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Nine years:

I originally posted about Joshua Innes here. He’s the 25-year-old creep from Montreal who blackmailed underage girls into stripping for him using the Canadian social site Nexopia.

He was sentenced to 9 years behind bars by an Edmonton judge.

Provincial court Judge James Wheatley said Joshua Innes’ crimes are “unprecedented” and that other predators must be deterred from following suit.

I don’t think a nine-year sentence is going to be enough to discourage these kinds of predators.

53 thoughts on “Joshua Innes sentenced.

  1. David says:

    Really? 9 years of your life when you’re 25 is pretty significant. They’re essentially taking away his prime years…his ability to get a job when he gets out, most of his family and friends that would have provided him social support to maybe get better. 9 years is enough to ruin someone’s life. I think that’s enough to discourage this kind of behavior. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much to discourage horny 13 year old girls from taking their clothes off on a web cam. All this would have been prevented by some halfway decent parenting. There are 2 parts to this problem and we need to ackowledge that and respond accordingly.


  2. KDuba says:

    9 years is really nothing. He’ll be a whopping 34 or so when he gets out…still young enough to do a lot of things.

    The only way I see “all this” being prevented is by this 25 year old guy NOT being a sicko pervert.

    Parents should monitor their kids’ computer use, but come on, it’s INNES’ fault.


  3. David says:

    My point is that 9 years isn’t the only sentence. There’s the stigma of a sex offense conviction basically guarenteeing him a life of no more than $8/hr jobs. There’s the fact that all his friends and most his family have most likely left him to rot. You may say that 9 years is “nothing” but 9 years of food and shelter is expensive to tax payers, and the social consequences for this man will be with him his entire life. Sex Offender registration will mark him for harassment until the day he dies.

    9 years may be “nothing” but his misguided attempts to see naked teenage girls have destroyed his entire life, make no mistake about that.

    there are plenty of other guys that desire exactly what Mr. Innes was looking for…naked jailbait ass. His desire wasn’t by any stretch perverted…I think we’ve all glanced at a girl in a waaaay too short skirt at the mall and only afterwards wondered how old she really was. There’s nothing perverted about being attracted to post-pubescent members of the opposite sex. What was perverted was his actual persuit of the underage girls…and of course his manipulation of the girls. Don’t for a minute think that he’s in ANY way an aberation. There are a million guys like him out there, only most don’t get caught. The only way to stop this kind of behavior is to control what we have control over, our own children. We need to teach them (apparently) not to undress for ANYONE over a webcam. Seems kind of like common sense, but at some point we do teach kids that a stove is hot, and they SHOULD learn that people online (and offline) will say almost anything to get them naked.


  4. KDuba says:

    Gotcha, David. Many good points.

    I’m sure there are tons out there just like him…too many. And parents should monitor their kids’ activity….all the time. I would never argue that.

    But I still think he’s a pervert and deserves even more than what he got.


  5. John Bowman says:

    Well KDuba its nice to have an opinion when you don’t have all the facts. If you knew the facts you might have a diffrent tone .
    I am someone who does know that 9 years was way too much time . Remember he did not touch or phisically hurt anyone. Read more and you will find out more. But don’t judge from what you read on the net !!!!!! be smarter than that


  6. Trench says:

    Why don’t you enlighten us Mr. Bowman?


  7. John Bowman says:

    Well Trench Joshua along with alot of other young men on the internet sometimes do really stupid things. Now by no means am I making excuses for him but 9 years is really to much time for a young man with no prior offences of any kind!!!!! He did not touch or harm anyone he was in a diffrent province all together. He also had no Idea where this girl lived or any of her friends lived . This was a stupid prank and In my opinion was way too much penelty .
    The Inocent little 13 year old probably has done this before and as stated she thought she was stripping for a 16 year old girl named nikki?
    So thats better. Ok bottom line there are alot of people at fault here and guess what it seems joshua paid the penelty for everyone.
    Remember this guy has no prior record and has been a great person in his community giving his time to coach football and alot of other things.
    Before hanging him maybe we should understand more. That’s all I’m trying to say
    thanks for the space


  8. John Bowman says:

    Oh yeah and judge james wheatley just gave someone 10 years for destroying a whole family in a car chase? Brain damage to the unborn child &amp almost killing the parents.
    Seems like he should of gave him life no?


  9. Trench says:

    What’s to understand? Extortion and child porn are pretty serious crimes. This is no mere mistake. Innes was obviously deliberate in his actions. 9 years isn’t even close to what he should have gotten.


  10. John Bowman says:

    wanna debate email me dude


  11. John Bowman says:

    there was no child porn


  12. John Bowman says:

    this is fact


  13. Trench says:

    He befriended the 13-year-old girl by posing as a 16-year-old girl from Calgary named Nicky. As Nicky, he told the girl he wanted to see her nude, and sent a video of a 16-year-old girl engaging in various sex acts, alone.

