21-year-old rapes 14-year-old he met over MySpace

Gadsden man charged with rape of teen he met on MySpace:

21-year-old Jared Heath Gaskey has been arrested in the rape of a 14-year-old he met over MySpace.

Gaskey left his home in Gadsden, Alabama and drove to Greenville, South Carolina and picked her up at middle school. Then he drove her all the way back to Gadsden. While in Gadsden Gaskey received a call from Greenville police informing him that the girl was 14 and to turn himself in. Gaskey went to his local police department but it was closed. So rather than calling the police he went back to his place and had sex with the 14-year-old girl.

Not surprisingly the dude is a Juggalo.

48 thoughts on “21-year-old rapes 14-year-old he met over MySpace”

  1. What exactly are you trying to imply here? I am a 22 year old juggalo… Have been, will be, and I will represent my love for them every day of my life until I die. Dumbasses are just that, dumbasses. This guy could have grown up listening to madonna, he probably still would have done this. Also growing up in an area where the local vo-tech (high school program) has a daycare in it… She probably wanted it anyway… He would have been a great story to tell or a new father to her kid or anything…


  2. Well I guess you will all feel better having scapegoats… Noone can admit to any wrong doing anymore… Its always ICP’s fault or Marylin Mansons fault… How bout people start blaming Bill Gates for all the hackers… Will that make you feel better? Remember stereotypes? Yeah they aren’t just about racial discrimination… But next time a little kid gets kidnapped or someone gets robbed blame me… That’s about how much sense it makes to blame music…


  3. The same can be said for all of society, government, pretty much the entirety of the human race. You(and all of society) just still need a face to blame. I am a juggalo, and not a murderer, rapist, or an idiot.


  4. Wow, what a maturity level… I just hope you don’t reflect the rest of b5 because I really started to like their blogs, ha mainly because of this one… Oh well now to unsubscribe…


  5. i posted this before, i just dont get how you can like a band that publically makes fun of thier fans, but i guess if that is ok with you, more power to you
    i have never met a “juggaloo” that wasnt some poor white trash idiot, show me just one person who doesnt live up to that stereo type


  6. LOL, I was going to ask what a “juggalo” was, but then I read the comments. ICP – are they still around???

    And Trench, for you, and this ONE blog, to RUIN B5 for him….well, who knew you were so powerful???


  7. “Gaskey went to his local police department but it was closed. So rather then calling the police he went back to his place and had sex with the 14-year-old girl.”

    This is what floors me most about the story…….


  8. There absolutely no reason why some ones music preference should be allowed to be pulled into their actions. I’m sorry, but both I and my boyfreind love ICP and many of my friends are “juggalos”. I partly agree with Derik and partly agree with Trench.


  9. How could you say that jusy because some one is a “juggalo” that they are an idiot? Its profileing. Just like people define those who listen to MCR and AFI as emo kids…..seriously….you lowe your own IQ by saying that because of your musical preference or their’s that you are superior and that they are beneath you.


  10. Im a juggalo, and Im neither white trash, poor, or an idiot. Im actually rather intelligent and pretty well paid at that. The fact that you’d actually stereotype people for the kind of music that they listen to paints the picture that YOU sir, are an idiot. Im not exactly the hatchet swingin woop woopin juggalo I was when I was a kid, but nevertheless, some people suck and some dont, doesnt matter what music they listen to. Not all juggalos are the same, you just met the wrong juggalos is all.


  11. I’m 34 and a Juggalo. It’s not music it’s a lifestyle and for someone to blame music on the actions of what a person does is assinine and ignorance. People make their own choices. I work 50+ hours a week and take care of my family don’t use drugs and seldom drink so does that make me a peice of shit because of the music i listen too? The message is to accept people for who they are not what everyone else thinks they should be. Judge not lest ye be judged What the guy did was really stupid he deserves what he gets but don’t judge everyone else for what one person does. That just shows how much of a bigot you are. All Juggalo’s are not potheads or fuck-ups. Check out a group on msn Fellowship of juggalos do a search and you will find it. wanna talk bout Juggalos what about the polititions that run this country ?????? Why are they always in the news for crimes but never convicted???? What makes them better than Me? Or you or anyone else for that matter. I think time could be better spent on real issues that what music i listen to.


