you have ever met him. I’ve known him for years now. I’ve shared a stage with him many times, and gotten to know him better than any of you fucks.
    get to know him, then voice your opinion. i can guarantee that if you knew him, your opinion would change. i used to go to school with the kewaskum girl. rj isn’t the only one she has done this to. she has an insane amount of tattoos and piercings and when you see her, there is no way you believe she is 16. shes s stuck up bitch that does what she wants and then blames everyone else with no convern as to what happens to them as long as she gets away. and i guarantee her record is not clean. i’ve seen her get arrested for theft, underage drinking and selling drugs out of her locker.
    nobody is perfect, and you fucks aren’t helping anything.


  23. John Hoff says:

    I caught this story on the news and started following up, looking up the web space of the band. I found that site was full of commentary from underage women. Not only is this guy bad news, but the whole band appears to be bad news. And the whole time they’re supposedly singing about JESUS. Just rotten, awful, bad, stinks to high heaven.


  24. hockeyboy420 says:

    i dont see wht the big deal is, he was only 20 when he diddled those broads, everyone hooked up with freshman when they were seniors, 14-18 isint much different then 15-20, give the guya break, he jus wanted sum young puss, all u faggots chirpin him r huge plugs an should eat a dick whhaateeeeevrrrr


  25. Chuck D. says:

    Shesto isn’t a HS senior (in fact, he shouldn’t be allowed within a 10 mile radius of a HS), and just b/c a lot of people (allegedly) do something doesn’t make it right…oh, and people who make assumptions about others’ sexual orientation are usually just covering up their own latent homosexuality (not to mention that last comment didn’t exactly help matters, LOL).


  26. hahA says:

    hah! i think trench and all the people that dont know the truth about this shit are just mad because they cant get laid…pathetic…


  27. Get over it.. says:

    I don’t know him personally, so yes, i will not judge him, what i will say is get the fuck over it. If he knew or not is no ones fucking business… i don’t condone to underage sex but if it happens it should be the parents problem.. not ours nor’ the states. Open your eyes, its a new generation, 15 yr olds know WTF they’re doing…who are we, or the state to say other wise. Maybe the father should be payin attention to what his daughter is doing on the computer and stop it before it happens, not get the police involved after his lack of parenting. That girl knew what she was doing, knew what sex was, knew the details of it, and made a concious decision to have it.. who are we to say she didn’t know nor is of age to make that choice, cause its actually kinda funny.. i thought it was her body, guess not?. Fuck the government tryin to control shit, and fuck anyone tryin to judge. If she wasn’t fuckin him she would probably be spreading it to multiple guys her age.. but thats o.k. right. Thats a great example, “It’s o.k. to be a slut as long as they’re your age”. It was mutual concented sex by two people and if it wasn’t right, then shame the father for not stopping it before hand. Oh, and for anyone who tries to make a stupid comment like i’m all for pedifials, i am a 24 yr old man with a 21 yr old girlfriend and and a 6 month old baby girl.. a FATHER, and i feel it is my responsibility to guide my daughter and watch her.. and if she’s 15 and having sex with a 22 yr old and i don’t know then thats my failure.. especially after i met the guy and was too stupid to realize the difference between an 18 yr old highschool boy and a 22 yr old man..(and if anyone says “he could’ve looked young which would have made the father believe he really went to her highschool” then why is it hard to believe that he really thought a 15 yr old looked 18 and believed her when she said she was that age) and as a father, if i found out, i wouldn’t go to cops, it wasn’t rape.. i’d deal wit it.. daughter would probably never see the light of day till about..mmmm.. she turns 18 and moves out. I think this is all extremely stupid….and ppl need to leave it for what it was.. sex on their part… and lack of parenting on the father… and its sad that he’ll probably be spending 15 yrs of his life behind bars.. for NOT raping someone. (no matter our opinion on anything, cause i don’t believe its right for a 22 yr old to have sex with a 15 yr old, BUT, if its not truly “Rape”, i don’t feel he should be put behind bars either, especially not 15 yrs. Which is what he’ll probably get since there are two charges against him.)


