Katherine Lester on Dr. Phil

MySpace teen on Dr. Phil show:

It seems that our favorite word traveling runaway MySpace teen is back in the news.

Katherine Lester will be on Dr. Phil today and tomorrow to discuss her trials and tribulations. I thought this might set a bad example to teens willing to run away for some MySpace guy but Dr. Phil seems to have his act together this time…

The second segment also will include an interview with Betty Mahmoody, an American citizen who moved to Iran with her husband and fled the country after he and his family became violently controlling. Mahmoody’s story became the 1991 Sally Field film “Not Without My Daughter.”

I of course will not be watching because personally Dr. Phil disgusts me.

However the article seems to reveal that Lester is back in The States.

The series will have a third part that will air in a couple of weeks centering around Lester’s decision to come back to Michigan, said Wade Simpson, a segment producer with the program.

“We fully anticipated her getting back on the plane at the end of the second episode,” he said. “And then she said no, so we kept tracking it to see what would happen.”

Lester returned to Michigan about a week and a half ago, Simpson said.

The soap opera continues.

Belch has more on this here.

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  1. BelchSpeak

    I’m really curious as to why she’s back. Did she marry the terrorist?

  2. Trench

    I bet when she realized that they don’t have the conveniences there that they do in the US then got bored and came home.

  3. BelchSpeak

    Conveniences like….
    running water and sitcoms on TV?

    I bet you are right. BTW, you can watch the show online at drphil.com. I’m going to try to choke it down and see if there is any new info.

  4. BelchSpeak

    Okay, here’s the gist as far as I can tell. Abdulla has had two years to get a visa to come the the US but has yet to fill out the paperwork.

    He has been verbally abusive to Katherine and her family. Dr. Phil offered to buy her a round trip ticket from there back to the US and she agreed.

    And yeah, Katherine’s family thinks Abdulla is a liar and is hiding something that would prevent him from getting a Visa. (Like that he’s a terrorist.)

  5. Jen

    At the end of the show there was a bit of an update. It looks like she indeed came home, and a lot of light was then shed about how she was treated by him while there. I guess this is just a teaser to a follow up show.

  6. Chico

    Good info Jen. I saw that too. It’s just a shame at how gullible young girls are, especially to go off to one of the most dangerous places on earth. I hope they put that liar in his place and she sees through him.

  7. Douglas

    Spoilers say that she came home and revieled that he was abusive in many ways verbally and by hitting her with a belt and with his hands.

  8. shannon

    does anyone know when the follow up show might be?

  9. You Know Me

    She’ll be on this Monday coming up the 26th of November

  10. Dennis

    She’s in dire need of a Psychologist. She has severe mental problems! She has an obsession about Muslims and the middle east.

    She thinks that by providing her self as the American convert she can help Muslim women who constantly get abused or killed for outrageous things? She might even think she will become the beacon of hope in an everlasting Ishmael vs Isaac battle.

    She should be thinking about college rather than marrying a possible terrorist.

    While we’re at it…have her parents seek help now too. This is a reflection on them. Evidently they don’t talk much to their messed up daughter.

  11. BelchSpeak

    I saw the show summary on Dr. Phil here: http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/983

    Dennis, where did you hear or read about her islamic obsession?

  12. Chuck D.

    I don’t think Dennis knows what he’s talking about…besides, she agreed on Mon’s Dr. Phil to break it off w/the guy, so hopefully this is the end of the whole saga.

  13. smartopinion

    I don’t see a problem with Abdullah. Katherine was the one that flew across an ocean to meet him, that was her choice….he didn’t force her to meet him. All this shows is bad parenting skills on Katherine’s parents side. And all Arabs aren’t terrorists to those closeminded peeps out there…is anyone is a fool, its Katherine for being so desperate to meet a guy that she flew thousands of miles to see him…

  14. Chuck D.

    If you’d seen Mon’s Dr. Phil, you wouldn’t say that…guy’s a control freak prone to violent outbursts as well as verbal abuse, and he walked off the show when called on it. Hopefully Katherine’s seen the light and her homecoming will be a permanent one.

