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Without truth there is no justice

How a sinister MySpace predator targeted teen girls:

Recently Buffalo, NY police arrested 48-year-old cafeteria worker David W. Evans. On MySpace, he said he was a muscular 20-year-old called “Sex Master Adam”. He’s been charged with coercing a minor to produce child pornography which is a federal felony. Apparently, he either coerced or convinced underage girls to send him nude pictures of themselves. Police believe there may have been as many as 100 victims.

The police are also left asking themselves some questions that parents should be asking too.

As police continue their investigation and more girls are located, questions are being raised about the victims, too:

• Regardless of how old she thought Adam was, why would any teenage girl send naked pictures of herself to a man she had never met?

• How could the girls’ parents be unaware of what was going on?

• How common is this kind of conduct in the Internet age?

I’ll take those questions on.

Usually in these cases, children are coerced and threatened into sending these types of pictures to predators.

Some parents still refuse to monitor their kids’ internet activities.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common.

I can’t stress this enough to parents. Keep the computer in a common area where it can be monitored easily. Learn how to check the internet history of your child’s browsing. Those two simple things will go a long way in keeping your child safe online.

10 thoughts on “Sex master Adam

  1. Dan says:

    Myspace scares the crap out of me where kids are concerned. First off, kids are more than a little nuts. And there is this fantasy stage of new sexuality where reality and fantasy are not understood or defined for kids. Example stories: two siblings, 12 and 13, enjoying being on display in swimsuits poolside until the creepy old guy across the pool gets up and approaches them and they spend the next two hours hiding in the showerhouse hoping he left. A 13 year old naked in a house, sheer curtains drawn, fantasizing about the workmen outside.

    Sex fantasies hit kids hard. They need to enjoy the new idea of wanting sex privately without some nasty predator trying to convince them they want sex or they made promises by talking to him. The internet seems like it gives these confused, fledgling sexual kids the illusory barrier of the opposite end of the pool or curtained windows. They’re experimenting with displays, with flirtation. They absolutely want the barrier, do not want to make it real. Kids need to know the internet is no barrier at all because it gives predators access to a kid, let’s him or her get into kids’ minds, where things are not at all stable.

    Once a group I worked with defended a young man who made minor but perfectly inappropriate advances to a 13 year old. They hotly defended him because she was a flirt, she sat on his lap even. First of all, a child who does not wish a barrier to protect fantasy has probably been abused. It’s not new to that kid when it should be new. Why is it that a tartly young teen is the villian? Girls are going to get people to look at their legs or new chest. Boys are going to pet their bellies not so discreetly. It’s experimentation and they need to be lovingly told their behavior is not publicly acceptible.

    So what does a real man do when a tarty 13 year old child sits on his lap, literally or figuratively? He firmly, compassionately removes him or her and rejects the behavior utterly. This teaches the child that men are not dogs, among other things. Real men do not seek children as sex objects. They protect children.


  2. Trench says:

    Real men do not seek children as sex objects. They protect children.

    Truer words were never spoken.


  3. Heather says:

    Um, parents need to take a course in using parental control… It’s really not that hard to set up.


  4. David says:

    Any talk of prosecuting any of these children for the production of child pornography? I know this has happened before (though it shouldn’t). In this day and age, it wouldn’t surprise me though…


  5. Trench says:

    I’ve only seen that happen when an underage kid takes a nude pic of another underage kid.


  6. David says:

    Here’s a case from March of last year were a 16 year old was charged for posting pictures of herself…so I guess not necessarily producing child porn, but certainly distributing it. The other 16 year old who took the pictures of the first 16 year old was also charged


  7. Dan says:

    Funny. Most 15 year olds feel sure they’re adults, grown, ready, sooo sophisticated. By 19, the sharp ones return to knowing for sure they are still ill-equipped kids. Those 13 – 17 ages, man. Fear them. Guard them.

