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Bail set for teens in YouTube beating:

The suspects in the recorded beating of Victoria Lindsay have had their bail set at $30,000 each. 18-year-old Stephen Schumaker is already out on bail.

I guess the rest of them are trying to take out mortgages on their double wides.

Here are the bail conditions

Bail conditions for the teenagers forbid the six girls from seeing each other or contacting one another in any way. They are also not allowed to contact the victim, Victoria Lindsay, 16, or the victim’s family. The girls are home arrested, being allowed to leave their homes only to come in court. Visiting Mulberry High School, as well as the Wing House restaurant in Lakeland, where Victoria has worked in the past month is also forbidden.

36 thoughts on “Bail set for beating suspects

  1. AreTheyInsane? says:

    This is appalling. They shouldn’t even have the right to have bail for what they did. What sane human being beats someone just to get famous on YouTube? Well, they got their wish, and now everyone hates them. Their bellicose manners and gibes are sickening. I don’t know if anyone deserves a second chance after something like that.


  2. omg says:

    the parents should go to jail as well. being inbred and all..


  3. bigwhite says:

    i hope when these girls go to prison that the women in there beat the livin hell out of them


  4. Grace says:

    this is ridiculous. they deserve what they get and they deserve worse. they should not at all have the right to bail themselves out of jail. they should know how it feels to be beaten up like that. how could they call themselves friends? their complete idiots.


  5. Kay says:

    So many comments when none of you know what went on or who was involved except those in the video….the boys were NOT there, there were NO lookouts….the “victim”, even though she did not deserve this, was on probabation herself for beating up her Mother, that is why she was living with the Nichols girl to begin with……she also has a very violent past ! Did she deserve this, of course not, but you need to know the truth to all, not just the what the media says………


  6. Chuck D. says:

    Doesn’t matter what she did/didn’t do…what those bitches did to her was nothing short of savage, and no matter how you try to downplay it, she’s still a victim. Can’t believe their bail was only $30K, either…it should’ve been @ least double that, or denied altogether.


  7. John says:

    Kay, stop felching ur probation officer.


  8. Timi says:

    Kay… How do you know those “boys” were not there? And that the did not play the role of “lookout”… Doesn’t the DA’s office need some type of proof to present charges against someone before a judge? And if they were not there, shouldn’t there atty have reqstd the judge dismiss the charges? And what does Victoria’s criminal history or lack of have anything to do with anything. If she were in trouble with the law about violence towards her mother then that is something she will have to answer for. Just like these BEASTS have to answer for their deplorable actions now. What I want to know is where were the parents when their children needed to learn values and morals and principles and responsibilities? I believe there should be a civil case against the parents and they should be taken to the cleaners! Maybe they will be an example to other parents and our youth will learn how to treat each other. One more thing I checked their Myspace pages and they have very recently been on their pages, my child would have been grounded from the computer until they moved out (except for monitored homework activities) what kind of parent would allow this behavior to continue…
    One last thing, I manage a hotel and I see parents of children of preteens to this age range during soccer/dance/cheerleading/basketball/track/baseball/wrestling events and the children for the most part are rude and feel like they are entitled to anything they choose and to speak to their elders in any manner they choose while the parents allow them every freedom while the parents get loud and drunk in the Lobby… sigh… this… these… are our future… C’mon parents teach your children some values and to take responsibilities for their actions… This is irritating…


  9. chelsea says:

    this is complete nonsence, by the way kay, those girls need an A** beaten also, what are you their friends, their all nothing but trailer trash k? we dont care what u got to say about those hoes!! ”O” and belive me i will be calling every single one of them. ya i got adresses and #’s off the internet!!


