More testimony against Hainstock

Student: ‘We don’t need a Columbine here’:

From special needs teacher James Nowak who had a metal stapler thrown at him by Hainstock.

During testimony Monday afternoon in a Baraboo courtroom, teacher James Nowak recounted his own rising sense of tension with Hainstock, beginning with an incident on Sept, 14. That day, he said, Hainstock threw a metal stapler at him, narrowly missing his head and chipping the wall. When he returned to the classroom with Klang and Buildings and Grounds Director Phillip Rachuj, they found Hainstock holding a chair.

“He had a chair above his head and he looked like he was going to swing it at us,” said Nowak.

Rachuj was able to take the chair from Hainstock, and he was suspended from school for three days.

Apparently someone fashions himself as Stone Cold Steve Austin. Well, Trench 3:16 says your ass is going to prison.

From Angela Young, guidance counselor at Weston Schools…

She said Hainstock was a boy who sought attention, enjoyed playing the victim and often placed blame for his actions on others. Young said he was often teased by other students, but he picked on them in return.

Young testified that she was in the hall when Hainstock walked into the school but said she could not see him because of the decorations. She testified she heard Hainstock say “I’m going to (expletive) kill somebody.”

You can’t play the bullying card when you’re a bully yourself. Then again this whole incident was never about bullying. It’s about a selfish and self-absorbed punk kid who wanted to exact his revenge on a man who cared enough to actually discipline Hainstock.

Beware craigslist bearing iPods

Meridian Man Arrested in Park with a Knife:

This story comes to us from the bustling metropolis of Boise, Idaho and it’s a rather bizarre tale. It seems there was an ad on craigslist for a free iPod Nano. Too good to be true you say? You have no idea.

“I responded to it with the anticipation that several other people would because it seemed a little odd,” said a woman, we’re calling Sarah to hide her identity.

Sarah heard back almost immediately.

“I did get response back from him with a little story about how he had a wife cheating on him and he needed to take her ipod from her and give it away because of the situation he had with her,” said Sarah.

The man told Sarah he was going to hide the Ipod from his wife in a public place and arrange for someone to take it.

All she had to do was show up to at the Youth Sports Complex Park on McMillan Road around 10:30 p.m.

Those who responded to the ad were told to come to this porta potty and that the Ipod would be right in front of the toilet paper holder

“It sounded very odd so what my husband and I did was get the emergency dispatch number for the police… drove past the park saw a car sitting there,” said Sarah.

Sarah says the car was right next to the porta potty.

She and her husband drove across the street to a near by shopping area and called Boise police.

They responded quickly and took the man into custody.

“The police told us that he had a black nylon mask on his face, a lap top in his car that he had been email people on, a black pair of gloves a butcher knife and a beebe gun,” said Sarah.

32-year-old, Stephen Donald Newman, of Meridian was arrested and charged with 2 misdemeanors – being in a park after hours and carrying a concealed weapon.

Since no felony had been committed, he was able to quickly bond out of jail.

Now that Newman is free, Sarah is afraid of retaliation which is why she has chosen to hide her identity.

And what did craigslist have to say? The usual…

We attempted to reach Craigslist for comment but have not yet heard back from them.

Craiglist says that their ads are policed by its users. But in this case every cop is a criminal.

Students testify against Hainstock

Students Say Hainstock Also Picked On Others:

Today students from Weston High School testified about the bullying allegations in the trial of Eric Hainstock.

17-year-old Samuel Brandt testified that he saw Hainstock get in pushing and shoving matches with other kids in the halls, that he often tormented younger students and tried to pick on older kids, who in turn picked on him.

18-year-old Kimberly Durst says others may have dished it out to Hainstock, but “he dished out right back.”

So basically he was a belligerent punk.

Another student testified on Saturday that Hainstock was asking about Columbine the day before the shooting.

Caitlyn Goldben, a freshman at Weston Schools last year, testified Saturday that Hainstock joined a conversation she had with a friend about a report on Columbine on Sept. 28. Hainstock is accused of murdering Principal John Klang the next morning.

Goldben said Hainstock asked what Columbine was. After he was told that students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 12 students and a teacher and wounded 23 others at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., in 1999, he replied, “Oh.”

Goldben said she was friends with Hainstock. Twice he asked her to homecoming, but she turned him down both times.

It was she who told Klang that Hainstock had the tobacco, she testified. During gym class on the day before the shooting, Hainstock approached her and pointed his finger at her like a gun, accusing her of snitching on him, she testified.

