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Andrew Golden Deposition Temporarily Blocked:

The attorney for the Jonesboro shooter that hasn’t been rearrested, yet, Andrew Golden, is filing a petition to keep a deposition private. The deposition is for a wrongful death suit stemming from the Jonesboro shooting.

Apparently Golden is trying to keep a low profile. He seems to be learning from Mitchell Johnson’s mistakes.

One thought on “Andrew Golden deposition rescheduled

  1. dreamer says:

    I was watching E ❗ and I came across the Jonesboro school shooting story and what made me research the incident is because they say the boys are being released when they are 21…well the time came and went they are living on the streets where they murdered innocent children and teacher…I noticed myself that the ring leader Johnson doesnt care or want to change…and the Golden boy is low key and hard to find anything on…we can look up where petifiles are in our area we should beable to know about killers too…Im sure its like cheaters once a cheater always a cheater…I would like to know who the killers are…I figured the boys would def not live in jonesboro but where are they…well one looks like jail will be his life but what about Golden..He did it too… lives were humiliated and lost and his needs to be too…or put his ass back in jail so we can all sleep better…


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