  10. anny says:

    I think each one of these teens needs to be punished for what they have done. They are “adults” or at least they think they are. They also need extreme anger management counseling. I believe the parents all need counseling too. If I did this in my day- the 70’s, my parents would not have backed me in my wrong doing. The knew that I knew right and wrong and would let me be punished accordingly. That did not mean that they did not love me. My parents let me take the heat for my wrongdoings and so should these parents. This was an awful crime against another human being. No matter what words were on myspace it didn’t warrant this. The parents made me disgusted with their comments, especially the one male parent of the young boy that said “my son wasn’t there”. No he wasn’t inside the house, he was outside watching – fully knowing what was happening to this poor girl inside the house. He did nothting to stop it. That doesn’t speak much about his upbringing of what is right and wrong. These kids have no remorse either. A comment was made that while in holding they were joking about going to the beach the next day. That tells me that what they did doesn’t really affect them. If the go to jail they will surely find out what a beating really is.


  11. brandy says:

    wtf are these bitches problems, that fight was not fair!! they need to grow up, get the shit beat out of them and pay for what they did!!! FUCK THEM!


  12. christa says:

    TRUE! that was a beating not a fight 2 totally different things and unfair…BUT, there’s a gag order and all of the actual facts have not come out yet.
    for all anyone knows Victoria and her own crew may have jumped and beaten one of the other girls little sisters and was a bully herself just gettin a taste of her own medicine. sh*t like that happens 1000’s of times evry day. i highly doubt she did zero to provoke this, and she was obviously fine enough to go out for a slurpy and sounded clear makin her own 911 other than cryin a bit


  13. jen says:

    dang there are some angry freakin people on this blog!!!Some of you sound as bad as the girls that did the beating of this girl.


  14. christa says:

    jen, evidently you are one also (with your 3 !!!’s) i see a bunch of bloggers wantin them beat the same way, or to do the beatin themselves, or preposterous life in jail, blah blah blah whatever…

    in other words they are wanting to do the exact same thing they are saying was wrong to do! lol now i am not disagreeing in principle if/when all the facts come out. i am about THE MOST ardently against unfair 2,3,6 (or how many other) on 1 beatings….BUT, there are cases where i would feel it was justified. for example if a child molester got beat down by a group, elderly abuser, similar jumping, etc…i would have zero problem with that.

    I AM NOT saying Victoria did any of that (in this case) but simply making a general point. MANY girl crews do jump girls all the time and plenty get jumped back on because of it…


  15. jen says:

    just because I put 3 !!! doesn’t make me an angry person. It was just a bold statement. You can’t tell the difference ? I do believe that these girls should pay for what they did.What they did was so ghetto.
    I think they should get the same pain inflicted onto them as they put onto victoria. My only point on my last comment was that reading all of the blogs on this case,there are some angry people saying some ruthless things.I know everyone is angry with what happened,Its just the trashy things that some people are saying.


  16. Crystal says:

    I can tell you that I know those boys VERY well- and I KNOW they weren’t there. I also KNOW that every girl involved has said that they weren’t there. About the DA having to have some proof- huh yeah you would think that would have to be the case wouldn’t you? But apparently that doesnt apply to GRADY JUDD, who released the video on National television BEFORE his detectives had even taken statements from the people involved… Also there are atleast 3 adult witnesses saying they saw the boys somewhere else- but the detectives hadn’t spoke to them until the boys had been locked up for 9 days. It’s all a bunch of b.s. really. I don’t think the way the girls fought her was “fair”- but I know fights like that if not worse happen everyday.. And like Jen said now people are on here talking crap- and some people sending DEATH THREATS – over a fight! How could ANYONE justify that? It’s just stupid- people need to grow up and get a life- and leave these kids alone!


