Stickam still flies under the radar

Teens turn to sites without monitoring:

This article from a local Arizona news outlet brings up a great point.

While soccer moms and politicians have their panties in a wad over MySpace no one is paying attention to the more dangerous site, in my opinion, Stickam.

Stickam is an unmonitored webcam chat site. To the unenlightened that means that anybody of any age with a webcam can go on Stickam and basically show whatever they want.

The site states that nudity will get you banned but think about it. Who is really going to complain about nudity since that’s pretty much what a lot of people are going there hoping to find.

Further proof that politicians are clueless.

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  1. Leroy

    stickam is much much much more dangerous than myspace.

    However you won’t dare hear another media outlet mention the word “stickam” unless they themselves have aquired it and stand to profit from the publicity….

    There’s nothing that Stickam would like more than to have a segment on the nightly news….


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