  15. Lisa

    Just so you know, we here in Australia have only just seen the first Dr Phil episode with this Katherine Lester chick on it today the 29th Nov 2007.
    Now what i cant understand is that the parents knew that she was online talking to this knob the majority of the day and when she wasnt online she was on the phone talking to him, Ahhh Hello, if you think there is something wrong then why dont you p1ss the internet off and get rid of the phones, wouldnt that make a bit of sence in trying to get this under control? Over here it would. My kids are limited to one hour each on the net at any one time, and i have this thing called “An Internet Filter” (provided free to families by the Australian Government it’s an amazing thing, it blocks sites that i think are inappropriate… funny that… It blocks myspace… But you all know what those things are, someone needs to fill the mother in on what they are. At least then she could say she tried something to stop this from happening… Stupid parents, stupid kids.
    Bl00dy hell mate, what are they thinking, fair dinkum…

  16. amanda

    hay well that is my kuzzo my name is amanda lester

  17. Missy

    Well, that’s the thing…. He may have had 2 years to get a visa…. But what 99.9% of all Americans don’t know is just how extremely difficult is is to get one! Even for someone with a clean record. Weather or not you can get one really depends on where you are from.

    The U.S. has different policies with different countries. For example: If you are from say…. England, or France, its fairly easy to get something like a touris Visa. Because those countries are doing very well, and are very much like the U.S.. And the U.S. knows it is highly unlikely that someone from those countries is really desperate to live in America.

    BUT— if your country is on the “top priority ONLY” list, like say…… Africa, India, some parts of Asia, or **the middle east** etc.— it’s going to be next to impossible to get a Visa. The only way you could get one being from one of those places, is if you are married to a U.S. citizen (or if a citizen is filing a fiance visa FOR you), or have some kind of amazing grades in school and were given a scholorship to study abroad, or you get a work visa because you are a HIGHLY desireble employee with exceptional atributes, Or if your family are very rich AND important people.

    But if you don’t fall into one of those categories, and you’re living in a “priority only” country, You can basically forget about getting a visa. So the fact that Abdullah cannot get a Visa is really NO indication that he’s a terrorist. The reason he can’t get one is because there’s nothing special about him that the USA wants. Nothing he can contribute to the economy. And because of where he’s from. He’s a high school dropout, with no exceptional skills. Plus, he’s not MARRIED to Katherine.

    Now, *Katherine* could get him a fiance visa– Where she tells imigration “look, this is who I want to marry”. He would be given a visa to come here for 6 months. But they would have to be married within that 6 month period after he arrives, or else he has to go back).

    However, Katherine could not have done such a thing, because you have to be AT LEAST 18 to sponsor an immigrant with a marriage or fiance visa. And when most of this trouble was taking place, Katherine was under age. So that bullshit Abdullah was feeding the press about how when she ran away at age 16, they planned to “get married and come back together a week later” was CLEARLY a fat lod of crap…. Or he just didn’t know a darn thing about US law…. And right now, Katherine just barely turned 18, so there hasn’t been enough time to do anything like that. Abdullah being from the middle east, it would probably take at least 6 months, to a YEAR of filing, from start to finish, to get immigration to let him come over here on a fincee visa. She could go back over there and marry him first, and that would make the whole process move along much quicker, but given the circumstances, I dont’ recomend she do that….

    Basically, the only way Abdullah could EVER get inside the USa legally, is if an adult-aged American woman marries him, or files a fiance Visa for him. But in either case, the American citizen would have to do 90% of the work and filing. And Katherine hasn’t done that, so…. 1, they need to stop blaming abdullah for the work not being done, because Katherine should actually be doing it. And 2, I dont’ think those two need to be getitng married anyway.

    Abdullah’s kind of on this trip about how he doesn’t wanna go left or right. He feels like if he gets a visa and comes to the USA, everyone will accuse him of just wanting to live in America. But if Katherine lives over there with him to prove everyone wrong about that, then everyone will accuse Abdullah of “keeping katherine in his country”. So there’s really nothing these kids can do that will please anyone. It’s a total lost cause, and they need to both just look for love elsewhere.

  18. Hossein Jalali

    Man I hate Dr. Phil,
    choosing stories that makes middle eastern people look like terrorist, and for people to feel sympathetic for the Americans is just disgusting.

    He was showing the worst images of Iran possible, putting some strange terrorist like song on it, then showing the innocent fat lady.

    Give me a break, Iranians are not like that, they are cool people, and U have never seen one Iranian do a terrorist act in your life, the terrorists are all from other countries.