  17. christa says:

    jen, yes i understand the way you meant it, i was just making a point. just like terms such as “so ghetto” or “white trailer trash” are examples, it’s stereotyping and racial profiling which cause and incite more violence. PLENTY of upper and middle class incidents happen as well. the Columbine shootings (far worse than a simple scrap) occurred in an upper middle class hood, and caused in large part by “trash talk” so let’s not minimize the affect that can have and lead to.

    also i TOTALLY agree an unfair group beating like this deserve the same done back to them….BUT my point was we are not sure yet whether Victoria was a retaliation based on something she did first, many new facts are now coming out and it is likely this was over FAR more than just $4 and a little trash talkin.

    the fact more incidents are being filmed is actually one of the *best* things because it is EVIDENCE. had there been no video they could have easily denied or changed what happened and got even less than a slap on the wrist. fact is that crime/assault stats have not increased there are simply more vid cams nowadays so way more is being caught on film, allowing for catching everything from more sexual predators, to murderers, to unfair group or weapon beatings like this case.

    btw some good points made by Crystal here, I agree.


  18. Crystal says:

    I can tell you that I know those boys VERY well- and I KNOW they weren’t there. I also KNOW that every girl involved has said that they weren’t there. About the DA having to have some proof- huh yeah you would think that would have to be the case wouldn’t you? But apparently that doesnt apply to GRADY JUDD, who released the video on National television BEFORE his detectives had even taken statements from the people involved… Also there are atleast 3 adult witnesses saying they saw the boys somewhere else- but the detectives hadn’t spoke to them until the boys had been locked up for 9 days. It’s all a bunch of b.s. really. I don’t think the way the girls fought her was “fair”- but I know fights like that if not worse happen everyday.. And like Jen said now people are on here talking crap- and some people sending DEATH THREATS – over a fight! How could ANYONE justify that? It’s just stupid- people need to grow up and get a life- and leave these kids alone!


  19. navigator says:

    FYI, just so you all know, they all pleaded NOT GUILTY today… like they will get out of it… IT WAS ON VIDEO!

    and by the way, it was over alot more then 4 dollars to start. April Cooper and Tori’s sister did NOT get along and Tori had said somethings in the past that she had apoligized for but I guess that that doesn’t matter to these girls. I am sure there is alot more to this but it will never be enough (to me) for this girl to have been kept in a house for 35 mintues and beat unconsious and then woken up and beat again. People die from such head injuries everyday and these girls did not CARE enough to call an ambulance or run to a neighbor and ask for help… they just waited for her to wake up and beat her again, kept her in the house. And if you would like to READ the Statement of the victim and some of the suspects, go to and use the search feature.. look up teen beating ( this is the local paper in Lakeland, Fl.) you will find ALL the information there.


  20. navigator says:

    Oh and Crystal… THE GIRLS WERE NOT THERE?????? …again… IT’S ON FREAKING VIDEO!!!!! PLEASE. And as far as the adults as witnesses…. PLEASSSSSE …. if they are anything like the mother of Mercedes (and they probably are) , then we all know how credible she is!!! You need to stay out of it if you don’t know what the ****you are talking about anyway!


  21. navigator says:

    Quoted by Crystal l”It&rsquos all a bunch of b.s. really. I don&rsquot think the way the girls fought her was &ldquofair&rdquo- but I know fights like that if not worse happen everyday.. And like Jen said now people are on here talking crap- and some people sending DEATH THREATS – over a fight! How could ANYONE justify that? It&rsquos just stupid- people need to grow up and get a life- and leave these kids alone!”

    Number one…fights like this do not happen everyday… unless you are saying you know of other fights were you are lured to a house and kept for 35 min. and beaten unconsious, woken up and then beat again and then driven to a cvs, bought a soda and made to apoligize to the people who beat you before you are aload to leave…. if you do then you need to let the police know who it was and who was involved so they can be PROSECUTED because it is AGAINST THE LAW to hold someone without there will and beat them!!! THIS WAS NOT A SCHOOL FIGHT – IT WAS NOT AT A SCHOOL!!! GET IT… NOT IN A PUBLIC PLACE AT ALL!!!! Also I find it so Freakin funny that you would say ….’ And like Jen said now people are on here talking crap- and some people sending DEATH THREATS – over a fight! How could ANYONE justify that? It&rsquos just stupid- people need to grow up and get a life- and leave these kids alone!’ …….because isn’t that what “your boys and girls” did to Tori, HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY A BEATING FOR 4$ A HAIR BRUSH AND WORDS… and maybe the justification for the death threats comes from the same mentality of your “boys and Girls” who beat Tori … maybe they should have left Tori alone and they wouldn’t be in this mess… but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree now does it!!!!!!!! If you did’n’t want them to get into trouble, you should have raised them better. Now your crying the blues and trying to make them angels… sorry, they are NOT!!!! Get over it.


