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Teen in school plot posts bail:

Michael McDonough, the 17-year-old arrested in the plot to attack Connetquot High School and a Long Island McDonald’s, has posted his $50,000 bond.

I doubt there will be much trouble out of McDonough. I’d be more worried if his 15-year-old cohort makes bail.

5 thoughts on “Fry Cook posts bail

  1. Jim says:

    OT: I don’t like the new format


  2. Trench says:

    What’s wrong with it?


  3. Jim says:

    now it is fine, but yesterday the font was to big squished in the middle of the page. As it is, it is weird that their is a wasted half screen of gray. with the actual content portion squished in the middle. Once you add colors and odd fonts it gets hard to read.


  4. Lilo says:

    Hey, yesterday both your sidebars on the left and there was colors in them.

    You should warn people when you change things… I kept typing in the address, and (without reading anything)thinking I’d typed it wrong.


  5. ZappaCrappa says:

    WOW!!!! He made $50,000 bail? Fry cooking must be more lucrative than I thought these days. I guess with the saturation of Spongebob glorifying the esteemed fry cookery position must have boosted the salary level up a bit :-O


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