Nude pics of Nancy Benoit to appear in Hustler


Yes that Nancy Benoit. The wife of Chris Benoit who he killed. I don’t know how true this story is but I wouldn’t put it past Larry Flynt and company. He just oozes class doesn’t he? Oh wait that’s not class he’s oozing. Eeeew

The 2007 Trenchie Awards

I present to you for the 7th year in a row the 2007 Trenchie Awards.

Best Movie: I really didn’t make it to the theater this year so I’m going by the DVD’s I rented this year that were actually 2006 movies. And the winner is Children of Men. That movie had me on the edge of my um…couch through the entire movie.

Worst Movie: Following the 2006 DVD principle the loser is Superman Returns. Kevin Spacey was great as Lex Luthor. Brandon Roushe was ok as Superman. Kate Bosworth sucked as Lois Lane. Not to mention there wasn’t enough actual Superman. Next time less talking and more of Superman smashing stuff.

Best Album: This was a phenomenal year for albums. We had The Dio Years by Black Sabbath, Dead Again by Type O Negative, and United Abominations by Megadeth. However the album that got the most play time in My Zen was Framing Armageddon by Iced Earth. It’s a shame that IE let Ripper Owens go. No offense to Matt Barlow but Ripper rules.

Worst Album: Black Rain by Ozzy. No question. It’s like your grandfather trying to act cool.

Best TV Show: Burn Notice. Again this was the only show that I made sure I was in front of the TV when it was on. Heroes lost out because of their crappy second season. But it wasn’t the worst show. That distinction goes to…

Worst TV Show: 24. Yeah, you heard me. I brought its jersey back from retirement so I could burn it. I stopped watching once they found the nukes because I could not have cared less about Jack getting Audrey back.

Best Wrestling Moment: A rather lackluster year but I have to give it to the return of Y2J. I was hoping he would go to TNA but Jericho on WWE is better than no Jericho at all.

Worst Wrestling Moment: Chris Benoit.

Best Videogame: I only bought games for the DS this year. I’m staying away from the next-gen consoles until the prices go way down. And it’s a tie between Puzzle Quest and Front Mission. Both kept me within arms length to my DS all year.

Worst Videogame: Final Fantasy XII. Too long and too boring.

Dumbass of 2007: Ron Paul supporters. Y’all are a whole bag of crazy.

Most Inane Political Agenda of 2007: All those like the Rev. Al Sharpton who are trying to get the kidnapping and torture of Megan Williams changed to a hate crime. Ms. Williams was dating one of her captors. Not only that but the scumbags that did that to her will get more time on the kidnapping charge then they would on a hate crime charge.

Biggest Jackass Celebrity of 2006: Natalie Maines. She jumped on the West Memphis 3 bandwagon to support 3 convicted killers after watching the heavily biased Paradise Lost ‘documentaries’.

Have a safe and happy Amateur’s Night and hopefully will do this again next year.

Anthony Uckele convicted

Man guilty of more charges in MySpace case:

I originally posted about Anthony Uckele here. He’s the 24-year-old from Saratoga, California who was facing 36 charges for a sexual ‘relationship’ he had with a 12-year-old girl he met on MySpace.

Well it seems that Mr. Uckele has been convicted of 20 of those charges. On the remaining 15 charges the jury was deadlocked. So now Uckele is only looking at 46 years behind bars rather than the 78 he could have received. He is scheduled to be sentenced on February 29th.

What’s almost disturbing as Uckele himself is the amount of people posting comments not only on this site but at the newspaper’s site that blame the 12-year-old victim. You people have issues and I wouldn’t be surprised if you had certain criminal sexual leanings yourself.

Another case of 15 will get you 20

Man, 35, charged after MySpace contact leads to rendezvous with girl:

The headline is a little misleading but I’ll get into that in a second.

35-year-old Gregory S. Malecki, of Feeding Hills, Mass. is under arrest for using MySpace to communicate with a 15-year-old New York State girl for purposes of sex. Malecki has ties to the New York area and met the girl before the two started talking on MySpace. Malecki was arrested when attempting to meet his victim.

In early November, the teen went to the Child Advocacy Center to complain about prior non-consensual activity, Salamone said. Malecki might face additional charges relating to that incident, he said.

I could not find a definitive MySpace for Malecki

Social Services probed after the death of Zoe Garcia

Weld County probed in deaths of 7-year-olds:

Weld County’s Department of Social Services of Colorado is being investigated in the wake of the death of Zoe Garcia. As I’ve mentioned Garcia was killed by her sister Heather Trujillo and her boyfriend Lamar Roberts when they beat Zoe to death while allegedly imitating Mortal Kombat. Neighbors had contacted Weld County DSS with concerns about Zoe’s well-being but apparently DSS didn’t do enough. Yet I’m sure some people will be too busy pointing fingers at a video game rather than a failure of the system and a horrendous family situation.

More on the death of Zoe Garcia

Days before custody talks, father learns child is dead:

This is an article about how Zoe Garcia’s father tragically found out that his daughter was killed days before he was to discuss custody with Zoe’s mother.

However I wanted to point out just how messed up it was in Zoe Garcia’s home…

Neighbor Rhonda Simonetti said she babysat twice for Trujillo’s youngest three kids, during which Zoe broke down crying and admitted that her bruises came from Roberts hitting her.

