Cho’s broken dream

Killer’s Parents Describe Attempts Over the Years to Help Isolated Son:

I feel bad for the parents of Cho Seung-Hui. According to the article it seems that they did everything they possibly could for their son. But that’s not what I’m here to discuss.

The part of the article I want to discuss is what his sister thinks may have been his motive…

Although the panel said neither it nor the police had uncovered a motive for Cho’s rampage, his sister provided a key piece of the puzzle. Cho began his college career as a business information technology major but, by the time he was a sophomore, decided to switch to English, which was one of his weakest subjects. Nevertheless, he was convinced that he could be a great writer. He had written a novel, which he described to teachers as “sort of like Tom Sawyer except that it’s really silly and pathetic,” the report said.

Later that year, after his sister found a rejection letter from a New York publishing house, she noticed that he became increasingly depressed and detached. His English grades ranged from B’s to D’s, and his rage grew as he felt no one understood him or his talent.

If you’ve been following this like I have you’ve read Cho’s writings. I wouldn’t exactly call what he had “talent”. It just comes down to more selfishness and arrogance from a deranged lunatic. Over 30 people dead because this assclown couldn’t form a coherent sentence If you spotted him the noun and the verb.

if you’re one of those types that thinks the world doesn’t recognize your “talent” try a new craft because it’s obvious that you suck.

Utah MySpace rapist

Hurricane police arrest rape suspect who met alleged victim on

Police In Hurricane, Utah arrested 21-year-old David R. Miller (no MySpace found) on rape charges. Miller met his 18-year-old victim on MySpace after she had recently moved to the area to attend school.

The victim told police she had numerous on-line conversations with the suspect and the two agreed to meet. They drove to a remote location in Hurricane City, where the reported rape occurred.

The alleged suspect was located and interrogated a few days later. Det. Raleigh Morris arrested 21-year-old David R. Miller on one count of rape and one count of forcible sodomy, both first class felonies. Miller was booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility on Aug. 28.

Purgatory doesn’t quite sound enough. I wish it was called the Hell Correctional Facility myself.

Virginia Tech Panel’s Report

Report: Virginia Tech could have saved lives:

So the long-awaited report from Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine’s eight member panel about the Virginia Tech massacre was finally delivered from on high. What does it tell us? A bunch of nothing that we didn’t already know.

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia Tech failed to properly care for a mentally troubled student gunman and waited too long to warn faculty and students after he killed his first two victims in a shooting spree that eventually claimed 31 more lives, including his own, a panel’s report concluded.

Let me interrupt just for a second? Why was it VT’s responsibility to “properly care” for Cho. As far as I can recall VT did all they could to help him. It was up to Cho help himself but he obviously didn’t do that.

Had university officials not waited more than two hours to tell the campus about the initial shootings, lives could have been saved when Seung-Hui Cho later began his massacre inside a classroom building, according to the report, released Wednesday night.

I can’t argue with that but I said that when it first happened.

“Warning the students, faculty and staff might have made a difference,” the panel wrote. “So the earlier and clearer the warning, the more chance an individual had of surviving.”

But the report concluded that while swifter warnings might have helped students and faculty, a lockdown of the 131 buildings on campus would not have been feasible.

And while the first message sent by the university could have gone out at least an hour earlier and been more specific, Cho likely still would have found more people to kill, the report found.

“There does not seem to be a plausible scenario of a university response to the double homicide that could have prevented the tragedy of considerable magnitude on April 16,” the report said. “Cho had started on a mission of fulfilling a fantasy of revenge.”

So basically what they’re saying is even if the campus was notified of the original murders Cho would have still killed a lot of people just maybe some different people. And it took them 4 months to come this conclusion? I’m glad I’m not a Virginia taxpayer.

The whole boring report can be found here.

Then why was he there?

Cho Advised Not to Attend Big School:

In a conference call to wounded victims and their families of the Virginia Tech massacre the panel investigating the attack said that Cho Seung Hui was advised not to go to a large school like Virgina Tech.

That was a key revelation in a private teleconference to brief injured students and their families on a report by a panel investigating the attacks, said Derek O’Dell, who was of the 23 injured in the April 16 attack that left 33 dead, including Cho.

A separate call was held later with families of the deceased, hours before the public release of the report Thursday.

“It was recommended that he not apply to school as big as Virginia Tech because he had selective mutism and also ongoing psychiatric needs that a big university probably wouldn’t address as well,” O’Dell said.

What I’d like to know is how did this barely functioning troglodyte (Cho) even get into Virginia Tech? After reading his “plays” and hearing about all his alleged mental difficulties it makes one wonder how he wasn’t a complete drooling idiot.

Cho’s new paper

Paper by Cho Exhibits Disturbing Parallels to Shootings, Sources Say:

Details are being released that Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung-Hui had written a creative writing class paper that portrayed a student plotting a school shooting. However in Cho’s paper the gunman does not go through with his massacre.

Cho wrote the paper for the “Intro to Short Fiction” class that he took in spring 2006, taught by Bob Hicok, an associate professor of English. The gunman described in Cho’s paper was in a high school. Cho, according to acquaintances and law enforcement sources, had expressed a fascination with the Columbine High School shootings while he was in middle school.

Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be mutants.

This paper, while not made public, is probably just as disjointed and as difficult to read as Cho’s “plays”.

The reason this is making the news rounds now is because not all law enforcement agencies investigating the massacre had this paper in their possession.

Several of the agencies probing the shootings had not been made aware of the paper’s existence, and the investigative panel appointed by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine did not receive a copy until recently. The university was supposed to turn over all of Cho’s writings to the panel, but this paper was left out.

Additionally, Virginia State Police officials, who also have a copy of the paper, said they could not give it to the panel under state law because it is part of the investigative file. Among the panel’s areas of inquiry is the sharing of information among state agencies.