  19. Chuck D.

    How was this guy supposed to be portrayed? And Dr. Phil didn’t chose this case to stereotype the Mideast…she ran off to be w/this guy w/o knowing who he really was, and he’s the one who made himself look bad both on-camera and off, coming across as a fanatic.

    Oh, and why shouldn’t they feel sympathy for Katherine? She had no idea she was getting herself into a real life re-enactment of “Not w/o My Daughter” and needed a wake-up call…would you rather she remain subjected to his abuse?

  20. Hossein Jalali

    I guess you dont get my point, Im saying how come out of all the cases, Dr. Phil had to all of a sudden chose this case! Why does he never chose a case where an American does harm to a poor middle-eastern! (Like make them naked and stack them on each other)… All these years one time way back in 1977 a crazy Iranian guy does something this stupid to an American woman, we hear about it in the papers, we hear about it in the media, they make a movie out of it, Dr. Phil brings her in to talk to her about it! … And he chooses the worst images of Iran, he chooses the worst song to put behind it! Does this not effect the minds of Americans who are mostly influenced by the media.

    Just a wake up call, During the Iran / Iraq war, Iraq all of a sudden attacked Iran, and America supported Iraq.
    Worst of all, Iraq at a point used Chemical Weapons on the Iranian soldiers, we still have many of these soldiers who have severe heart and lunge problems because of inhaling the mustard gas my uncle died 1.5 years ago after years of pain.

    Did America not know Iraq had weapons of mass destruction at that time??! … who gave Iraq these weapons?! … I’ll let you answer that question!

    Why doesn’t Dr. Phil ever bring in one of these Iranian Soldiers and have a chat with him let the world know that we have been effected by terrorism and we are not the terrorist that they portray us to be.

  21. ghadah joe

    i was so annoyed last night watching dr phile disfiguring not only the muslim reputation ,but also the arab’s as a whole .i wonder what he wanted to prove??both the boy and the girl participated in that ,and after that ,they look into the girl as a victim and the boy as a criminal and lier i think that the whole responsibility is fallen on the girl’s family ‘s shoulders.they didnt look after what she was doing on the net for two yearsand to make worse ,the amaing dr phile brought a woman who had suffered kind of this problem and showed it as a rule .sorry dr phile,your arabs fans are changing their opinions about you.

  22. Hooman

    Its just disgusting to see the racism is growing fast again.
    Why americans always need an enemy ? one day black people, one day russians, one day chinese, and now muslims .
    I just remember the pink floyd *The Wall* that at the end kids were putting bricks to make a new wall. History repeats , Americans need something to hate . 0.01% of muslims gave them this opportunity.
    And the funny point is that all this happens when Iranians love US people and respect them but they just receive hate from the other side because of some actions who Islamic regimes do, but an educated person knows a regime in middle east especially in Iran doesnt represent people.
    And people of Iran are also fighting with fundamentalists to gain freedom and it was much better if they could see american people support their fight against Islamic dictatorship instead of calling them terrorists and make shows like that Dr. Phil show.

  23. rida arnaout

    I was so shocked from Dr. phil way of showing and tilling this story .
    I want every budy to know that it is worng picture of arab and muslem showed in Dr. Phill show.
    I would really like to give the clear bicture of our our commiunity for any who intrested in.

  24. BelchSpeak

    There is a blogburst about Abdullah Psycho and his trollop of a girlfriend. For some reason lots of people think Abdullah Psycho was Iranian. Not sure where that idea came from- He was from the West Bank.

    And yes, he was acting just like the Koran taught him to act toward impetuous women, by trying to beat her:

  25. Hossein Jalali

    I really like how people just choose to act as if they did not read my post! … please stop insisting on another issue, if anyone has an answer please answer what I have said above about the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

  26. WAT

    please share your comments on WAT-When Arabs Talk, and tell people what you think!!!!!
    here is the link http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=19366291061

  27. Sara

    Terrorists from Russia, terrorists from Europe, terrorists from China, terrorists from the Middle East, terrorists from MARS! Why can’t we rest without anyone in the universe hating us??? Dr. Phil is stupid, close minded, and racist! As long as there are people like Phil and such bad truth-hiding media, the naive US citizens will never learn the truth! TIME TO STOP HATING AND WARS! BRING DOWN THAT WALL OF HATE AND BRING PEACE &amp LOVE FOR ALL!

