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More Details Emerge In Myspace Suicide Case:

Sometimes the media cracks me up. Take for instance this article by the local Fox affiliate in Kansas City about the Megan Meier case dated 1/10/08.

The Washington Post reports that someone established a Web site a few weeks ago to degrade Megan Meier’s character. The site has since been taken down, and no one knows who set it up.


First of all the website, the infamous Megan Had it Coming, is still up and secondly, Encyclopedia Dramatica already admitted to the hoax. I posted about it here over a month ago as did a lot of other bloggers.

Get with the program.

One thought on “Way to stay current

  1. mondoreb says:


    Just a sad, highly-effective way to point out the differences between the New Media and the Old.

    what did you say?

    “Get with the program”?

    That about sums it up…

    Except it like telling the dinosaurs, “Hey, comet’s coming…you guys better evolve faster”.


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