  22. christa says:

    first off those are not ALL the statements yet only a few. i think the funnel analogy was the most accurate at this point of the case. and already according to unbiased statement Victoria knew there were girls in the house who had previous issues, threatened to kick her ass, they were straight yelling at her outside for 20 min, she was told she should leave not go inside, yet she did so anyway. and anyone who thinks this type of thing doesn’t happen 1000’s of times daily in every type of hood and culture is very naive.
    girls in particular are *notorious* for group beatings which are just as lame whether it takes place in the girls bathroom at school, public, or at whatever other house or location.

    btw, evidently according to Victoria on her Myspace page she is “doin just fine”…lying about her age being 18…and will be will be working at a Hooters type bar/chicken wing joint… lmoa


  23. Timi says:

    Adults with these type of mentalities are the reason these children have anihilated their own futures… even if they do not get life or an even minimal sentence of 5 yrs and probation. They have destroyed any chances of scholarships or college careers or even successful lucrative careers. They will become what their parents have created crass classless un caring self serving brats. And that translated into adulthood is drug user, unwed mother with multiple babies fathers, welfare recipient, McDonalds or Minimum Wage Lifer. I am not trying to be disrespectful or hateful to these children, I just feel sorry for them because they don’t know any better. Their parents did not prepare them and teach them the consequences of their actions. (I.E. Bad actions… Bad Consequences… Real Bad actions… Realy Bad Consequences.) And whats even sadder is the parents are probably sick with hurt and confusion over the loss of their childrens bright futures. You ever hear of the old addage “Sticks and stones… Words will never hurt me… Ring any bells” I had a rough upbringing and I have had more than a few fights but I was never a cowardly selfindulged brat who kidnapped and beat a girl because her words and actions had so much power over me that I became an animal. Also I have even been to jail for stupidity in my youth, but I did not have the priveledge of parents who had money or room in their lives to put me in better schools and extra curricular activities. Jail is not a place I would recommend for sheltered children who have no clue what it really takes to survive in a cold cruel world, and jail is that, please do not fool yourselves. At first I was angry with these children, thinking how I would have felt if they had savagely attacked my child, but now I just feel real sorry for them and the mistakes of their families because when we are done BLOGGING about their lives they will still be living them and I will use the lack of parenting exemplified by these parents and this community to raise my children with morals, respect, and the knowledge that what they do in life will determine what they have, accomplish, and become in life. I know one thing… It wont be a convict.


  24. christa says:

    Timi, good post, but unfortunately i don’t believe the issue will last that long. within a few weeks or months this will be old news and if anything will only help them even more..bad/mean girls are the “in” thing and if anything they’ll likely end up on the latest reality show ala Lohan, Spears, Hilton, etc. lol meanwhile it’s the “goody good girls” who end up flippin burgers at McD’s but such is life *wink*….


  25. Laurie says:

    yes christa – I agree. This will be old news in a few weeks or months, because a new beating or murder or some other heinous crime will take its place in the headlines. But you also posted that is some cases, it is okay to beat someone down? A Child Molester? If they haven’t gone to trial to be ‘proven’ guilty? And, what about someone who has been victimized and knows no other type of behavior? Should we round up all the victims, because they will repeat the offenders behavior and put them in prison, or beat them because they might do something?

    Violence begets violence, as hate begets hate.

    Navigator, beatings like this do occur everyday, but unfortunately, most do not have a camera handy to record it. They may go unreported because of fear and threats to the victim.

    If you have a rape crisis unit or domestic violence shelter in your closest city, sign up to do some volunteer work. You will see what really happens in America on a daily basis.

