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MySpace page leads to charges:

Is there something in the water in Naperville, Illinois? This is the third or fourth predator story that I’ve posted about that has happened in Naperville. Is it the pedo holy land of the Midwest?

Anyway, 30-year-old Anthony Kershaw, formerly of Naperville, was arrested Friday on child porn charges. Police were tipped off to “suspicious activity” on a MySpace that he created.

A forensic examination of a computer seized from Kershaw’s former Naperville home revealed 100 images of child pornography, police said.

That’s not a small number. Maybe they should make a law that says for every piece of child porn you get caught with you get a year in prison. 100 years for this creep sounds about right, doesn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Another Naperville pedo gets caught

  1. Mena says:

    OK! I live about an hour and some change from Naperville. Its a pretty big place. And believe me when i tell you that this is just a drop in the bucket. Its an upper class community with less than lower class standards. It’s all about how much money you have there. He’ll pay somebody off. It’s a sad reality.


  2. brandi says:

    That is very sad! People like this should be locked away and we should throw away the key. How do people get a hold of child porn. who takes the pics. I have never really understood this


  3. Trench says:

    I don’t know Mena. Another guy from Naperville just got 17 years.


  4. ashley says:

    this guy actually worked for the same company as i do in our mailroom… me…unless he has some other source of income he cant buy anybody off. i think he should be thrown in prison and brutalized every day for the rest of his pathetic life.


  5. lynn says:

    i am horrified by this story. i am actually related to this man. i don’t know him well, but remember playing with him on occassion as a child. i can’t fathom *anyone* harming a child, and certainly would never have imagined someone i know could do such a thing. really awful. his family is absolutely devastated by this news. his parents are truly sweet, good people and are torn apart knowing their son did such a thing. they can not comprehend it. i feel for them, and certainly every poor innocent child affected by tony. i don’t understand how this happens to people. how could the seemingly normal little kid i remember turn into this?!?! i just can’t understand it. ashley, i understand why you feel the way you do, but i hope for his family’s sake that he is not “brutalized.” they don’t deserve any more heartache. hopefully he can come to see the evil of what he has done and pay for his crimes by losing his freedom and being kept away from ALL children.


  6. lee says:

    i hope he gets the shit kicked out of him every day inside. And Lynn yes he should he is a PEDO wake up. Beat him as much as u want is what i say


  7. Daughter of this man says:

    I am the daughter of this man and had to find out my father died in prison from reading this article. While I DO NOT respect what my father had done in his life, I do appreciate if people would let him die in peace. He was not perfect, but he is a father and grandfather of people who do not wish to be reading about his death like this. Have some respect for the family if not for him.


  8. Daughter of this man says:

    and ashley, for your 411 he was never working as a mail room clerk or whatever, he was a business man in Chicago, so get your facts straight, you people are rude, cruel, and sad.


  9. Chuck D. says:

    And Daughter, maybe you should get your articles straight…this one’s about Anthony Kershaw, not Bryan Halstead (whom I assume was your father). Not only that, but I doubt Kershaw would be a grandfather @ the age of 30.


  10. classmate says:

    I was a classmate of Tonys from grades K-12. Growing up in the small town of Virden you know everyone in your class…I did not know Tony well because he was very shy and did not socialize much but to find out something like this is shocking. I will say he was much different from his family and I know that this is very hard for them and I pray for them all. I don’t know much about what Tony has been doing since high school but I know that he was married and had children. I pray that they will make it through this hard time and be supportive of each other and that they dont let such a horrible situation hold them back in life. It is sad to think someone you played kick ball and tag with turned into such a monster and I wonder what makes you become a person like that.When I think of someone that is into child porn Tony would not have popped into my head. Tony was different but I guess I never really knew him at all.


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