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Newark man claims he suggested Columbine attack:

You may remember the tales of Patrick Gauchel that I’ve posted before.

First, he was arrested for threatening violent harassing messages to the lead Columbine investigator. Then he claimed that he was in contact with cowardly scumbags Harris and Klebold prior to Columbine. According to the article he has also sent threats to the parents of Columbine victims

Now he’s claiming that Columbine was his idea…

“The suspect also stated it was his idea for the Columbine shooting, and it was not Eric’s fault for what happened,” Detective Cliff Biggers wrote.

Cliff Biggers is an awesome name for a cop, but I digress.

By claiming that Columbine wasn’t the fault of Eric Harris this may just make Gauchel the king of all mutants, which is kind of like being the president of NAMBLA. It makes him the ultimate Columbine apologist by saying that his hero is innocent.

The following quote though explains everything…

Other messages included in the update are nonsensical.

As he noted in his report, Biggers said Gauchel appears to have mental health issues.

Most mutants do.

17 thoughts on “Ohio mutant claims Columbine was his idea

  1. Rob says:

    Is NAMBLA even still around? I thought we finally did away with those scumbags.


  2. Gage says:

    Why do you call Eric and Dylan scumbags? It isn’t like they woke up one day and decided to dedicate their lives to shooting people at school, is it? No. The true scumbags here are the ones who caused Eric and Dylan to snap – jocks, snob peers, and society in general. The world can be a cruel place.


  3. Trench says:

    Not in the US but they still have enclaves in Europe.


  4. Trench says:

    You must be new here.

    They’re scumbags because they killed 13 people. They’re also cowards.

    Please enlighten to me as to what ‘society’ did to them.


  5. Gage says:

    I’ve been aware of your site since the summer. I also am operating a school shooting blog, The Columbine Diaries. I do like your site, good work.

    Didn’t Eric not complain in his journal how he was picked on and treated as an outcast? He mentioned the jocks – which, personally, I see where both E/D were coming from when expressing their hate towards them. See it daily in my school.

    I think what I was aiming to do was categorise R&V’s school enemies into “society”. How were they cowards? Personally I wouldn’t want to deal with court battles and the law’s punishment for years on end — would you?

    4 years ago I made a threat to a school. The day I said a shooting would take place, law was at my school and were ready to question me. I told them the truth but was warned I’d go to family court and go to foster care… for a threat. Can’t imagine what it’s like for murder.


  6. Trench says:

    E/D. R&V. You’re showing your obvious sympathy for the cowards.

    So what if Harris was picked on by ‘jocks’. Is that a reason to kill 13 people who had nothing to do with his alleged abuse?

    They were cowards for killing them rather than dealing with real life and they were cowards for killing themselves rather than facing the law.

    Personally I wouldn’t want to deal with court battles and the law’s punishment for years on end — would you?

    Personally I wouldn’t kill 13 people.


  7. Gage says:

    1) What’s wrong with using their nicknames?

    2) We should be able to handle killing in retaliation and not treat it as something huge. Look at America in the early days. It’s nothing new.

    3) I don’t hate them for what they did. Everyone automatically hates people in this world without looking at things from another aspect aside from killing. These teens obviously had problems yet they were ignored and received no help.

    When they killed themselves, that was justice. Just a faster method. They would have been sentenced to life or death in real life.


  8. Trench says:

    1) What’s wrong with using their nicknames?

    First of all they’re the worst nicknames ever. Second, you don’t give yourself a nickname. Lastly, like I said it shows sympathy towards mass murderers.

    2) We should be able to handle killing in retaliation and not treat it as something huge. Look at America in the early days. It’s nothing new.

    No, when you stop treating as a tragedy that’s when you lose your humanity. Last time I checked this is the 21st Century, not colonial times, and not the wild west. Even back then revenge killings were dealt with pretty harshly by the law. Especially when you take out your revenge on people who didn’t even know you.

    3) I don’t hate them for what they did. Everyone automatically hates people in this world without looking at things from another aspect aside from killing. These teens obviously had problems yet they were ignored and received no help.

    When they killed themselves, that was justice. Just a faster method. They would have been sentenced to life or death in real life.

    There is no other aspect to this. They killed 13 people that had no connection to them whatsoever. Do you know who really ignored their problems? Their parents. They stuck their heads in the sand and said ‘Not my kid’. They built and amassed an arsenal right under their parents’ noses.

    Killing themselves before being able to be prosecuted shows they did not want to take any responsibility for their actions. We call that taking the coward’s way out. Therefore Harris and Klebold are the ultimate cowards.


  9. Gage says:

    Perhaps I lost my humanity a while ago. It may explain why I go to a shrink one day a week at school. To be honest I never treated this as a tragedy, don’t take offense, I have problems. I became fearful of doing what Eric and Dylan did so in April 2006 I went to a counselor at school and have been going since then, as well as working with myself. Stuff has been getting better.

    But I’m not one of those people who thinks it’s so awesome what Eric and Dylan did. No, I’m someone who was deeply affected by it – mainly mentally. It’s almost like they were controlling my life from the beyond, so I supported them. It’s a long story. But that’s slowly going away. I think writing about Columbine and other school shootings helps me to not think like I used to. Which is why I’m doing the Columbine Diaries.


  10. Jeff says:

    Trench is so full of shit again. (as usual) He denies bullying like crazy and then when it’s proven beyond any doubt like with that successtech goth kid, he makes fun of the kid and blames his behavior and defends the bullying!