    I can’t believe so many are out of touch with what is going on, just because it is not in the headlines of the local paper does not mean it is not happening. Do a google search on most of the major cities in the US and you will see stories of all sorts of terrible crimes. And those are only the reported ones.

    The media does print ‘facts’ as they are told to do, and they put a spin on stories. Once the truth comes out in this case, all the details, then we can reach some conclusions.

    We jump to immediately believing everything and want to punish people even before we know.

    Timi – great insight. The parents should be held responsible as well.


  26. Crystal says:

    No I said THE BOYS WERE NOT THERE!! Can I make that any more clear???? THE BOYS WERE NOT LOOK OUTS!!!!


  27. Crystal says:

    Oh and by the way I do not know ANY of the girls involved just to point that out. And like has been stated– She went inside that house on her own… She had been warned that the girls she was talking crap about were in there, and not happy with her… She was warned DO NOT GO IN THERE. No that still doesn’t make that fight right (I NEVER said it was right) I said that I have seen fights WAY worse first hand….. And that WAY to much is being made over a fight!!!!!


  28. Crystal says:

    Oh and I am not a mother to any of the children involved either. As navigator has ASSUMED… I am just someone who knows a little more about the case than the media and Grady Judd has released…. Its cool think what you want the TRUTH will come out!!


  29. navigator says:

    Crytal… yes you did say this…. ” I also KNOW that every girl involved has said that they weren&rsquot there.” and how interesting… if you do not know the girls, how do you know they themselves have said this? This is not in ANY reports that I have seen… and I also have some knowledge of this case sweety!


  30. christa says:

    Laurie, true that is a solid point. i do believe in our justice system process (in most cases)…however, there are also times where a perpetrator is caught in the act or there is no question of guilt. if a child is in the process of being molested or abused i personally have no problem with a vigilante group interceding and issuing a beatdown, nor do i if/when they are found guilty and catch some more from prison inmates most of whom even frown upon.

    and Crystal, gotcha on the boys in this case but let’s keep one thing perfectly clear. this was not a FIGHT it was an unfair one-sided beating. two people in a mutual combat situation is one thing, but whenever it is non-consentual, multiple against one, or weapons are used it then becomes a TOTALLY different issue.


  31. navigator says:

    Laurie… I know what goes on in this counrty as well as you do so give it a rest. The difference in this case is that it is on video and we now have VIDEO PROOF that can be used in court instead of the hearsay bull that these little punks usually use to defend themselves in other cases. I HOPE ALL THE DUMB **** DECIDE TO PUT THESE FIGHTS ON VIDEO FROM NOW ON… then we have solid proof to prosecute with . And just because you think that “these fights happen everyday I don’t know why your so upset now america” crap… DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT… we have never been able to truley prosecute these types of cases… now we can… and we need to make a SOLID point with this or it will get worse and worse until they film killing someone and putting it on the net. Kids today believe that what they do until they are 18 will not effect thier future and they say WHAT THE HELL, WHY NOT, so I’ll do community service and maybe some juvi time and get out of school for a while… so what… no one will ever see it in the future anyway, who cares….. IT NEEDS TO BE ON PERMENTANT RECORD – IF YOU CAN DO ADULT HARM OR A ADULT CRIMES… YOU DO ADULT TIME AND IT STAYS ON YOUR RECORD FOR LIFE. So what if it ruins these “girls and boys” lives… they had a choice NOT to be there… they cose to stay… they need to pay!!!