So basically what we have here is a failure to communicate. A law enforcement protocol did not allow the paper to be given to other law enforcement agencies and the investigative panel. The paper itself is probably just more of the nonsensical ramblings of a bitter, selfish, and cowardly loser who couldn’t handle the deal that life gave him.

Facebook lynchmob strikes again

Facebook group made false assumption with released sketch:

The Riley County Police Department in the area of Kansas State University released a sketch on Friday of someone wanted for questioning in connection with a serial rapist that has been plaguing the area. A Facebook group called “Catch Him 2007: We Need Your Help!” posted the sketch and stated that the person in the sketch was the actual rapist. One thing leads to another and someone finds a picture on Facebook that resembled the sketch and the guy’s name and picture were posted next to the sketch. Those postings have since been removed.

Not surprisingly police are not happy.

While this individual might have resembled the sketch, Swartz said, sketches are not always perfect representations because they are based on descriptions given to a sketch artist.

“What I don’t want is people thinking this is the rapist and exclude other individuals that may appear suspicious,” Det. Carla Swartz said.

A concerned citizen’s best option is to refer to police information on issues like the alleged rapist, because students easily can cross the legal grounds of libel or harm the reputation of someone who is accused in a public forum, Swartz said.

Leave the sleuthing to the professionals.

Cassie Jo Stoddart’s killers sentenced

Teens get life sentences for murdering classmate:

The other day I posted about the brutal murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart. She was brutally murdered by two of her friends, at least one of which is a mutant. Her killers, Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik, were both sentenced to life without parole.

Adamcik’s uncle gave the following statement during the sentencing hearing…

“I feel very strongly that Torey is not a malicious person and that his life can yet be salvaged and that he can become a productive member of society,” said David Nelson, Adamcik’s Uncle.

Does this sound like a productive member of society?

“Just killed Cassie, we just left her house, this is not a f***ing joke,” says Brian Draper on the homemade videotape. “I’m shaking,” replies Adamcik.”I stabbed her in the throat and I saw her lifeless body just disappear,” says Draper.

Cassie’s family disagrees as well…

“I’ve seen no remorse, no tears whatsoever from any of you and then finally when you do say something, ‘Oh we’re sorry about what happened to Cassie.’ It was the most unsympathetic, fake sorry I’ve ever heard in my life,” said Anna Stoddart, Cassie’s mother.

“You chose to do what you did, you chose not to walk away, you chose to cover the truth of your actions. You chose to leave Cassie dead in that house for days,” said Christie Stoddart, Cassie’s sister.

Like most mutants they’re probably only sorry that they got caught.

Fry cook teased for living in trailer park

Teen Who Plotted N.Y. School Rampage Was Teased for Living in Trailer Park, Lawyer Says:

The younger of the two suspects in the Fry Cook Plot to attack Connetquot High School in Long Island is playing the bullying card in hopes of getting a lesser sentence.

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. — A teenager who admitted planning a violent rampage at a Long Island high school had been picked on for living in a trailer park, his lawyer said.

The boy was “constantly being berated as trailer trash,” lawyer Robert Gallo said. “He’s not an evil child. … He went through a lot to get where he is.”

The teen is frightened, remorseful and getting treatment at a psychiatric center, Gallo said.

“He’s aware he was planning on doing some pretty serious things,” the lawyer said. His client’s name hasn’t been released because of his age.

Cry me a greasy river.

Edith Delgado sentenced

Redwood City teen gets three years for crash that killed two members of Tonga’s royal family:

Edith Delgado is the California woman who killed members of the Tongan Royal Family in a car crash when she was racing another car at excessive speeds. Yesterday she was sentenced to 3 years behind bars.

In being sentenced, Delgado received one year in jail for each victim.

Her attorney says he expects her to serve about one year, after receiving credit for the one year she spent behind bars awaiting trial.

Had Delgado been convicted of the more serious charges prosecutors had filed against her she would have faced up to eight years in prison.

A relative of the Royal Family had the following response

“Words cannot express how much loss this feels even after a year,” said Amelia Tupou Tonga, a cousin of the princess. “Our family suffers. Our country suffers. But we are a forgiving people, and all we want today is justice.”

A politician finally notices craigslist

Mayor rips craigslist over child prostitution:

Finally a politician has noticed the wretched hive of scum and villainy that craigslist has become. And if anybody knows anything about scum and villainy it’s the mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin. (That was a dig against the city not necessarily the mayor.) Anyway, she has come out against craigslist accusing them of being facilitators in child prostitution.

“Children are being marketed through craigslist,” Franklin said Tuesday during an update on the mayor’s “Dear John” campaign, a crackdown on the city’s child prostitution industry.

Craigslist, found on the Web at, may be best known as a bulletin board for people who want to sell a car, buy a home or meet people. But Atlanta vice officer Kelleita Thurman said Tuesday that craigslist and similar sites account for 85 percent of the sexual liaisons men arrange in Atlanta with boys and girls.

In a letter sent Tuesday to the company, Franklin said the site could do more to prevent itself from being used “as a means of promoting and enabling child prostitution.” She called on the site to revise its warning on pages for erotic services and personal ads and to remove postings that offer sexual services for sale, among other things.

As usual craigslist had their same non-answers…

Craigslist spokeswoman Susan MacTavish Best said in an e-mail that she and Chief Executive Officer Jim Buckmaster are in Europe and “neither of us are aware of such a letter so it would not be possible to comment about this.”

Company founder Craig Newmark, who also was mailed Franklin’s letter, no longer is involved in the company’s daily affairs and is traveling, Best said.

Maybe this is the first step in politicians recognizing what a crime filled scumhole craigslist’s erotic services section is.