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Veteran cop unmasked as a major marijuana dealer:

When I was but a lad in my 20’s I wanted to be a cop. I had cops as friends, I have cops as relatives, and I wanted to make a difference. However, two things prevented me from doing so. One, I didn’t possess the physical prowess it took to pass the physical test and two, I heard too many stories of guys who were just in it to collect a paycheck or worse. This one of the stories about worse.

37-year-old Glen Smokler was a 13-year-veteran of the NYPD. He was arrested this past Wednesday and uncovered as a major marijuana dealer. He allegedly belonged to a ring that smuggled millions of dollars in reefer from Canada to Long Island. Police were tipped off when someone reported that Smokler robbed from the ring leaders.

Apparently, he never figured that even criminals call the cops sometimes.

Thanks to Jim for the link.

One thought on “New York cop unmasked as major drug dealer

  1. Jim says:

    Like I told you in the email, I knew this guy. Not in a friendly manor, I worked for my best friend (we will call him “R”) and his father sanding and installing hardwood floors. We wound up doing tons of work for this shithead cop including stupid shit like trimming trees because R’s father wanted all sorts of police junk like PBA cards (not even the good ones with the badge number on em) and hats and shit. The guy was such a cunt that R and I wound up saying “fuck it” and refused to do anything else for Glen.

    It was a waste of time, he didn’t like to pay… but he sure liked to bitch and complain a lot.

    Anyway… To top off what a ridiculous fucko he really was he got busted with these charges, leaving behind a wife and child (one that I know of… could be more by now). With any luck, his wife saw what a scumbag he was and left him years ago.


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