Victimless in Vallejo

Mother, Son Accused Of Pimping 15-Year Old Girl. Girl Allegedly Pimped Out To More Than 1200 Men:

37-year-old Lavern Vaughn and her son, 20-year-old Lavor Carter, of Vallejo, California have been arrested for pimping out a 15-year-old girl. The pair posted almost 700 ads on craigslist pimping the girl out in Northern California.

The victim couldn’t just leave either…

The federal indictment alleges carter would whip her with a belt and plastic rod, burn her with a lighter, or strike her. She reportedly tried to leave Carter on multiple occasions, but he told her that if she left, she would not leave alive.

In the same indictment, Carter allegedly duct taped the minor to a chair inside an apartment and left her there for 12 hours. Other accusations include pouring boiling water on her leg and chest, and locking her in a garage all night long.

If this story couldn’t be any sicker read what the suspects’ relative said when confronted by the media…

We asked Gail Vaughn, mother and grandmother of the woman and young man arrested by FBI agents, if they were really pimping out a young girl. “No,” she said. “The girl they’re accused of pimping [isn’t] a kid. She’s 16 and has a two-year old daughter.”

But she’s still a minor under the law. “Yeah, but we didn’t know that.”

Who the hell doesn’t know that minors are under 18 and why is that supposed to make a difference?

And that’s right I said victim. You can take your victimless crime and shove it.

21-year-old rapes 14-year-old he met over MySpace

Gadsden man charged with rape of teen he met on MySpace:

21-year-old Jared Heath Gaskey has been arrested in the rape of a 14-year-old he met over MySpace.

Gaskey left his home in Gadsden, Alabama and drove to Greenville, South Carolina and picked her up at middle school. Then he drove her all the way back to Gadsden. While in Gadsden Gaskey received a call from Greenville police informing him that the girl was 14 and to turn himself in. Gaskey went to his local police department but it was closed. So rather than calling the police he went back to his place and had sex with the 14-year-old girl.

Not surprisingly the dude is a Juggalo.

Police looking for would be child porn producer

Hollywood Cops Hunt MySpace Sexual Predator:

Police in Hollywood Florida are looking for 32-year-old Ansen Brown.

Brown made a blog post that asked who wanted to be porn star. The blog post said if he thought they were good enough he would fly them to Miami.

Apparently he thought a 15-year-old girl was good enough because that’s who he flew from California to Florida. He’s accused of molesting her once they got back to Brown’s place.

The girl was found but Brown has disappeared.

Update: Per LiLO you may want to turn your speakers off before clicking Brown’s MySpace link.

Schallenberger wants to kill Jesus

Agent: S.C. teen wanted to kill Jesus:

South Carolina’s own Timothy McVeigh wannabe, Ryan Schallenberger, told police he wanted to die so he could go to heaven and kill Jesus. I don’t think he thought his cunning plan all the way through.

Let’s just take this from a religious stand point for a second. I’m pretty sure the tenets of heaven frown upon mass murder and suicide. Not only that they tried killing Jesus once. It didn’t take.

From a legal standpoint the kid is either really stupid or crazier than a shit house rat. In a case of bizarro world proceedings the prosecution wants him to undergo a mental evaluation while the defense thinks he’s more than capable in assisting them. This time I’m actually leaning towards shit house rat.

That doesn’t mean I think he should be given a pat on the head, some sage advice, and sent on his way. He’s obviously a danger not only to himself but more importantly to society.


Teens in video beating overcharged?:

The attorney for Cara Murphy is speaking out on behalf of her client. Cara Murphy is one of the defendants in the beating of Victoria Lindsay.

Her attorney, Melodie Lopez, doesn’t think the defendants should have been charged as adults and doesn’t think her client should have been charged at all.

She insists that Murphy never hit the victim, Victoria Lindsay, and in fact tried to stop the beating by telling her friends, “Enough is enough.”

“She (Murphy) didn’t call police I know that, but she did make some attempts to stop the incident at some point” Lopez said.

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the fact that she was present at the time of the crime and did nothing to prevent it make her an accessory?

And as far as the adult charges go, a wise man once said ‘Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.’

Update on Ryan Schallenberger

SC prosecutor: Teen in bomb plot to stay in county jail:

Ryan Schallenberger will remain in Chesterfield County Jail for now despite prosecutors’ concern for Schallenberger’s well-being. Schallenberger’s defender said he’s not worried about his client’s well-being.

Schallenberger will next be in court to determine if he will undergo a mental evaluation.

16-year-old Penn High suspect named

Lee Billi of Lakewood charged in plot with Indiana teen to attack schools:

I’ve gone over Lee Billi already. However the article names the 16-year-old suspect from Indiana as Russell James Frantom.

Here is Frantom’s MySpace. Not surprisingly it’s now been made private. Also not surprisingly he’s also a member of the TCMI group that Billi belongs to and Frantom is 3rd on one of Billi’s Top 8. He also has the words Natural Selection with blood drops posted on his MySpace. Columbine shooter and coward Eric Harris went on tangents about natural selection in his writings prior to Columbine.

Since Billi was in communication over MySpace with a 16-year-old boy over MySpace it makes me wonder if he was more than just a mutant.

33-year-old mutant, Lee Billi

Normally I do this at MyCrimeSpace. That’s where I post stories about crimes related to MySpace and other social networking sites and occasionally post the MySpace of various criminals. However with this particular criminal I thought it would be more appropriate if I posted his MySpaces here.

The person in question is one 33-year-old Lee Billi of Lakewood, Ohio. As previously mentioned Billi is a co-conspirator along with a 16-year-old from Penn High School in Indiana in plotting to commit mass murder in a Columbine like attack.

On my last post I said I think that he may be the world’s oldest mutant. His mutancy has now been confirmed. Not only does he have a MySpace dedicated to the two cowardly scumbags, Harris and Klebold, Billi has two MySpaces dedicated to them.

In the first one he refers to himself as Night Raven. Gee, that’s real original. I bet he was the first person to come up with that name.

The second one is entitled dylan and eric fought back for us. Fought back against what? A spoiled life?

Anyway the best part is that it seems that Mr. Billi belongs to a group called TCMI which we obviously know what that stands for. Again it just shows the follower mentality of the mutants.

But let’s get to the heart of the matter. The guy is 33 years old. That means he was 24 when Columbine happened. That means he was theoretically removed from high school for 6 years when Columbine happened.

I wonder what excuse Billi will use. Will he claim that he was bullied over 15 years ago? Get over yourself loser.

33-year-old Ohio man arrested in Penn High plot

Lee Billi

Lee Billi

Ohio man accused of plotting Columbine-style attack:

Someone get Guinness on the phone, I think we found the world’s oldest mutant.

33-year-old Lee Billi of Lakewood, Ohio has been arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. Billi is the man who was allegedly helping/encouraging/co-plotting with the 16-year-old from Penn High School in Indiana.

The two allegedly discussed committing mass murder at simultaneous times. It’s unknown what location Billi had chosen. Some boxes of ammunition were found at Billi’s residence.

Schallenberger on suicide watch?

Protecting school bomb suspect:

The article seems to infer that Ryan Schallenberger is on suicide watch. In the article State prosecutor Jay Hodge says that Chesterfield County Jail isn’t able to handle a suicide threat. So basically just like the cowards he worships he’s trying to get out of his inevitable sentence.

Just another coward who thinks he can dish out the pain but can’t take it.

Man up Nancy.