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Moore’s appeal keys on racial makeup of jury:

Like I predicted, not that it was that hard of a prediction, Devin Moore’s attorneys are not only using the GTA defense but they’re also playing the race card.

Moore was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in the June 7, 2003, shootings of officers Arnold Strickland and James Crump and 9-11 dispatcher Leslie “Ace” Mealer at the Fayette Police Department.

Angela L. Setzer, his appellate lawyer from the Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama, told Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals judges that Moore didnÂ?t get a fair trial because the judge had disallowed expert testimony and the prosecutor improperly removed black jurors. She also charges that Fayette County District Attorney Chris McCool inflamed the all-white jury by comparing the crime to FayetteÂ?s own Â?9-11″ terrorist attack.

Moore, 22, is black and his victims were white.

He had just turned 18 and was about to be fingerprinted for car-theft charges when he grabbed Strickland’s .40-caliber automatic pistol and shot his three victims before escaping. Moore also tried to shoot out the glass on the police station door so he could re-enter to retrieve his brand-new, $85 K-Swiss sneakers.

Let me enlighten some people. This was never about race. This was about Devin Moore’s car stealing then subsequent murder of two cops and a dispatcher.

Would an all black jury bring those people back to life or go back in time and stop Moore from killing anybody? No. Then this appeal has no legs.

Moore is a cop killer and he deserves to die.

Link via GamePolitics.

3 thoughts on “More on Devin Moore’s appeal

  1. Jessica Landers says:

    I agree, eye for an eye. Did he even think of the families that are suffering from the losses? Nope, he was too worried and too scared because he didn’t want jail time for theft, he wouldn’t be on death row if he hadn’t pulled the trigger. I’m really enjoying your article on the case considering this is a case I chose for an essay in my criminal justice class.


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