  12. Thank you all my fellow juggalos… We gotta show this country that we can make this world better, for everyone… Not keep giving the rest of us bad names… Woop woop…


  13. So Because Ye is a juggalo it simply makes this Ok? Not like there is not other people in the world that does these things. Being a Juggalo Is One Thing. Rape is another. “Not surprisingly the dude is a Juggalo” The Music May Talk Rape but its entertainment. I cant recall a single mention or raping any underage people. I run the Juggalo Prophecy in hopes for every one to better understand juggalos. When crimes happen everyone throws out ” another juggalo crime” Crimes are done by juggalos but the rest of the juggalo population gets a bad rap. These had nothing to do with juggalos. The guy made a fucked up desicion and because hes a juggalo and juggalos are claimed to be a cult or gang its looked at worse? thats pathetic. If you want to get a clue about juggalos read my blogs at http://www.myspace.com/juggaloprophecy


  14. “Juggalo Prophecy”?? Better understand juggaloes? You’re making it sound like a religion. I listen to Motley Crue and have never, ever felt the need to explain it to anyone. I’ve never lived a lifestyle based on their music.

    What has this band done that you juggaloes revere them so much? You make it sound like ICP is Jesus back from the dead again by letting them define your lifestyle.

    I just don’t understand it, I guess.


  15. “The Music May Talk Rape but its entertainment. I cant recall a single mention or raping any underage people.”

    Rape is entertainment? Doesn’t mention raping UNDERAGE people? So, it’s ok to be entertained by the talk of raping people over the age of consent? Explain to me how that’s quality entertainment.


  16. Im not saying rape is ok. Im saying the music may talk rape but action on it is that of the individual. I see the point with Motly Crew Fans to the juggalos. I will even admit before when they started it was about the love and now a days its doesnt seem it much. We still live the juggalo name. Mars From Mad Insanity Talks allot about rape. Im Not saying its OK its entertainment people listen to it. Entertainment is entertainment weather Denzel Washinton plays a cop briigning down a pedophile in a blockbuster hit. There is a messege of love and respect with in the juggalo cuminity. Because this guy rapped some kid doesnt mean it had anything to do with juggalos. So when they say “Not surprisingly the dude is a Juggalo” Gets to me because one guy was a idiot and probly had an ICP shirt on its more understandable on why he acted on this opossed to someone else. Being a juggalo does not mean you will comit any crimes i know i dont i know allot of people who have and think its funny to see your face and name in the papper. I live my life with good music and love on my side.


  17. Dude – Not one “juggalo” has ever answered my question that I have posted several times, how can you like a band (ICP) that publically makes fun of there fans?

    But I digress, here is just a few reasons why someone might say ” not surpisngly he is a juggalo” http://www.king5.com/localnews/stories/NW_051308W

    And that was just a quick google search.


  18. But how is the music about love and community when it talks about rape?

    I nuderstand that you think of it as entertainment, as you pointed out it’s the same as Denzel Washington playing a cop taking out a pedophile. I have to argue that it’s not, though. First of all, Denzel taking down a pedophile is a GOOD thing. Raping a woman is not. Secondly, Denzel doesn’t have legions of his fans gathering together and giving themselves a code name like “Denzello” or whatever…

    I understand really liking a band. I love Aerosmith. I love Alice Cooper. I love Ozzy and the Crue. Some of their music isn’t anywhere near wholesome – but they don’t have a cult following them like ICP.

    I have my own identity the music that I listen to doesn’t define that for me. If anything it helps me express my identity through it. I relate to the music I like on many levels, as does everyone else which is why people listen to what they listen to. But rarely have I seen any band have the cultish following of ICP.

    Juggalos define themselves by standards that a band has set for them. I dont understand that.