“I took a day off work and drove to Social Services in Greeley to file a complaint,” Simonetti said. “I never heard anything back.”

Apparently other neighbors had called social services as well but nothing ever happened.

So you have a careless mother, a violent daughter and her equally violent boyfriend, and a failed social services department. So why is Mortal Kombat being blamed exactly?

Teens prostitued on craigslist in Chicago

10 charged in Internet prostitution:

Cook County Sheriff’s Department in Illinois arrested 10 members of a craigslist prostitution ring that ran in Illinois and Indiana.

Rodney “Mook” Williams, Eddie Wells and Terrance “Big T” Greenlee Jr., all of Chicago, and Gregory Key of Evergreen Park are accused of operating the prostitution ring. If convicted, they could face up to 30 years in prison.

Six women were charged with prostitution. The juveniles were questioned by police but released without being charged, officials said.

Yes you read that right, juveniles.

The ring operated in Illinois and Indiana and involved at least 11 women, some of whom were high school freshmen and sophomores, he said.

Two of the juveniles—one from Iowa—were runaways, officials said, adding the alleged leaders recruited some women from a strip club and found others at a currency exchange.

There’s that ‘victimless’ crime again.

Mortal Kombat Killing


Teens charged in 7-year-old sister’s ‘Mortal Kombat’ death:

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the story about Lamar Roberts, 17, and Heather Trujillo, 16, of Colorado. They’re the dumbass kids that allegedly killed Trujillo’s sister Zoe Garcia, 7, by reenacting moves from Mortal Kombat.

They began wrestling and enacting a game of Mortal Kombat, court affidavits say. Zoe lost consciousness after being hit, kicked and body-slammed to the floor.

The documents say Trujillo told police she was on top of her sister “holding her arms down with her legs while tapping on her chest like a typewriter when the victim passed out.” Roberts was not wrestling but was acting “as the referee,” the affidavits say.

Trujillo said she sent Zoe to bed after she regained consciousness. When she checked on her about 15 minutes later, she was not breathing. Trujillo and Roberts tried to revive the girl in the shower and attempted CPR before calling the mother and then 911.

In an interview later at police headquarters, Trujillo said she tripped Zoe, “punched her in the stomach, karate chopped her lower arms, punched and pinched the victim’s thighs, kicked her in the shins, slapped her stomach and buttocks and poked at the victim’s chest.”

A witness quoted in an affidavit said Roberts told her he had kicked the girl and that his hands were “lethal weapons.”

The witness said Roberts performed a back kick and the girl didn’t get up. He said he and Trujillo “cracked an egg in her mouth . . . in an attempt to see if she was messing around with them” by faking unconsciousness.

I’m sure the one who shall not be named, that’s Jack Thompson for future reference, is frothing at the mouth over this one.

However this has nothing to do with Mortal Kombat and everything to do with two kids with no regard for the welfare of others. In the case of Trujillo her own family.

The video game did not make them this way. I would almost lay odds that lax supervision through their lives did.

And would you look at this. It seems that Zoe Garcia has been placed in questionable situations before…

Authorities in Socorro, N.M., filed three counts of abandonment or abuse of a child against Dana Trujillo in November 2003.

The complaint states that Trujillo left her children Heather, Zoe and the 9-year-old, who now lives with Anthony Garcia, in the house with a babysitter and didn’t return that night.

A neighbor complained the next day, and police went to the house with the paternal grandmother of the Garcia girls and woke up the babysitter in the back bedroom. The girls said they hadn’t eaten or bathed that day.

The girls were removed from the home twice, according to Garcia, and then returned to the mother.

So you can imagine what kind of upbringing they had. But some people will claim it was all about the video game. Those people are blind.

Both Roberts and Trujillo have been charged as adults and are looking at 16 to 48 behind bars.

The victimless crime strikes again

Man Faces Federal Charges in a Sex Ring in Minnesota:

41-year-old Liqing Liu, a Chinese national living in Minnesota, is facing federal charges of transporting women across state lines to engage in prostitution. He ran several massage parlors, some of which that advertised on craigslist, with women that were basically slaves to him…

Sgt. Grant Snyder of the Minneapolis Police Department, a lead investigator, said the women, all Chinese or Korean, were prohibited from leaving the place of business, kept under video surveillance, and had their passports and other forms of identification confiscated.

The women’s poverty, language barriers and immigration status were used against them, Sergeant Snyder said, and the authorities said they were treating the women as crime victims and not criminals.

The authorities described the patrons as mostly white upper-middle class men between 35 and 55, including doctors and business owners. They usually paid $80 a session, which the prostitutes were obligated to hand over to Mr. Liu, the police said.

The women could negotiate with customers for more money, the police said, but their earnings were marginal at best; one illegal South Korean immigrant mentioned in the criminal complaint had to pay Mr. Liu $40 a day for room and board. He booked her airfare, later deducting it from her prostitution wages, the police said.

Even if prostitution was legal there would still be scumbags like Liu forcing women like these into sex slavery.

NH suspect used MySpace to rape girl

David C. Smith

David C. Smith

Police: Man used MySpace in rape:

30-year-old David C. Smith of Epping, New Hampshire was arrested on rape charges. He’s accused of using MySpace to communicate with an underage girl before raping her on three different occasions.

This story is lacking in details if it was statutory rape or not. Hopefully more details will be forthcoming.