  28. icel

    i think dr.phil was a fool this time.

  29. anne swisher

    because of a few people who did 911–happened (alledgely) to be arab—now arabs are demonized in american media, ignorant americans (most) believe this stereotype of arabs. someone on this board insinuated that abdullah is a strict muslim-i’ll tell u–a strict muslim wont be kissing all over his american girlfriend, btw american white men are the ones who beat their wives to a pulp, kill them while they’re with child, cheat on them, lie, etc.—-arab men do not do half the stuff white american men do! get real u white men.

  30. WAT

    thank you anne swisher!!!!!!!!!! finaly somebody says something that makes sense!!!!

  31. TruthSeeker

    I have been a very big fan of dr phil’s show..and i really admired the way he addressed problems and the way he tries to solve them..but i have recently seen his 3-Part episodes about Abdullah and Katherine..and i was really shocked by the way he dealt with the situation..and how he intended on showing his audience that the guy was a terrorist and that its forbidden for an American girl to fall in love with an Arab..as if Arabs were not humans!!..i really found that very offending and racist..im not trying to say that it’s right for a girl to run away from her parents or that Abdullah wasn’t wrong..
    but he was just like thousands of American boys who run away with girls without their parents permission..now that doesnt make them terrorists does it!!
    he didnt let him defend himself properly ..he didnt even let the girl speak and tell him the whole story!!
    I’m sorry to say that Dr.Phil have’nt done his homework properly, he did not find out the facts and he did not look into why Katherine would, at 16, leave the safety of home for a land she did not know and a young man she had never met and instead of asking why she left home twice and flew across the world to be with Abdullah, he hectored and nagged her on long-distance video link to return to the US and her family, which she had abandoned.

    Dr.Phil is an iconic figure in the US and elsewhere, so he is obliged to tell the full story and get things right. he cannot afford to neglect facts when he has a large staff to provide him with information published in the US press. his treatment of this case seriously undermines his credibility,

    And for all the people calling other fellow people names,insulting them,their culture and their religion..i tell you that i really pitty you and advice you to go search for some facts from credible resources instead of gettin all your info from TV and believe everything said in it like 5-year olds!

    And finally I’ll remind you of what the great Budha said:

    &ldquoWillful ignorance,is a sin.&rdquo..

  32. Candy

    Now this is getting incredibly ludicrous and out of control.

    Look, no one is the victim here. If anything both parties are guilty of being incredibly stupid.

    I mean for one thing: a young girl decides to run away at 16 and meet a guy on Myspace. Not to mention that even after she ran back to him after “coming of legal age”, and she went through so much abuse from that asshole, she still chose to stay with him. I mean I watched how Dr Phil kept offering her a ticket home and she seemed reluctant at first. Even later on later shows she admitted to Abdullah’s sadistic nature, and yet this begs the question everywhere to us women with brains: how thick can you bloody well get, honey, to even stay with someone if they continuously abuse you? Thank you for showing men everywhere that all women are dimwits and nitwits.

    And then we got this ass of a Palestinian who is suddenly a mirror to the life style of Arabs everywhere. I mean, what kind of a monster says he has the right to beat his wife because the Quran says so?

    That’s pure bullocks. The Quran said no such thing. I mean why else would it give women rights to liberate us and then supposedly say a huge bunch of trollop that translates to “strike your wives”? What an idiot. Thank you, douche bag, for giving a bad name to Arab people everywhere.

    Sure, Dr Phil pretty much fell from my eyes on the debut of this episode because of the way his show portrayed the Middle-East. But he’s not the man who should be blamed here.

    If anything it’s these two. They’re polar opposite of a regular Darby and Joan I can tell you that. I was just watching this show called “Kalam Nowaem” with my brother’s wife. I mention this show because Abdullah the Pillock was brought onto it, and was then questioned by the hostesses about his opinion on their so called “relationship”.

    It was certainly a laugh and a half translating the things to her, since Delilah’s still needs to brush up on her Arabic, as we watched the show with glee because Abdullah just continued to make a further ass out of himself. I mean, I feel so embarrassed to say I’m an Arab because I keep conjuring the tosser in me mind. Bloody hell!

