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Parents, Neighbors Rush To Defense Of SJU Suspect:

The family and neighbors of Omesh Hiraman, the alleged St. John’s gunman, are now trying to explain what led to what they say was out of character for Hiraman.

The parents of the alleged gunman left the 107th Precinct stationhouse in earlier Wednesday evening and pleaded for understanding for their son, who they say is sick and reacting poorly to medication.

“We believe this is a misunderstanding,” father Pat Hiraman said. “Our son has always been a good boy and has never been in any sort of trouble. He would never harm anyone.”

According to police and witnesses, he was wearing a rubber Halloween mask at the time. His lawyer says doctors recently operated on Omesh for scoliosis. He was said to be in serious trouble with his pain medication.

“He’s lost over 35 pounds since the surgery a month ago and he’s been throwing up the meds a lot,” attorney Anthony Collelouri said. “He’s been throwing up actually all food, so it is possible he had a reaction to the meds, absolutely. And that’s one of the things I’ll be looking into.

“I think he is still confused right now.”

I’ve never heard of a bad reaction to pain meds that makes someone go postal. I’m not saying it’s not possible just unlikely.

One thought on “Family defends gunman

  1. BelchSpeak says:

    I thought this kid was an immigrant here on a student visa. Evidently his whole family is here.

    Didn’t Cho’s parents say he was a good boy too?


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