Underwood found guilty

NEW: Jury finds Underwood guilty:

An Oklahoma jury took less than an hour to find Kevin Underwood guilty in the murder of 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin.

Underwood killed her, molested her, in that order, then tried to sever her head in order to consume her flesh.

The prosecution is seeking the death penalty for this monster. If there was anyone the death penalty was designed for it’s Underwood.

Dillon Cossey tipster arrested

Strange Twist In Foiled Montco ‘Plot-To-Kill’:

Remember how the kid that turned Dillon Cossey in was heralded as a hero? Well, not so much anymore. It seems that he’s a little criminal in his own right.

That teen and two of his friends were arrested for breaking into the Cossey’s home.

Does this mean Dillon Cossey is innocent, not on your life. Just because the kid that turned him in is also a criminal it doesn’t mean that his testimony wasn’t accurate. Not to mention all the other corroborating evidence in that case.

But I guess it’s true what they say. There really is no honor among thieves.

Creepy Kentucky bus driver arrested

Bus driver accused of using MySpace to lure teen:

46-year-old Gary L. Clark of Morehead, Kentucky was a bus driver. I say was because I’m sure he’s lost his job after being arrested for soliciting a teen over MySpace.

Police said he solicited the boy to meet him Saturday and allegedly coerced him into getting into his vehicle. There, “inappropriate actions” occurred, but police declined to elaborate.

The victim was not one of the kids that rode his bus.

Red Lake families sue consulting firm

Consultant sued over Red Lake shootings:

Families of the victims of the Red Lake shooting are suing a consulting firm whose job it was to provide the school with a contingency plan in case of such crises. Obviously their contingency plan didn’t work.

The families are suing MacNeil Environmental Inc. stating that their security plan didn’t work.

The lawyers say they have received strong expert opinion on their claims that MacNeil’s plan was confusing, poorly formatted and contained conflicting directions for school staff.

Normally I’m against families of school shooting victims suing 3rd parties but this lawsuit actually sounds like it does have merit.

Previously the families had sued the Red Lake School District and were awarded $900K between the families.

Bigfoot is a MySpace predator

David Anthony Faboo

David Anthony Faboo

Text messages lead police to girl, suspect on the road:

Sasquatch over there is 37-year-old David Anthony Faboo. Scruffy Dan traveled from his home in Hillsboro to Wheatland, California to pick up a 16-year-old girl he met on MySpace.

Halfway back to Oregon the girl realized she was making a mistake and text messaged a friend. The friend contacted police who kept the friend texting with the victim so they could track down the Yeti.

When they caught up with The Wolfman the girl was unharmed and Faboo was charged with second-degree kidnapping and custodial interference.

The victim is said to have a “diminished mental capacity.”

No charges for 'Megan Had It Coming'

No charges against impersonators in Internet suicide case:

Authorities in St. Charles County, Missouri will not be filing any charges against those behind the ‘Megan Had It Coming’ blog.

For those of you just joining us let me recap. In the wake of the controversy surrounding the much publicized suicide of Megan Meier someone posted a fake blog pretending to be Lori Drew saying that Megan got what she deserved. I deemed it a fake as soon as I laid eyes on it.

Now let’s get to the aforementioned authorities…

St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas said Tuesday that the sheriff’s department investigated those who posed as Lori Drew on the Internet. Because the bloggers were from outside of Missouri and had not sent messages to either family involved in the case, and the difficulty of legally proving the identity and actions of people behind their Internet addresses, charges are not being pursued in the impersonation case, Banas said.

Banas said he did not have the names of those allegedly involved in the online impersonation of Drew. The St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department referred questions to Banas’ office.

Heaven forfend if the pranksters’ names ever get out. Then karma will be raking in all the ‘lulz’.

Jury recommends death for Abdool

Jury Sentences Abdool To Death:

The jury that convicted Dane Abdool of setting his girlfriend on fire have recommended the death penalty.

Abdool was convicted of killing Amelia Sookdeo by wrapping her in duct tape, dousing her in gasoline and setting her on fire.

The story isn’t over yet as the judge has final discretion on sentencing.

GA man arrested for child molestation

 Nehemiah Musa Wells

Nehemiah Musa Wells

MySpace Hook-Up With Teen Lands Atlanta Man In Jail:

22-year-old Nehemiah Musa Wells was arrested this past Wednesday for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl he met on MySpace.

The girl’s father found Wells hiding in the girl’s bedroom.

The arrest warrant says Wells first met the girl at her home on November 1st and engaged in sexual intercourse with the girl without her consent at the time.

So he’s a child rapist too.

But again 13 is below the minimum age for MySpace but there are no safety checks in place to keep a 13-year-old off of MySpace because none exist. Unless you want to count parents as a safety check.

Parents of Baby Left Alone in Car Seat for 8 Days Face Murder Charges

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent


Tracey Hermann, 21, and James Sargent, 23, are charged in the child neglect death of their 5-month old son Benjamin Sargent. They’re accused of leaving the baby strapped in a car seat, in his crib for 8 days while, among other activities, played video games.

Should this reflect on gamers as a whole? Hell no it shouldn’t. This should only reflect on two ‘people’ who didn’t give a damn about their own son. Video games weren’t the only thing they did for 8 days and if they didn’t play video games they would have done something equally as trivial instead of caring for their own child.

Serial rapist in Maryland

Pr. George’s Police Suspect Online Prowler in Six Rapes:

Police in Prince George’s County, Maryland are saying that a serial rapist is using craigslist among other websites to find his victims. So far he’s committed six rapes in the county which began in August.

Allegedly he meets women online to set up sexual encounters then rapes his victims.

Police said they want to know whether others have been assaulted and ask that anyone with information call 301-772-4908.

I’m not going to criticize someone’s lifestyle but if you’re someone who is into what the article calls ‘sex dates’ you may want to rethink your choices for your own safety.