    I liked what the hostesses said on the show to him. I mean one of them was just disgusted at Abdullah for hitting Katherine by saying “You hit her…why? What right do you have to do that? In fact, what right do you think you have to lay your finger on another human being?”

    I love those women because they said some very powerful stuff to the moron. They said a great deal of the things I wanted to say to Abdullah myself. If I see him during my planned trip to Palestine, and if I happen to bump into this prick, I swear I’ll throttle him until he turns navy blue for giving us Arabs a bad name.

    I mean I was so worked up when I saw the show on Dr Phil because I was at my sister in law’s place at the time as we watched this. The look on her face is something I’ll never forget. I mean Del was so upset with the way the show went because, thanks to the misadventures of two hormonal hurricanes, almost everyone has the wrong idea about us Arabs and especially the Arab and Non-Arab relationships.

    Another thing: the parents of the guilty couple are both morons. One: the boy’s father had NO RIGHT to give that immature and incredibly naive little girl a plane ticket to their place. Who do you think you are? Second: her mother needs to be educated, because the lady, quite frankly, was a dumbass. Terrorist indeed! A great load of codswallop is what it is. Then again Abdullah showed zero respect to them all.

    I was even more pissed when that lady who married the Iranian came on the show. I just wanted to shoot her because my mother’s Shirazi. *from Shiraz – Iran* I understand what one person said when saying why did Dr Phil have to go and get that tart to come on his show since she was another poor portrayal of a failed relationship with an Arab.

    But if you just *try* and be a bit more open minded then you’d realize his motive.

    You’d realize that the only reason Dr Phil brought that sob story, attention seeking cow on his show is because he needed an example that hit close to home with Katherine’s situation. I mean that girl is too stupid since she’s living in denial about her life with Abdullah – acting as though everything is ho-hum. Sure, he could easily have gotten any Darby and Joan of an Arab &amp Non-Arab relationship, but what good would that do to help this moron and make her leave that horrible man’s ass?

    It wouldn’t do anything. No. What Dr Phil needed, unfortunately, was someone who once fell in love with some Arab/Middle-Easterner but unfortunately, due to her idiocity for not realizing what an asshole and jackass he was *pardon my French*, she was too naive and blinded in what she believed was “LOVE” to realize she was putting herself through Hell, and needed to leave the man.

    So even though I am annoyed at the fact that that choice gave others a poor taste of our Arab world, I don’t blame Dr Phil for the choices he did because of the nature of abuse of this relationship.

    I mean for the close minded Arabs here: picture this situation as an Arab Girl instead who fell for an Abusive Yank, but is too much of a dumbass to realize how much of a pillock her man is aren’t you going to go and find an example that closely fits in her with her situation if you want to coax the girl into leaving him? Seriously: everybody please grow up, and let the idiotic couple be.

    Personally, even though Katherine was an idiot for running away to meet a man on the Internet *and through Myspace no less*, I’m still glad Dr Phil managed to get her to leave and go back to her home.

    Additionally, its because of closed minded and immature tonkers like Abdullah that have led the Western media to publicize Arabs as monsters.

    So, in conclusion, what these peoples posts had me realize is that Dr Phil didn’t do anything wrong if anything it’s these two dipsticks, this mockery of a couple, that should really just be given a good kick upside head to make them wake up, smell the roses, and just grow the fuck up.

    If anything they made assess out of both their cultures. Katherine for making it look like all Western folks are horrible, and Abdullah for making all Easterners seem like barbaric bigots.

  33. HEY WORLD!

    Are arabs terrore for this degree!
    Listen to me, some of people are good, others not, so, the terrore is every where.
    Abdullah worng, I know that, he shouldn’t beats her anyway.
    But why arabs not Abdullah!
    I don’t know how the american media is working!

  34. Hossein Jalali

    I am not an arab, I am a persian Persians have never done any act of terrorism, but they are also stereotyped as an arab therefore terrorist, I am not saying we are higher I am not saying we are lower, all I am saying is there is a difference.

    I have wrote this once and got no reply perhaps someone can give me an answer if I write it again:

    How come out of all the cases, Dr. Phil had to all of a sudden chose this case! Why does he never chose a case where an American does harm to a poor middle-eastern! (Like make them naked and stack them on each other)&hellip All these years one time way back in 1977 a crazy Iranian guy does something this stupid to an American woman, we hear about it in the papers, we hear about it in the media, they make a movie out of it, Dr. Phil brings her in to talk to her about it! &hellip And he chooses the worst images of Iran, he chooses the worst song to put behind it! Does this not effect the minds of Americans who are mostly influenced by the media.