  32. christa says:

    well without question the ‘caught on video’ will continue to increase. it’s simple mathematics, there are more and more vidcams, cellcams, surveillance cameras, etc. and uploading will continue to become easier and easier…whether it’s Myspace, YouTube, or anywhere else makes no difference. but again let’s be clear, this was not a FIGHT it was a beating. imo the most moronic part of this whole thing is how in the world these girls would EVER think viral posting a CLEARLY one-sided beating would make them look “cool” to anyone. lol

    and btw navi, plenty of murders have been posted and caught on video, used as clear-cut evidence for prosecution, and hopefully more will be prevented as well as potential terrorist threats and Dateline’s ‘To Catch a Predator’ type methods…


  33. Timi says:

    Just an aside… Victoria may have been told “Do NOT Go In There” but on the video she cries and pleads and tries to explain how the girl who was beating her so cruelly while she was backed into the corner had told her “everything was cool” and she believed them and thats why she went into the house. Maybe she was told to not go into the house, I’m not saying your wrong but what I am saying is that she believed the wrong person and she was coerced into the house and I honestly believe this episode was premeditated… I’m praying for them because with just us here on this blog, as angry and opinionated as we are, america is disgusted with them and what they have done that they will get hardly any consideration. Parents please, when you think that your child talking smack and flippant to you or others is cute or a phase it is actually a quiet warning sign that its time for you to start instilling values into your child (if you haven’t started already) It will save them. My sons grandmother always has a strong opinion of my 4 yr old being able to eat candy all day, or talk smart to his uncle or the uncanny and cute way he gets an attitude and looks at his elders with anger, while he huffs and puffs. I make him say yes sir/no sir, he is not allowed to catch an attitude with any one let alone his elders, he cannot speak back to adults when he is being chastised or given direction. I do not allow him soda or candy but give him real juice and bottled water and for snack he gets and loves fruit. I am strict about where he goes and basically everything about his action but at the same time we are goofy together and laugh and play and do math and spell and read, I am so proud of him 4 yrs old and doing double digit addition and subtraction and reading on his own. I’m ranting but I’m saying all this to say there is a happy medium when raising your children, you just have to find it and not let distructive but “cute” ways lead to worse ways. I work 6 days a week and can still do it, sometimes we have to sacrifice our wants and needs to help them and this should have been the case with these young people. Sigh… I am no longer angry at what these kids did, at first I was disgusted and kinda irate but now I know what they have ahead of them and it’s not pretty.


  34. christa says:

    Timi, I think what you are doing for your child is very admirable. You’re possibly giving him the best shot possible but there are no guarantees. Many who are sheltered end up rebelling as they get into their teens. Our politicians are some of the most corrupt and end up involved in prostitution rings. Many of our clergy and religious leaders are involved in pedophilia. We are ALL polluting our own environment committing crimes against nature FEED off other forms of violence and sex as entertainment then expect our youngsters to act any different?? Hey this is all just part of the reality of the world we live in. Many kids (and adults) happen to enjoy extreme sports, skateboarding, cycle stunts, fighting, all of which have some risk of injury and danger.

    In this case I am still disgusted by the ‘unfair group beating’ aspect. Think the initial outrage is a good thing and will show how cowardice that is looked upon *far* above any voluntary mutual combat or self-defense situation.

    But in the end, when all the facts come out and the initial outrage dies out, I doubt they will get more than a simple assault charge so probably won’t really affect their futures, but will hopefully teach them all a good lesson about how group jumpings like this are viewed.


  35. Ashley says:

    Hey, Navigator! Obviously you’re not from Polk County, because Crystal is right. Fights do happen like this everyday. Usually, they’re worse. I’ve seen a girl get her two front teeth knocked out because she got kicked in the mouth. I’ve seen a girl being beaten on a SCHOOL BUS until she had blood pouring off of her. I’ve seen people beaten, one-on-one, with brass knuckles, beer bottles, and lead pipes. So, trust me, this is nothing. And no one really knows the whole story, do they? So you don’t have any right or authority to “decide” their punishment. Did you know that the Victoria Lindsey is on probation for beating up her step-mother? Did you know that she has given false statements to the police? You don’t, and you don’t consider that. Because you listen to what the media has to tell you, and that’s ignorant in itself.


  36. Ashley says:

    And I’m also interested in how what kind of information Navigator has that he thinks is extra knowledge of the case? If you are not close to the families of those involved, then you don’t, right?


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