    I was thinking of a discussion with a 15 year old informing him or her that she or he might be prosecuted for pornography. Now there’s a nice little wake up call, yes? So you’re a grown up? Must be because these are pornography charges! Lord, what a wake up. Of course I’d never want to see a kid with pornography charges. But a nice cold bucket of reality is always welcome.


  8. Bay says:

    With so many kids having cell phones with cameras this goes on far more than we likely know. What gets me is how fast these kids will toss their picture on the net. Anyone had a look around yahoo Answers. There are loads of young girls posting their pictures asking people if they are pretty Guys posting their girl friends asking many questions like rate them etc. It is scary as heck I read there and some of the sexual questions and the amount of scares for I think I have Herpes or I think I have some other STD and I think I may be pregnant then I come here and read these post and wonder Where in hell are these damn parents Someone pull their heads out the sand Please.

    Frankly in this case and others like it I think Child neglect or endangering a child should be brought against the parents for not properly parenting Until it does these parents will keep right on shoving computers , web cams, and cell phones with cameras into little Sally and little Jimmy’s hands and wish them well.


  9. Dan says:

    Honestly, I don’t think kids need all the shit they have. A phone with a camera? A computer with a camera? With insulated exhibitionism so compelling to them and naughty behavior so heralded? They don’t need to text or converse incessantly on the cell phone like they do. Among other things, I’ve seen all this superficial, illusory connection help create some of the most shallow, confused, incapable kids I have ever seen.

    It’s not good to let kids do exactly as they please because their impulses are often wrong. Their experience needs adult attention. They need to be doing, acting, experiencing, trying, relating, growing up. This artificial world they live in is not good for them or society.

    Their brains are being wired extensively during youth. What are we permitting and encouraging to be wired in?

    Part of the problem is that kids are much more techno savvy that parents. Restrictions are necessary, but almost because it communicates our limitations and because they limit kids much. What kids need is constant parental connection. They need to feel like valuable, admirable, strong people. This requires hours and hours of talk and interest. Study after study shockingly shows that kids want more parent attention. And studies show kids with lots of parental attention are the healthiest.

    I often have to pretend that I’m interested and have the energy for the inanities of teenage life when I’d rather do other things. That’s what we parents do though, pay attention, listen, help them process their thoughts, help them feel like strong, valuable, good people. That and we draw the ugly limits on computer, gaming and chatting, weather the tantrums.

    Bay’s so right. We need parents on the job. And while we might not be able to keep our technology as tight as we’d like to, we can be with our kids, really listen to them, help them, praise and support them, insist they behave in admirable ways.

    Seems like we need some popular education too. So much blame on kids for things we are responsible for. Exhibitionism? Yes, they do that. It’s a step up stage years before they want sex. Or I’ve seen tons of comments calling kids sluts. Kids do not even begin to truly toy with the idea of real sex until about 15. Until then it’s all just ideas. And dozens of young adults tell me in retrospect that they think maybe 19 is the right age for first sex, when they we able to really appreciate and handle it.

    We see again and again where people blame a “slutty” kid for inviting or permitting sex with an adult. I absolutelyguarantee, any teen that permits sex with an adult would have much prefered a family member to listen to him or her prattle on for hours about the soap opera of teen life, buy him or her a latte or burger, watch/praise him or her knit/skate/sing, and hear about a secret crush. No doubt. In fact, they crave that attention so passionately, so helplessly that some nasty sex, a stupid photo, those become small prices to swallow in exchange for what they tell themselves is loving attention. We need to do better.

    If you have not listened to your kid for one hour today, your kid needs more. Listen, not talking. It’s that simple.


  10. Bay says:

    Again Dan you say so well what I feel and want to say but can never find the words.
    If you were not happily married you would be my idea man. 0)

    I do agree kids do not need all those things.
    I also agree on the tech savvy comment I myself see many parents who have no idea about a computer. I think there needs to be more of this offered to parents so they can stay on top of what their kids are doing. As well again pull those computers out of their rooms.
    My dining room looks like a cyber cafe with our systems here in eye view of mine But hey I would rather see what is going on and have safe kids than worry about the decor.


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