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Man guilty of luring teens over Internet:

25-year-old Joshua Innes of Montreal pleaded guilty to charges of luring a child under 18 on the Internet, extortion, and distributing child pornography.

Court heard in an agreed statement of facts that Innes posed as a 16-year-old girl named Nicky from Calgary on the popular social networking site Nexopia.

Innes began exchanging messages with the Edmonton girl, complimenting her and eventually turned the topic toward sex.

He sent her a video that showed a teenage girl performing a sex act which the victim believed was Nicky.

After persistent coaxing, the girl took off her clothes and performed sexual acts in front of her web camera, which Innes recorded in Montreal on his computer.

About a week later, “Nicky” asked the girl what was the worst thing she’s ever done. She said she once talked about a friend behind her back and asked Nicky the same question. He replied, “I pretended to be a 16-year-old girl on the Internet.”

Innes then demanded she perform more sex acts for the webcam or he would upload the video on the web and send it to people listed as friends on her Nexopia profile.

The victim told a friend who alerted her parents, who called police.

When an Edmonton police officer, Det. Randy Wickens, posed online as the victim, Innes aggressively demanded the girl perform again or he would send out the video.

Innes was arrested in his home where he lived with his parents.

Sentencing will take place in August.

7 thoughts on “Joshua Innes

  1. CB says:

    About a week later, “Nicky” asked the girl what was the worst thing she’s ever done. She said she once talked about a friend behind her back and asked Nicky the same question. He replied, “I pretended to be a 16-year-old girl on the Internet.”

    HAHAHA. Gotta love when people admit what they did.

    Common sense – 1
    Joshua – 0


  2. john says:

    All you people don’t have a clue about what went on so fast to judge people.

    think before you speak and know the facts before you judge.


  3. john says:

    CB has no clue.


  4. Cindy says:

    Where were the girls parents during all this? Wake up parents ! Online equals potential danger and people are breaking their backs selling software to protect your kids online. In terms of Josh know the facts andfont believe everything you read! happening? Shouldn’t they be held responsible for not monitoring their kid. She was in danger because no one was aware of her on


  5. Cindy says:

    Line activities. I also know Joshua personally and he is in no way a predator he made a very bad decision. And maybe acted in a manner that some might not understand but he is at the end of the day a good guy and I continue to support him on this horrible journey. As for the young girl I’m sorry for her to and hope that she lives a long healthy life. But she isn’t completely innocent in all this. I knew at 5 years old not to take my clothes off for strangers and that my body was private and should be kept that way. Her parents should have taught her this as well either way I’m not blaming her just hoping that young girls and parents are learning from this whole ordeal.


  6. Cindy says:

    And that young guys messing around on the internet think twice. Josh served his time and realises he made a bad decision. Hopefully no one else has to learn the way he did. Thanks for hearing me out.


  7. Cindy99 says:

    This kid is part of an epidemic. Especially in the IT security industry. Children and women are seduced. It is also common to put bots on the client so the predator can be acknowledged when the victim is online, and eventually “protalizing” the victim. The predators use IRC encryped channels, where they can brag about their conquests. And then the next thing you know you are getting raped because some guy made a comment that the girl is easy or something. “Just don’t take no”.

    I have followed lures on purpose as new guys have come into the IT shop. And because of one bad apple – then i find out there is two. I must ensure they can work with students. Psychology 101 states – The most unforgivable thing that can be done to a person is humiliation. Someone could get shot.

    Not to mention, they will try to lure you into group sex. And the next thing that comes is introduction into S&ampM. And anel sex being a norm you will be told. Not to mention actually being pimped out without the girl knowing.

    This kid should be required to at least half of his sentence. These girls will have permanent psychological damage and trust issues the rest of their life.

    Managers need to take these complaints seriously Or the women will be taking things into their own hands.

    To think some of these predators may have access to your health information (which they don’t keep secret ~ but chat on encrypted channels). or your banking info – in trusted positions.


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