    Oh yeah?


  14. John Bowman says:

    Dude , he sent the video of the girl back to her!! he taped her . I did not say he doesn’t deserve punisment but 9 years for this is nuts. There was no intent to distribute child porn &amp That was all that was done. I know this for 100%.
    Never was there and distrubution of child porn or any intent. It was a stupid ,stupid prank that should never of been done.
    The Prosecuter from Quebec Mr. Stephen Bilodeau of course wants to send a message &amp so does the judge but they picked the wrong person. Anyways we can go back and forth on this matter all day &amp for months I totally respect your opinion but if you knew Joshua like I know Joshua you would understand. I am related to Joshua he is my cousin . I know exactly what went on . Agian Thanks for the space to express my thoughts


  15. John Bowman says:

    Oh just incase David who commented on the top comes back to read. I am his family and we would never leave him to Rot. He will survive this.


  16. John Bowman says:

    Agian do you know this girl? Is she adrug user or a shelterd girl her whole life ? has she done this before? we do not know this because the police call that privligie info. We do not know if this girl did this to another person.
    so we know nothing about the girl as well as Joshua Innes so how can you judge a person on a letter from the press?


  17. John Bowman says:

    All we know is she got caught by her parents and started crying? exactly? if she never got caught this would not be happening and she would still be taking her clothes of and masterbating for people on the net.


  18. John Bowman says:



  19. John Bowman says:

    Stop talking trench? Well what do you know maybe your thinking for one minuit? well let me know because I can show you what you need to know!!!!!!!!!! This was a nice break for bilideau &amp wheatley who are not out for justice but just a name for them selves . Look at the last
    readings on there cases , any time they have a chance to make a name they do it!!!!!!!!! Read the headlines Wheatly makes new law ??? he’s a old prick who probably has porn all on his comp.


  20. John Bowman says:

    Just a fact I see But not to all , Bilideau &amp Wheatly probably had it in for josh because the offer was 8 years and was accepted with time served and the fucker put it up a year so its all about him dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have a great site Trench but you don’t always know the facts you could be wrong sometimes


  21. Trench says:

    Innes then demanded she perform more sex acts for the webcam or he would upload the video on the web and send it to people listed as friends on her Nexopia profile.

    So this didn’t happen either?


  22. John Bowman says:

    Dont’t you understand this was not disputed he had no idea of any of her friends or her family it was a prank!!!! a stupid prank by a guy who never did anything wrong in his life !!!!!!!!!!!
    Trench look it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure you can!!!!!
    You can not judge people you do not know ? you do not know him or her ? I’m sorry for her Really I am this should not of happened but this is the wrong sentence to the wrong guy !!!!!!!!
    Like I said if you really want to know josh take the time. why jump to kill the kid?
    All I ask is do some research shit I’ll do it for you just tell me what?
    This is a goos guy who made a stupid mistake thats it!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Trench says:

    Why is a 25-year-old man pulling a ‘prank’ on a 16-year-old girl?


  24. John Bowman says:

    Dude I don’t know why people do stupid things but they do!!!!!!!! I’ve done my fair share. I have said things I’m sure could of got me in alot of trouble like I’ll kill you but no one died!!!!
    People do stupid things when they think they can’t get caught.
    I never said he wasn’t wrong but I said it was too much time for this guy who never did anything wrong in his life. He had no record , never been arrested and was a great person in his city . It doesn’t fit. Anyways trench lets just agree to disagree I know him and he is a good peson who made a bad mistake. I just don’t think we should put up there with the filth.
    Agian thanks for the time and if you want to keep chatting I would like that.


  25. bootyj says:

    Hmmm, sexual perversion and blackmail of an underage girl, yep I bet he’s a real upstanding citizen.


  26. John Bowman says:

    Nice trench? You have no Idea and full of opinions? American Right? have a nice day


  27. John Bowman says:

    Sorry trench ????? I’m an ass I thought it was your comment? I’m sorry.


  28. John Bowman says:

    Booty you have no idea so just don’t even try


  29. John Bowman says:

    First tell me something you know about him and her then your comment !!!!!! if not its just a guess


  30. Laurie says:

    John – I hear you and agree.

    What this guy did was wrong.

    How many things have each one of us done, that was wrong? I know there is not one perfect person out there – and maybe what we did was not a sexual offense, but I am sure under the eyes of the law, what we did could be just as ‘bad’.

    First time offenders, that commit a sexual offense, should not be treated as if they are perverts or pedophiles, or repeat offenders. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening in today’s world.

    Rape was not even a crime until the 1970’s, and it seems that now we are going completely in the opposite direction.

    Yes – what this guy did was wrong – but what the young woman did was wrong too.

    Our society really has an issue with sexuality and NOT talking about this to kids and young adults. Where the heck were this girls parents?