She said she feared him so she denied telling Klang. He then began complaining about Nowak again.

“He said he would throw a stapler at him again or shove marijuana down his throat,” she said.

Then he got into the Columbine discussion, she said.

“Eric said, Oh.’ Then he got quiet for a little bit and started talking about Mr. Nowak again,” Goldben said.

Goldben said she told teachers about the conversation, but the district attorney didn’t press her for details.

One of Hainstock’s attorneys, Jon Helland, tried to defuse the testimony by asking Goldben if Hainstock had said Klebold and Harris were “stupid.” Goldben said Hainstock said no such thing.

So he became an insta-mutant. Just add firearms.

NC MySpace bill fails

Energy bill advances; MySpace rules fail:

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper’s proposed legislation to make teens get parental permission before signing up for MySpace has failed in the State House.

But the second bill lost its headlining clause, a requirement that parents give permission for their younger teenagers to sign up for online social-networking sites. Rep. Jennifer Weiss, D-Wake, said that legal and technical experts raised too many unanswered questions about whether the proposal was feasible and constitutional.

It is expected that the Senate will reject the changes and the bill will end up in a conference committee.

So there still are some sensible politicians left in the world.

Hainstock said he’d kill

Witness: Armed Wis. Teen Said He’d Kill:

Two members of the staff of Weston Schools testified that Eric Hainstock declared his intention to kill before shooting Principal John Klang.

Custodian Dave Thompson testified he was talking with assistant football coach and social studies teacher Chuck Keller before school when they saw Hainstock walking across the parking lot with a shotgun raised.

Thompson said the teacher asked the 15-year-old freshman what he was doing with a gun in school and Hainstock replied, ‘”I’m here to (expletive) kill somebody.” ‘ He then pointed the gun barrel to within inches of Keller’s face.

Thompson ripped the gun away from him, telling him, “No, not in my school,” he recalled. Hainstock then reached into his pocket, Thompson said.

Fearing the boy had another gun, Thompson ran outside with the shotgun, telling Keller to run.

After Thompson had taken the shotgun, Keller said that he tried to corner Hainstock in the entryway, but that the boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a .22 revolver.

Notice that Hainstock didn’t say that he was there to (expletive) scare someone.

Keller also testified about the character of Hainstock…

Keller testified he had Hainstock in class a year earlier. The boy was disruptive, touching other students and heckling him during his lectures, Keller said.

Hainstock was equal parts victim and instigator, he said, but the shenanigans didn’t seem serious.

If the kid was a loudmouth and an attention seeker he probably brought any alleged bullying on himself. But again none of his alleged abusers were his target, only John Klang was.

NJ man arretsed for MySpace assault

Cops: Girl victim of MySpace assault:

19-year-old Jhor Guerra of New Brunswick, New Jersey has been arrested for having sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl he met on MySpace.

Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne J. Forrest said Guerra and a 22-year-old man met with the girl and another 13-year-old girl in an apartment in the Somerset section of Franklin. The men gave the girls alcohol, and Guerra “engaged in sexual activity” with one of the girls, Forrest said.

The victim reported the sexual contact to Dunellen police at about 11:45 p.m. July 20, Forrest said. Forrest said the victim told police she had met Guerra on MySpace.

I was able to find two MySpaces for Guerra however they are both bare bones. In true MySpace fashion there has been a MySpace set up by his supporters entitled obviously enough FREE JHOR.

Punta Gorda PD make a different kind of arrest

Police: Myspace mission leads to sex arrest:

The police department of Punta Gorda, Florida have been featured on this site many times. Usually it’s for the arrest of some drug dealer that blatantly advertises on MySpace. This time they made a completely different kind of arrest.

Punta Gorda PD arrested 19-year-old Tyler Stancker of Pennsylvania. Stancker traveled from Pennsylvania to Florida in order to have sex with a 14-year-old girl he met on MySpace.

He is being charged with fourteen counts of Lewd Battery, two counts of Lewd and Lascivious Molestation, and one count of Prohibited Use of Computer Services.

He will be transported to the Charlotte County Jail for booking procedures where he will be held on no bond.

Wow, no bond. That’s pretty harsh. Not that he’ll get any sympathy from me. I still don’t understand why someone would travel that great a distance for a 14-year-old girl.

Parks family sues Zarates

Parents of murdered Randolph teen sue:

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the murder of Jennifer Parks so I’ll do a brief recap for those of you who are new.