  19. Even I will Admit. It doesnt help with songs like Gang Related. Where they talk JRB (Juggalo Riders Bitch) And Say if you rep the hatchet your in a gang and better be ready to do that thang. Music is music the following they had was that of the beginging. Now a days its not as it used to. I can understand all of those links of the Crimes. Again its the same situation. Juggalos comit a crime. Its no difference then someone random kid. The only difference is the ICP repping. Most Juggalos now a days are high school kids who are stupid in every way. There has been riots at shows but simply because some juggalos are fucking idiots. Even i can admit that. Im one who likes to chill and havea good time there are those who get together and get fucking stupid. They will go to jail about it and laugh the next day. Not all juggalos are the same. Juggalos comit allot of crimes but it doenst mean it was the music that started it. Most of the crimes they commit allot of people do. Like I Said some juggalos are fucking idiots. They take something way out of context and they hear a song like “Gang Related” and think thats what juggalos are. ICP has definatly steared people in another direction with the juggalo thing. Its gone from love to gang to what ever. ICP has encouraged theft of there cds they have encouraged gang style tactics. Im not here to defend ICP even i have gotten annoyed with them and the lable. Im here to represent the juggalos not the retarted ones. There are juggalo groups that help the comunity and that is one thing im working on with the JP. I understand where everyone comes from with the look of the juggalo. It takes one retarted juggalo to take down the whole comunity


  20. Most of the bands that have followings are no longer around. Greatful Dead was a big name. I honestly think ICP created a following as a marketing plot. I still like the music. Im a Juggalo but i dont follow the music like the bible. They have there faults with wanting money they have there faults. “I have my own identity the music that I listen to doesn&rsquot define that for me. If anything it helps me express my identity through it. I relate to the music I like on many levels, as does everyone else which is why people listen to what they listen to. ” I can relate to this. i dont just listen to one style of music or one band. Im a fairly open mindend person. Most juggalos would have come here and posted “Hater” all over the place. And cursed everyone out. Im not like that. Being a juggalo for me isnt about being rude and crude. Its about family and having a good time. Its basicaly a circle of friends. some people i dont even know and they help me out. Some wouldnt give 2 shits if i died. allot of juggalos are close minded and about them selves and others actualy help others out.


  21. Juggaloprophecy – I guesss I just dont get why kids and certain people want to act that way, then they use the image of “juggaloo”, I dont get why as musicans and entertainers they encourage that amoungst thier young and impressionable fans, now I dont want to sound like some Tipper Gore type that wants to sensor people, I listen to same crazy music (if you think ICP is hard-core, just google, look and listen to GG Alin) I even belong to a fan club of a band, have a local members chapter and even have jackets, but do you think in a million year that I am going to go out and commit crimes and tag thier name all over my town, your crazy. All ICP cares about is making money, they are mass marketed to dumb-ass kids (have you walked into a hot-topic or spencers lately, thier shit is everywhere) and they have publically said that they dont give a shit about there fans and the more crazy shit thier fans do the more money they make.


  22. alot of entertainers use it as marketing ploys. If you comit a crime and you rep our merch then we get promotion. They never had tv commercials. they triend putting a video on mtv. with the fall out of hollywood records with
    “the great milenko” it went gold. entertainers use these types of things as marketing plots. then applogize and say things like we are strictly entertainers and we dont not or in anyway have a part of the situation. so ya.. Im not here to defend the bands or groups or solo acts on psychopathic records as humans everyone has there faults. i represent the juggalos that actualy give and are not assholes. I dont think ICP is the wickedest group out there for one i know this. i have herd tons of other acts deth metal other rappers. ICP lyrics around the milenko era were wicked now a days its gone mild. Even though they may have been americas most hated band. i know theres worse. even i admit its all merchindise. 100 doller jerseys 500 doller jackets its crazy. Crimes juggalos comit are greater then others i will admit that. there are a few good seeds that like icp claim juggalo but maby its not the juggalo side. most of the guys i know come from good neighboor hoods not inner city areas even inner city area guys arnt so bad its all the individual some take the word juggalo and brand themselves and think being crazy and retarded is a way of life. there are tons of other bands that have there fans loyal ones and they dont get much media attention then others. ICP started on a good path but eventualy it turned sour. like anyone it gets stale with money involved. money changes people. ICP is like a p diddy with out the advertsing and tv but still they created music people like and a following that has its ups and downs


  23. JP, the only problem at all that I have with (generalized here) Juggalos is that they tend to use the band as their entire identity. The band itself (Yes, I’ve listened to them) is rediculous in the amount of sex, rape, crime, and hate it spews out there.

    Now I’m not the Tipper Gore type myself. I listen to Manson, some ICP on occasion, and several other bands listed as hardcore, etc etc. But I dont feel the need to define myself by the music I like. I have my own identity past the music I listen to.