    Just a wake up call, During the Iran / Iraq war, Iraq all of a sudden attacked Iran, and America supported Iraq.
    Worst of all, Iraq at a point used Chemical Weapons on the Iranian soldiers, we still have many of these soldiers who have severe heart and lunge problems because of inhaling the mustard gas my uncle died 1.5 years ago after years of pain.

    Did America not know Iraq had weapons of mass destruction at that time??! &hellip who gave Iraq these weapons?! &hellip I&rsquoll let you answer that question!

    Why doesn&rsquot Dr. Phil ever bring in one of these Iranian Soldiers and have a chat with him let the world know that we have been effected by terrorism and we are not the terrorist that they portray us to be.

  35. dr phil and all the

    OMG this is so funny becuase my freind was abused by her AMERICAN BOYFRIEND he RAPED , stole money from her and at the end killed her where is he from this kind of news btw both are Americans
    if you want i can provide with tons of articles of American girls getting abused by their husbands

    tons of movies trying to fix this problem enough, waitress … etc

    well the guy Abudllah is an ass hole for dating an American girl

    btw wht about Abu greib i’m sorry ignorant Americans for not knowing what this is just like ur stupid president who can’t tell if a guy is blind or not

    well Thank you for not making me fell guilty for hating this country and the people as well at first i thought it was only the media and the government but from reading the comments i can tell that all of u are biased and stupid

    btw who ever said that she was trying to help Mulsim women wtf are you talking about we don’t a bitch to help us a drop out b.c obviously if she left her country when she was 16 that means she dropped outa school
    any how we can’t talk with uneducated people lol only 31% of Americans graduated from school give me a break if you come to my school most of the professors are Indians and guess what news flash MUSLIMS
    lol freaks
    btw young girls are being raped by old soldiers where is he from that ha
    lol thanks god i’m not an American lacking history and originality thieves occupiers of a land that belongs to Native Americans not Indians b.c they’re not lol
    i mean for god sake the guy doesn’t have a diploma lol and he’s trying to fix he’s peopl i can’t say anything bad about where his from b.c alota Muslims are from Texas
    what an ass hole lol

  36. dr phil and all the

    yeh a 16 year old kid will teach MUSLIM doctors how to live their lives and she’ll free them a drop put bitch who ran away from her family just to satisfy her sexual desire stupid Americans lol the British are soooooooo right u guys r so off lol

  37. Hossein Jalali

    damn U Dr. Phil for finding a crack and making it seem like a huge hole!

    Stupid fat idiot …

  38. AMami

    Well, as a 15 year old I think it is absolutely outrageous. I mean, a 16 year old girl flees from her home to go meet a man she barely knows? He obviously has no respect for her, or for her family and if she thinks he actually loves her then she needs help. She’s pure dumb. He is only using her to get into America. But, she doesn’t see that. I partially blame her family. Her blonde as Hell mother didn’t watch her carefully, and then when she went back when she was 18, her family DROVE her to the airport. They say it’s because they can’t legally stop her. No, they can’t. But driving her?! That’s insane. If she went on her own, that’s a different bag of chips but as of right now, my opinions are this girl is dumb and obviously wants attention. And her family is dumb as well. Still more, I wish them the best and that this girl returns home.


  39. Kor

    UH, because he is an American, it is an American television show. His American television show.
    Abdullah and that wacky guy in the 70’s who kidnapped his family paint their own picture, Dr. Phil just hung it up for display. Katherine was a apart of it too, no doubt, but underage, and not legally old enough at the start of it to make these kind of decisions on her own. Families have a responsibility to take care of themselves and solicited Dr. Phil’s help. Plenty of pictures and reports of what happened to the prisoners have been on the news–far more than coverage of these two. And, I’d say, even more than the 70’s case. Why not focus some effort in a positive way to reshape public opinion rather than bashing coverage of the bad stuff? Give some good stuff.
    Or, exercise your right not to watch Dr. Phil.

  40. hajer mia

    I think dr phill is stupid djerk asshole and racist……..


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