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Redwood City teen gets three years for crash that killed two members of Tonga’s royal family:

Edith Delgado is the California woman who killed members of the Tongan Royal Family in a car crash when she was racing another car at excessive speeds. Yesterday she was sentenced to 3 years behind bars.

In being sentenced, Delgado received one year in jail for each victim.

Her attorney says he expects her to serve about one year, after receiving credit for the one year she spent behind bars awaiting trial.

Had Delgado been convicted of the more serious charges prosecutors had filed against her she would have faced up to eight years in prison.

A relative of the Royal Family had the following response

“Words cannot express how much loss this feels even after a year,” said Amelia Tupou Tonga, a cousin of the princess. “Our family suffers. Our country suffers. But we are a forgiving people, and all we want today is justice.”

20 thoughts on “Edith Delgado sentenced

  1. roger says:

    I’m reading conflicting reports. AP reports this was a two year sentence, as was also stated on CNN. Others have it at a 3 year sentence. What’s up with that?


  2. roger says:

    Sorry to be so picky, but here’s another one. I am pretty sure it was a 2 year sentence, not 3.


  3. Trench says:

    Two years with one year time served according to the original article.


  4. Tahoe Kid says:

    Two year sentence minus one year served leaves a year remaining. In California, most county time is 85% of the sentence. The sentence of two years equates to 16 months actual time served. She was in jail already for 12 of those 16, which is is why she only has 4 months to go.

    If she had a 3 year sentence, she would have 12 months to go.

    I hope when she gets her driver license again she gives up the thrill stuff. That said, there are MANY drivers who do the same thing and do not get the sentence she has. Publicity gave her an extra year as compared to other similar cases.


  5. David M. Koch says:

    Two years? Three years? Time served? 18 months?

    This woman KILLED three people!!

    She should have been sent to the slam for 20 to life.

    Evidently in Redwood City a Hispanic may kill as many people as he or she wishes and simply walk away.

    Reminds me of Southern Baptists whose society allowed them to maul, maim and murder black Americans for decades, with the same type of penalty.

    The judge and jurors in this travesty of sentencing should themselves be charged with a crime.

    Edith Delgado is a killer and should be treated as such.


  6. Mando says:

    I worked with Edith and she is a very kind-hearted, funny and a great co-worker. I’m sure she feels bad for all that has happened, but mistakes can happen to anyone, this one we learn from someone who has fallen, let’s not kick her while she’s down. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP EDITH!! your boy mando from store 140


  7. BelchSpeak says:

    David Koch,
    Are you mentally unbalanced? Seems to me to be the case. What kind of proof do you have to back up your preposterous claim that Southern Baptists murder blacks for decades with no penalty?

    Any shred of evidence on that? Gotta link for it douchebag? Try racebaiting much?


  8. Counterpoint says:

    Lynching in the U.S. South occurred for decades, and rarely were the perpetrators punished for it.

    Statistics showed the vast majority of lynch victims were black, with casualties running in the thousands:

    As for whether or not Southern Baptists were directly involved, while it’s tough to cite individuals for their involvement in this (I mean, c’mon, lynching is a group activity, and it’s tough enough to prosecute when you’ve got a situation where dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of members of a community have joined together in a lynchmob mentality), it’s extremely likely that Southern Baptists have actively participated in lynching blacks, and gotten away with it.

    As part of the largest Protestant denomination in the US, the proportion of Southern Baptist members living in the South was significant during the most active years of lynching (mid 19th to mid 20th centuries):

    And the history of the SBC’s attitude toward race relations is mixed, at best:,9171,…

    As for going unpunished? Who was going to punish them? In many cases, the lynchings were advertised by newspaper. People took pictures, made postcards.

    Put it all together, and the statistics make it likely that yes, Southern Baptists were among those who participated in lynchings, and got away with it.