    Now, no. Not all Juggalos are bad, white trash, or losers–however a lot of people who allow a band to define them are EXACTLY that because they dont have anything going for them themselves. THAT is why most Juggalos are considered white trash, losers, idiots, etc etc. But I feel the same way about the kiss army of the seventies/eighties, and the grateful dead masses.


  24. i happen to know Jared and i know the full story of what happened and i knew him cause i was in a relationship with him and now we are in a relationship again. the girl claimed to be 17 years old in reality being on 15. Its not fair for Jared to be charged with something he didnt know. its an stupid thing and it wasnt even his fault. the court needs to get over this and let him go.


  25. In the courts eyes they dont care. Reguardless if a girl is raped a girl is raped. Its up to the individual to ask the age and its his judgement. he fucked her so he should be penalized. Do you realize how many pedophiles out there may or may not know the age of the individual. she was was 18 i didnt know. you talk blue in the face the courts dont care.. with all the pedophiles out there they wont take chances. no offence to jared but he was stupid. i never fuck a bitch with out an id. if she goes to freshen up id look in the purse no id even then your in the room kissing the bitch its pretty much to late if you touch her tittie. doesnt mater you need this information before hand. its hard to tell now a days whos 18 and whos not. id ask for an id up front like a ciggerette sale.

    the dude made a choice may or maynot have known . now he has to live with it.. if hes registerd as a pedophile then he is..

    with this its hard to belive what your telling us about jared..

    “While in Gadsden Gaskey received a call from Greenville police informing him that the girl was 14 and to turn himself in. Gaskey went to his local police department but it was closed. So rather then calling the police he went back to his place and had sex with the 14-year-old girl”

    Soyes he deserves what he did. the media could of very well stretched that. reguardless anyone who touches kids or anyone under 18 should fry in hell..

    an old friend of mine claims juggalo. and molested his daughter. 15 or 4 its all the same. your a minor until your 18


  26. This message is for “torrie” who seems to think she knows so much. First, are you sure you’re really 18, or are you 11 or 12? The reason I’m asking is because you are very stupid if you really believe what Jared told you. You see, I know them BOTH! The girl is 14-years old and Jared knew how old she was. It’s clearly posted on her profile. The girl didn’t claim to be 17, she told Jared that she was 14. Get your facts straight, since you know Jared so well. Why would he want to be with a 14-year old if he had you as a girlfriend? Why would you want to be with a 21-year old who is interested in 14-year olds? It wasn’t his faught? Whose faught was it?
    Why don’t you go to court with him, I’m sure you would be a good character witness for him…..NOT! LMAO!
    Maybe you’re just as dumb as he is and you deserve eachother 🙂




  28. “I&rsquom 34 and a Juggalo.”


    Come on that shits for little kids and 20 something year olds with personality problems…your 34? Most guys your age have careers and houses and shit. You’ve got…a title…lol….afraid of getting old? lol


  29. Go ahead and check out my website, and tell me, do I honestly look like someone who would act like the idiots out there. And as for the comment about someone being 34 and being a Juggalo, to Willie_Redneck_Ballz, keep up the faith, the family is still out there and still going strong. And to Awdoodski, there are grandparents out there that are Juggalos, and Juggalettes. As to the rest of you, how many of you actually know Juggalos, or Juggalettes?

    Or are you judging all of us based on a few dumbasses, and some lyrics?

    I’ll tell you what my mother told me. “If Insane Clown Posse actually advocated, or did even half of the stuff they rap about, they would have been in prison a long time ago.”

    There still free, and the majority of Juggalos and Juggalettes are too. Just because we listen to the music, doesn&rsquot mean we would actually go out and do that shit. I can&rsquot speak for all the Juggalo family, but I can speak for myself. The music, for me, helps calm me down when I’m upset about something. It even makes me laugh. Like the song “What Is A Juggalo?” from Great Milniko. Go check out the lyric for that and then try and say that they actually mean the some of the shit they rap about.

    Better yet, go check out the site JuggaloFaith.com and find out the hidden meanings behind the lyrics.

    As for what this dumbass Jared did, tell me, how many guys do this that are not Juggalos? this is not a crime exclusive to the Juggalos. This is a crime that he probably would have done even if he wasn&rsquot a Juggalo.

    Just incase my site link doesn’t show up this is it. http://www.myspace.com/lee_the_arch_angel


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