Jennifer Parks was a 16-year-old girl from Randolph, New Jersey. She was killed by her neighbor Jonathan Zarate. Zarate dismembered her body and stuffed her into a steamer trunk. He then hid her body in his parents Jeep for 24 hours while he attended a child’s birthday party. Zarate, his brother James, and a third teen were caught trying to dump Jennifer’s body into the Passaic River.

That was 2 years ago. In true New Jersey fashion the trial has yet to commence.

Now the parents of Jennifer Parks are suing the parents of Jonathan Zarate for negligence.

An attorney for David and Laurie Parks filed the lawsuit in Superior Court in Morristown, claiming Jonathan and James Zarate were negligent in not stopping the other from committing the brutal murder in their father’s home.

The lawsuit claims the boys’ parents, John Zarate and Flora Mari, failed to adequately supervise them, knowing they both had bullied 16-year-old Jennifer prior to the July 30, 2005 murder.

Like I always say in these kind of lawsuits whatever the Parks get it won’t even be close to what they’ve lost with the death of their daughter.

Opening day of Hainstock trial

Opening Statements in Principal Shooting:

Today was the opening day in the trial of Eric Hainstock. He’s accused in the shooting death of Weston Schools principal John Klang.

The defense is trying the argument that Hainstock only meant to scare John Klang.

Hainstock’s attorney, Rhoda Ricciardi, told jurors they should not convict him of first-degree murder because his actions were not intentional, but reckless. She said he told police he only meant to scare people.

She said Hainstock was upset with kids calling him a “fag.” Ricciardi said his stepbrother sexually abused him when Hainstock was 6, and that his father abused him and refused to give him medication for attention deficit disorder.

This is the first I’ve heard of claims of sexual abuse but again Hainstock did not strike back at the people who allegedly abused him. He shot and killed someone who was actually trying to help him.

The prosecution remains unfazed…

District Attorney Pat Barrett maintained that Hainstock’s anger toward Klang had been building for two weeks before homecoming.

She noted Klang kicked Hainstock out of school for three days after Hainstock threw a stapler at his special education teacher. Klang also gave Hainstock an in-school suspension after Klang found chewing tobacco in the boy’s backpack.

Pointing her finger at jurors like a pistol, Barrett also pledged they would hear statements Hainstock gave to investigators in which he said he pulled the trigger on Klang on purpose and testimony from a school janitor who heard Hainstock say he was at the school to kill someone.

Barrett also said Hainstock brought 50 cartridges for the revolver to school.

Does 50 rounds of ammunition sound like he was just trying to scare someone? Let’s not forget that Hainstock also brought a shotgun to the school as well even though the shotgun was taken away by a school custodian. Fear was not Hainstock’s objective. Death was.

Librarian: Hainstock seemed “proud” of violent incident weeks before shooting:
Librarian Kay Amborn testified today that Eric Hainstock took pride in his throwing a metal stapler at special needs teacher James Nowak.

Librarian Kay Amborn testified Friday that Hainstock, 16, seemed “proud” a week later on Sept. 21 when he saw a story about the incident published in the Reedsburg Independent, showed it to several other students and asked Amborn to make a copy of it for him. She declined.

“He said he wanted a copy for his dad, because his dad didn’t get the newspaper,” Amborn testified.

The stapler incident is what led to Hainstock being suspended by Klang which is what prosecutors believe that led to Hainstock shooting Klang. I tend to agree.

Canada’s sex offenders not affected by purge

MySpace kicks out sex offenders — but not in Canada:

This is a great article from that explains while 29,000 registered U.S. sex offenders were located and removed from MySpace’s userbase, no such purge will happen in Canada.

“We can’t even work with any private companies or law-enforcement agencies because we simply can’t get hold of the data,” said John Cardillo, CEO of Sentinel Tech, who said predators are more free to use Canadian social networking sites to lure young victims.

The public does not have access to the national sex offender registry — a database that provides Canadian police services with information to investigate crimes of a sexual nature.

“When the bad guys have to cover their tracks, they get caught,” Cardillo said, who added it was only in May that MySpace began to use his Sentinel Tech’s technology, after signing a seven-figure deal reached with MySpace’s owners, News Corp.

But because Canada’s federal government has not publicly released the names of registered sex offenders, those people are able to travel on the information highway, virtually undetected, Cardillo said. “We can’t see who they are so we can’t see where they are.”

I’d like to hear from Canadians on whether or not they think the sex offender registry should be made public.