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Convicted rapist hangs himself in cell after arrest, prison officials say:

About a week ago I posted about Bryan Halstead He was arrested in Naperville, Illinois for trying to meet an underage girl he met on MySpace. Halstead was already a convicted sex offender for the 1986 rape of a 13-year-old girl and shooting her father.

It seems that Mr. Halstead decided to save the courts a lot of time and resources. Halstead hanged himself in his cell shortly after his arrest.

Thanks to Mike for the tip.

8 thoughts on “Naperville predator kills himself

  1. BelchSpeak says:

    Sometimes your little stories really brighten my day.


  2. Daughter of this man says:

    I am the daughter of this man and had to find out my father died in prison from reading this article. While I DO NOT respect what my father had done in his life, I do appreciate if people would let him die in peace. He was not perfect, but he is a father and grandfather of people who do not wish to be reading about his death like this. Have some respect for the family if not for him.


  3. Jae says:

    You’re his daughter but you found out he was dead ten days after the fact while scouring the internet? 0.o Color me confused.


  4. Laurie says:

    Daughter of this man – I am confused as well, since you posted the same comment on the other blog about another pedophile. Hmmm….


  5. Chuck D. says:

    I think Daughter saw “Naperville pedophile” in the subject of the Anthony Kershaw post and mistakenly thought it was about Halstead (she makes reference to him being “a father and grandfather”…since when does one acheive the latter @ the tender age of 30? LOL).

    Unfortunately for her, she also mistakenly chewed out one of Kershaw’s co-workers who posted there (he’s a mailroom clerk…she went on a tirade about how he [Halstead, not Kershaw] was “actually” a Chicago businessman, and hypocritically told her to “get your facts straight”).


  6. Ted McCarron says:

    I knew Bryan in high school. I knew two girls who’s “first times” were with him. He told me he got married at 16, I think because of pregnancy. If so, the daughter who wrote in was the one I heard about. I’d like to talk to her in person or by email at Once he wanted me to do something but wouldn’t tell me what it was, but he said it involved me going to the police and telling them some lie. Instead I would just run and hide when he came around to avoid doing it. I only recently heard all the other things about him after that. I was shocked, and sorry for his family and victims. If I’d known I would have written him in prison.


  7. tom says:

    scum bag. all of these people deserve to die


  8. tom says:

    die scumbag die


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