    If you’re honestly interested in learning more, I suggest you take a class in African American history at a local college, or try contacting any of the sources listed on the wikipedia pages to contact somebody with more experience in the history of lynching in the U.S.


  9. David M. Koch says:


    Let us return to the focus of my original missive.

    Edith Delgado was given a minor wrist slap for killing three people.

    I made a historical reference to an organised religion and it’s involvement with society sanctioned racism.

    I was taken aback by some of the responses by CONUS Americans.

    Evidently race relations have not made many positive strides since I elected to remove myself from mainland America ages ago.

    I will also remove myself from this diatribe by acknowledging that each respondant was correct in his or her mind.

    Even those who descibed her as a “good person”.

    As I recall their were many who described Mr. Manson in the same glowing terms.

    Lastly I would suggest that if you wish your opinions to be legitimately considered use your given name as opposed to a fictitious pseudo.

    David M. Koch
    Saipan/Guam, Marianas Islands


  10. BelchSpeak says:

    Counterpoint, you have only listed circumstantial evidence that baptists were involved and I find your logic flawed and your arguments laughable.

    It is a known fact that DEMOCRATS just like Hillary clinton, Obama Hussein and the Kennedys were the ones that dressed in white klansmen costumes and went around terrorizing blacks and lynching them from trees. Mass murder is what Muslims do you twisted bigot. Get your facts straight.


  11. edith fan says:

    thats the myspace i have set up for EDITH DELGADO FANS


  12. BelchSpeak says:

    She’s got fans??! Cruddy Myspace page. Its unreadable, has nigger-this nigger-that words in lyrics for a crappy song that you can’t turn off. Have no idea what the page is about, but now I really hate Edith and you for making the myspace page.


  13. EDITH FANS says:



  14. Lillias Tohi says:

    I have to forgive Edith Delgado – just as my family wants and exactly what my Aunty would of wanted. If Edith saw my Aunty’s mother at the funeral which went for 3 days (Tongan Tradition) and she saw my Great Aunt’s face – having lost her eldest daughter. She’ll have to remember the hurt she caused our family.

    My opinion on whether the sentences was fair or not won’t change the fact she’s gone. But she made a REALLY bad choice. I guess all I can say is that even though the time she’s serving seems unfair. She’ll have to live with the fact that she DID kill and take away three lives.

    ‘Ofa Atu Aunty Kaimana
    Your Niece
    Sydney, Australia


  15. tasi tupou. says:

    i give my graditute to you lillias tohi. may god bless you &amp your family for your kind hearts of forgiveness. but for me its just not right! its not enough.. she took three lives &amp she got off easy! she killed three innocent people people that are beloved &amp missed greatly by their families &amp friends while she gets off with a slap on the wrist as if their saying “bad girl edith, heres your little punishment, dont do it again.” i hope she lives the rest of her life with the guilt of being a killer! &amp for that stupid idiot that made her a myspace page.. why in the hell does she have fans?! are you stupid.. why would she have fans for being a killer?! your pathetic!

    but ofa atu to the victims of this reckless teen, she didn’t stop to think of all the possible outcomes of her actions before she went speeding down the high way!

    -tasi tupou.


  16. DJ N1S says:

    Edith fan: R U SERIOUS?!?!?!? Acidently killed someone? She knows it was no accident. And all them tears were tears of regret, not sorrow. Great job sideshow lady. I guess she cant “ghostryde” the wip anymore.


  17. Greg Lentz says:

    Three years is a joke. She should be in jail for the rest of her life. Stupid kids doing stupid things, and people get killed.

    Any driver who street-races should be locked up for reckless endangerment. When deaths are involved, it should be 20 years minimum.


  18. that (*%^$# still in prison or what? just curious.


  19. p.s. “Edith Delgado fans?” aaaaahahaahahha!! you are soo little in this world, automatic door’s dont even open for you..that’s how low &amp unimportant you are. Show some respect! and one more thing..fuck you! hahaha


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