    “Oh noes, that guy acts DIFFERENTLY! He deserves to be treated like shit and complete scum and to have his ass kicked by other peoples!!@#!#!”

    Damned if you were bullied, damned if you weren’t. And God almighty, does Trench hate to EVER admit that any of these school shooters were bullied! And when he does, he twists it around to use it against the victim of bullying, NOT DEVOTING ANY CARE OR CONCERN TO THE BULLIES THEMSELVES WHO FUCKED WITH THE VICTIM!

    Since you’re new here, let me tell you something- you won’t get ANYWHERE arguing with Trench. Trust me, read more discussions in topics by him, it’s all the same stuff of him and his fanboys arguing it out with the “muties”. His view on crime is that what leads up it doesn’t mean shit at all, the crime itself is all that matters. Therefore, 100% of all shooters are damnably evil beyond all compare for the crime itself, leading everything that led up the crime -and what was inflicted on the shooter- of absolutely no consequence at all whatsoever. He also has the strange belief that anyone who has the remotest sympathy for E/D somehow has mutant abilities! Hohoho, he may be right though, I have to wear special glasses to keep my eyes from shooting out optic blasts and I have E/D to thank for that!

    Oh, and Trench? Go read “No Easy Answers” by Brooks Brown. When you’re done, kindly use the jaws of life to firmly remove your head from between your ass cheeks. Eric and Dylan WERE bullied, you’re in denial because you’re so fanatically and hatefully obsessed with bashing them and portraying them as Satan incarnate void of any good or sympathetic past, get over it! Bullying- and defending bullying and doing nothing to stop it!- is what leads to these school shootings, and that’s why your site encourages more school shootings (remember good ol’ Kimveer Gill, former loyal reader of your “fine” site, and how you and your posse banned him and insulted him here instead of reaching out to him?) then it ever prevents! You wonder why Kimveer Gill called himself “Trench” just like you do?

    “”His name is Trench. You will come to know him as the Angel of Death. […] He is male. He is 25 years of age. He lives in Quebec. He finds that it is an O.K place to live. He is not a people person. He has met a handful of people in his life who are decent. But he finds the vast majority to be worthless, no good, kniving, betraying, lying, deceptive, motherfuckers. Work sucks… School sucks… Life sucks… What else can I say. Metal and Goth kick ass. Life is like a video game, you gotta die sometime.”

    Because your site is nothing more than jackoff material for people like Kimveer Gill, and that’s all it’ll ever be!


  11. Trench says:

    Froth at the mouth much ‘Jeff’?

    You’re only damned if you commit murder.

    And what have your precious school shooters done to combat bullying? Has bullying gotten any better by them committing mass murder? Have schools turned their eyes to bullying? Not at all. Now the schools are more concerned about identifying the next school shooter. And whatever sub-culture the latest shooter belonged to the bullying and harassment on that sub-culture becomes increased tenfold. This is a blog about school shootings not one about bullying. Feel free to start your own bullying blog if you want.

    Just don’t forget that Harris and Klebold weren’t bullied.

    Have a nice day. 🙂


  12. Gage says:

    Actually a bullying blog wouldn’t be a bad idea. If you go about it right, it could be good to read. I think teachers and parents should look at bullying more closely and what’s going on in the school environment. Will this happen? Doubt it.


  13. Jeff says:

    Trench- “Just don’t forget that Harris and Klebold weren’t bullied. ”,9171,992873-12,00.html

    “Evan Todd, the 255-lb. defensive lineman who was wounded in the library, describes the climate this way: “Columbine is a clean, good place except for those rejects,” Todd says of Klebold and Harris and their friends. “Most kids didn’t want them there. They were into witchcraft. They were into voodoo dolls. Sure, we teased them. But what do you expect with kids who come to school with weird hairdos and horns on their hats? It’s not just jocks the whole school’s disgusted with them. They’re a bunch of homos, grabbing each other’s private parts. If you want to get rid of someone, usually you tease ’em. So the whole school would call them homos, and when they did something sick, we’d tell them, ‘You’re sick and that’s wrong.'”

    Also Gage, read the book. And I totally agree, a blog/website about bullying- and how it effects society and school shootings- would be FANTASTIC idea. (btw, Gage, did they really forcibly seperate you from your parents and put you into foster care just for a simple comment that you made?)


  14. Trench says:

    Oh they were teased. Then killing 13 people who didn’t even know them was the proper response. You have changed my mind entirely.

    That was sarcasm by the way. They weren’t even close to being bullied.


  15. Gage says:

    No, I’m still living with my parents. They told me if I made a threat like this again I would go to foster care. They gave me a break because my dad was a friend of the guy who talked to me that dad. It was good. Heh.

    The girl’s school was on lock down.


  16. Jeff says:

    Gage, that’s good to hear. Oh, if you do do a site, are you going to make the focus bullying? Or, rather than focus primarily on Columbine, why not throw bullying topics into the mix? If you did it well enough and compassionately, you could make a great antidote to the (unintentionally inspiring of) school shootings encouragement (just ask Kimveer Gi- opps, too late!) of this site.


  17. Gage says:

    I would probably do a blog first since I’m not crazy about paying for any hosting nor am I overly exposed to HTML. I know some basic but not enough. I do have a Columbine blog up now but I am considering doing a bullying blog now that you mention it. We’ll see where it goes from here.


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