Utah MySpace rapist

Hurricane police arrest rape suspect who met alleged victim on MySpace.com:

Police In Hurricane, Utah arrested 21-year-old David R. Miller (no MySpace found) on rape charges. Miller met his 18-year-old victim on MySpace after she had recently moved to the area to attend school.

The victim told police she had numerous on-line conversations with the suspect and the two agreed to meet. They drove to a remote location in Hurricane City, where the reported rape occurred.

The alleged suspect was located and interrogated a few days later. Det. Raleigh Morris arrested 21-year-old David R. Miller on one count of rape and one count of forcible sodomy, both first class felonies. Miller was booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility on Aug. 28.

Purgatory doesn’t quite sound enough. I wish it was called the Hell Correctional Facility myself.

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  1. Jeremy

    I agree with that last statement, He deserves a worse center in my opinion. This is just disgusting.

  2. jennifer

    i think kids under 15 shouldn’t have a myspace because they don’t know who the people really are. a simple mistake can make people follow u and find u and u really have no control over your life if the computer is taking over. if teens listen to parents they wouldn’t get raped and there would be less crime against rape.

  3. Heather

    I am friends with the so called victim friend, and rumor has it that she told to many people that she had sex, so to cover her but, she started to tell people she was raped. She didnt even call the cops. She told someone and that person told the cops, and they came and talked to her, so she couldnt change her story now. Thats is so messed up she would try to ruin someones life cause she was a little whore.

  4. Christine

    He is a sick bastard. he raped me and other girls too. he deserves to be castrated

  5. Christine

    oh and yes he is on myspace again….just look up DAvid Miller in Santa Clara UT. 5 miles from 84790

  6. annonymous

    i was about to meet up with him last august, it’s a good thing i heard in time, i could have been raped, i thank the lord.

  7. annonymous!

    im so glad this freak will finally be locked up he is a complete creep! he lies about everything!

  8. jen

    Its so funny to me when a story comes up like this about a guy raping someone and then all of these girls come on to comment about the fact that they two have been raped by the same guy.
    What the hell is wrong with these girls. If they really were raped by this guy then why the hell did they do nothing so that it could happen to the next girl. I have saw this on these blogs over and over again.
    Girls,if someone violently takes advantage of your body,for god sakes,call the cops. if you don’t,then your partly to blame when it happens to someone else. And for the girls who cry rape when it was really just sex,you need to be put in jail. You need to be punished. Thats so messed up to ruin another persons life just so that you don’t look bad

  9. Lyndsay

    That’s fuck up you guys don’t need to reiun someones life just to get attenion GIRLS GET A LIFE. You know that he didn’t do it so stop saying that he did. That’s messed up your story doesn’t add up and you keep giving the cops a new story every time so stop it. No one believe this girl it’s was a break up that went wrong and she is pissed off and decide to get back at him by saying that he raped her.

  10. Laurie

    jen – violence is not necessary for rape.

    sometimes women/girls get themselves into situations where they cannot say no, or are afraid to say no. For instance, if an average sized girl is with an average sized man, chances are he can overpower her so she may feel she has to ‘give in’ and lets him do what he wants to.

    Sometimes women/girls do say no, and guys/men do not listen. They think they can ‘talk’ us into it. They think we will lust for them so much, we won’t be able to stop, or stop them.

    She may also feel guilty since she got herself into that situation in the first place. Many times that is why the police are not called, and the rape goes unreported.

    Drugs – the date rape drug – also constitutes rape.

    Maybe she has not been taught that she has the right to say no. Peer pressure can be a powerful thing. It is not until after the act that she realizes what happened, and has tremendous regret because she did not fully understand the consequences.

    It seems from many comments I have read on this blog and others, young girls are not being taught what they need to know, and are having sex at a very young age. In most cases, they are not even getting any enjoyment out of it. They do it for the approval, knowledge, and stature.

    The law says that minors cannot have consensual sex – so, any act of touching, bodily contact of sexual organs, etc. is rape.

  11. jazmin

    all you girls who think that if a girl gets raped they should tell the cops, all that means is that you have never been raped, you dont know what happened you dont know how that feels you dont know anything, i was raped by my cousin, it started when i was 7 and lasted till i turned 8, a whole year of my cousin raping me, you dont know the torment that went through my mind and you never will, you dont know what i went through and you dont know what im still going through because of it

  12. Christine

    we are not making this up. he raped me and i am taking him to court. i found 8 other girls on his myspace page that also said that he either raped them or broke into apartments because they wouldnt go out with them and such things like that. so lindsay, go to hell. you dont know if he did it or not because guess what? YOU WEREN’T THERE!!!


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