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Man charged with sexually assaulting teen he met on MySpace:

27-year-old Richard Carrasco of Midland, Texas was arrested this past Tuesday. He was found in a Michigan hotel with a 14-year-old girl that he met on MySpace.

The girl’s family told police Tuesday that they feared she was heading to Texas after she ran away Monday night from her Commerce Township home. After authorities issued an Amber Alert on Tuesday, a deputy remembered giving a traffic ticket to Carrasco the day before. The deputy said Carrasco told him he was living at the Highlander Motel.

Waterford Township police found the girl at the motel Tuesday.

Investigators said Carrasco and the girl had been e-mailing each other for more than a year.

I was unable to find a definitive MySpace for Carrasco.

He’s being held on $1.65M bond.

7 thoughts on “Texas man arrested for sexually assaulting MI teen he met on MySpace

  1. BelchSpeak says:

    1.65 MILLION bond?? Is that the highest bond you have heard of for one of these types of cases?


  2. Trench says:

    Without some type of violence? Yes.


  3. mark kibble says:

    the father of that girl is my videomedia teacher, i know him and his daughter personaly. id consider him a good friend, and i feel compeltly shity about all of this. i just hope his daughter returns to normal along with her family, id do alot for that to happen.


  4. Doralinda says:

    she was headed to texas,to escape her father..which how much is his bond? 4 or 7 million? he’s the monster!!


  5. paige says:

    yes i knew the girl too. her dad worked at a high school so she went to that school district and left mine. she was my next door neighbors best friend and came over alot. she was actually adopted.


  6. someone special says:

    well he was my friend and i dont know what he was thinkin messin with a little girl…but the both are getting what they desirve ,,,,hes a good guy too,,,but thats not what matters the dad is crazy 4 messing with the daughter and so is the guy and the girl is crazy 4 not going to the cops and 4 messing with a 27 year old guy i dont care if he is my friend he should of known better.


  7. A friend from Odessa says:

    I used to date Richard a few years ago and this has come as a complete shock to me. He was always the perfect gentleman we would just have good clean fun together. Although I don’t know what truly happened my prayers are with both of their families and especially for the young girl. Whatever happened or didn’t happen to her I believe that she went through a lot and I pray for everyone’s healing.


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