  28. Steph says:



  29. Chuck D. says:

    Even if she consented, statutory’s statutory…Shesto prolly didn’t wanna know about her real age, anyway.


  30. Nolon says:

    Don’t base your assumptions off of things you don’t know. Media is not truth.


  31. What’s next? Are you going to start quoting Orwell at me?

    I’m a firm believer in Occam’s Razor. The most logical answer is usually the correct one.


  32. anonymous says:

    Ive known RJ personally for 12 years now. I was there when he decided to start his musical endeavors. All I can say is he really is a misunderstood person and this situations is all kinds of fucked up. It seems to me he just has a very difficult time knowing what the right decisions are, can be rather closed minded when he’s upset, and perhaps should be evaluated for any mental disabilities so he can seek proper treatment, so he can start feeling better about himself, and find his right path in life. This punishment just seems like the this judge is trying to pound a lesson into his head which in my opinion for a person like him is only gonna make things worse.

    Now as for this whole “him vs her” fiasco, lets picture this. Lets switch the sexes around. Lets say RJ was a 19 year old women having relations with 2 15 year old boys. Ask yourself, Do you honestly think the punishment would have been the same? I think we all know deep down the answer is no. The rape shield law is not only unfair to adult men who have had the misfortune of being accused of rape, but also unconstitutional. Thanks to the moron politicians who passed it, were only beginning to see the horrors of what double standards can bring.

    The other thing that angers me about this is the media. The only news I saw all this on was Fox news. A tabloid news station that not only lies over half the time, but also act as a mouthpiece for the federal government to spread propaganda to keep the general public in line. “eg. saying that pot WILL kill you if you smoke it”. You people need to learn to not believe everything you hear on TV. It only shows how lazy, shallow, and willfully ignorant, you really are the more you believe what a government mouthpiece, tabloid, dare to call themselves news station says. Think of it like this. Ever play the game “pass it on”? where one person whispers something in someones ear and it goes down a big line, and the end result can be something completely different then what was originally said. The media works in a similar accordance with things that happen in our communities except they use colorful quotes like the one our friend trench used to slightly change and, spice it up in ways so they get better ratings and more money. I don’t believe a word of what fox news says. I only listen to Brian Williams.

    I think a lot of situations like this can be avoided with some simple honest to goodness parenting. Teens girls and teen boys alike are always out on the loose these days looking for attention, and have much maturing to do before they realize a lot of what they do isn’t necessary. While being a parent these days isn’t easy, that doesn’t mean you cant take at least a bit of responsibility when your child becomes involved in a fiasco such as this. Unless your child has some really fucked up mental illness, the only thing they’re really doing is following the examples you as the parent set for them, even if they are out for attention. Kids need guidance. They need to be taught that if they act irresponsible “eg acting and dressing provocative” there will be consequences. I was out snowboarding today, and over half the people on the hill were under age kids, and I was amazed at what I saw. Almost all of them were trying to look and act like what they envisioned as free adults. A little girl I rode up the lift with wouldn’t stop asking me personal questions, and the cherry on top, she had her ski jacket half unzipped and was wearing a very low cut top underneath, and all i could do was look away and think “kid what the hell are you playing at?” Now getting back to the subject, if what people are saying is true, and that one of these girls has 12 tattoos and even more piercings, then that to me says this is a prime example of mental disability meets poor parenting, but only one person gets punished, and we all know who it was. Its stupidity on both sides. Yes what RJ did wasn’t smart, but does that mean he should be the only one punished?

    RJ wasn’t smart to do what he did, but I believe his punishment was overkill. You can think what you want about me but the only people your condemning by wholeheartedly believing this is yourselves. Best hope no rotten luck with the law ever befouls you, because if and when it does the government will be there to throw the book at you, and media will be the to smear dirt all over whats left of you.


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