    It is obvious that this young man was not thinking with the head between his shoulders, which has always been a complaint about young men.

    There have been many laws that were really stupid, and our sexual offense laws are no different. We need to look at each individual case instead of lumping them all together.

    Real perverts and sex offenders, and pedophiles sit back and laugh at this. Some of them also will commit murder, just so they can silence their victim, and not get caught or put on the database and imprisoned.

    We need to take a step back. We don’t even teach our children what its all about – but yet we punish people. Hmmm…..sounds like another oxymoron to me.


  31. John Bowman says:

    thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. Dianne says:

    I also agree that his sentence was to strict for his crime. Sometimes good people make bad choices in life.
    I believe that parents need to inform and educate our children so that they are able to make knowledgeable choices in life. Just because we tell them not to do something, doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to listen. We need to offer them the tools and resourses to make smart choices.


  33. Trench says:

    Starting smoking is a bad choice in life. Blackmailing underage girls in order to take sexual pictures of themselves is deviant behavior and is a short step from actual sexual assault. Nine years is a joke for the trauma he put these girls through.


  34. john bowman says:

    Your a real joker dude , nine years is alot for someone who never met the victim. I never heard of that before.


  35. Dianne says:

    The trauma he put these girls through? What about the trauma these girls are putting him through? Some 16 year old skank got caught and cried when she was caught. I bet that was not her first time, but of course that is “privledged information”. I was a 16 year old rebellion at one point and I know what young girls are capable of doing. At 16 she should know better than to show any kind of sex tapes to anyone, expecially someone over the internet that she has never met.
    I am a 37 year old mom of a 12 year old daughter doing some research about nexopia, as my daughter has approached me about having an account. I would like to thank everyone for helping me make an informed decision. I don’t believe that any young girl should be permitted to have a Nexopia account.


  36. Dianne says:

    oops I guess the girl was 13 where were her parents when she was making these videos?


  37. john bowman says:

    Thank you Diane , I am not saying that Joshua should not go without punishment. He spent almost a year in jail before his case came to court
    also he had no phisical contact with anyone.
    You have men being trapped by police online accually showing up at homes to have sex with under age girls and they dont get anywhere near nine years in jail. I just think this judge was crazy.


  38. Dianne says:

    Okay John I guess we can agree to agree. 9 years is too much. Yes, he committed a crime and should pay his debt to society. I however believe that it should have been a reasonable sentence, which in his case was not. If he would have raped her, he probably would have had a lesser sentence. Mr. Innes was being made an example of. However that doesn’t stop the real criminals. Besides that… the last I looked you need to be 14 to have a Nexopia account. Mr. Innes was not the only one posing to be someone he was not.


  39. john bowman says:



  40. Trench says:

    Fine, keep sticking your heads in the sand. But mark my words when he gets out he’ll more than likely claim more victims.


  41. Unamused says:

    Well, guess what crime fans? He is already out on parole.


  42. Jesse says:

    umm, guess he found what he was looking for in prison huh??
    bet he was “nicky” in there, the perv…
    a 26 year perverted man pretending to be a 16 year old girl…. i don’t see the prank part of this.


  43. john bowman says:



  44. Jesse says:

    guess it’s true, the justice system does benefit the guilty…
    anywho, this dudes a pervert/predator and the whole world knows it whether some accept it or not.


  45. john bowman says:



  46. Jesse says:

    and for those in denial, guess this shit runs in the family…
    probably a family thang.


  47. john bowman says:

    It wasn’t a funny thing Joshua did , He went to court &amp was sentenced to 9 years. Now maybe a bit of a perv but a predator he is not.
    Now for you to call other people pedofiles or predators for supporting there family , Dude not only are you childish but very ignorant .
    The guy’s life is pretty much ruined , he can’t travel anywhere anymore he has to register for 20 years on the sex offender registry He is basicly stuck in Quebec for the rest of his life. Thats a prison all by its self. At 26 he has a long and probably troubled life.


  48. Jesse says:

    boo hoo…cry me a river but i KNOW who the victims are in this…


  49. Jesse says:

    “When he was arrested, police found 181 pornographic videos on Innes’s computer, depicting children as young as two.” – Edmonton Journal

    hmm… guess this is part of the prank huh??


  50. john bowman says:

    well we will disagree on some things but you are right about one thing the justice system does suck.


  51. Jesse says:

    dude, I could never agree with you on anything cuz there is NO defence for being a pedophile/pervert and obviously you disagree in your distorted and irrational thinking.
    i’m done with you dude cuzz you creep me out. seriously…


  52. john bowman says:

    thanks ,


    1. Frederic in TX says:

      Whoa. I know this was years ago but I just read all of that back-and-forth dispute. I was looking up a sports radio personality from Texas also named Josh Innes and came across this. Any updates?


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