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Campus Suspect Showed No Warnings of Violence:

According to the NY Times article St. John’s gunman Omesh Hiraman showed no previous signs of wanting to commit violence. However, he was rather eager to procure a firearm.

One thing Mr. Hiraman may have signaled was his intention to acquire a gun, if not to use it. In June — several weeks before his back surgery — he walked unannounced into a lawyer’s office in Jackson Heights, introduced himself as a student doing research on gun control, and asked what procedures he must follow to obtain a gun.

Hiraman, later on, bought the single shot .50-caliber “black powder” rifle that he was eventually arrested with without a permit. Could someone with a better knowledge of firearms than me give me the lowdown on this gun?

His lawyer seems to be inferring that his pain meds from his back surgery may have interfered with his psych meds for schizophrenia…

Mr. Hiraman’s mental condition was aggravated in recent weeks after he had back surgery, Mr. Colleluori said. In an adverse reaction to pain medication, he said, Mr. Hiraman vomited repeatedly, and had difficulty digesting the medication that he needs to control the symptoms of his mental illness.

“I believe he has been undermedicated for the schizophrenia,” said Mr. Colleluori, who was joined at the news conference by Mr. Hiraman’s parents, Pat and Vejai Hiraman.

The surgery was a month ago and he bought the gun a week ago so that’s not out of the realm of possibility. Maybe some of the blogging doctors out there can give us an opinion.

The one thing that gets me is that he contacted the lawyer back in June. Was he off his meds then? That remains to be seen. But for right now I’m reeling back my opinion that he was crazy and should have been locked up for now.

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