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New Video in Teen Beating Case: posted this video that has been released by the Polk County Sheriff’s Department that shows the minutes leading up to the beating of Victoria Lindsay which as it turns out wasn’t the first beating.

Thanks to Navigator for the tip.

71 thoughts on “New video in Victoria Lindsay beating released

  1. navigator says:

    Thank you Trench.

    What really has gotten me upset with this video is that it shows that this was NOT over a hairbrush or anything like that… it was over Jealousy… these girls have such lack of confidence in themselves that they have to take it out on Tori. This whole thing is about her having sex with her boyfriend… there is no mention of anyother boys and no mention of any hairbrush.. or not even that much about any my space quotes… When I was young we got into fights for ALOT worse reasons then this… like sleeping with YOUR FRIENDS boyfriend… now that is an issue… But hell to be honest… do you really know many 17 or 18 year olds who HAVE NOT had sex. these days … Dang… when I was in school (many years ago) boys had sex with just about anyTHING they could… and no one gave a damn about it but …if a girl just FRENCH kissed someone they were a wh***…. You would never find guys fighting over such petty stuff like “I heard you slept with your girlfriend”? Or girls fighting over… ” I heard you slept with your boyfriend””…HUH?? IT DOES NOT MATTER IF TORI SLEPT WITH THE PRESEDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, she did NOT deserve this beating…. (then again Clinton is no longer in office…LOL)

    Also, you can see PLAINLY that this was premeditated… If they were GOING to let Tori leave… why were the cameras still rolling and why does it sound like Hardcastle is asking a staged question…

    I feel bad for Tori, I really don’t think she knew just how bad this was going to get, I think she trusted Mercedes, as a friend and not to let such a bad thing happen to her. Tori had EVERY right to be at that house, she was living there. If they were going to let her leave… they would have all just stopped talking to her and not have still instigated this fight… MORE is going to come out about this, they have 2 more videos that have not been released per the story in the Ledger…


  2. Bay says:

    I agree Trench THANK YOU.
    i see no mention of the 4.00 and only a minor mention of the phone calls and myspace thing in the very start when the kid in the bedroom said soemthing about what she said and she said i was drunk i told you all that it was stupid and i am sorry.
    NOW why in heck a kid that age was drunk well again goes to parenting. I can not say much i was drunk at that age too. It took me down a heck of a bad path but I grew a brain and grew up I pray this youngster does the same.

    I also agree it is sad that these kids are so jealous and feel so bad about themselves that they choose to attack someone. To tell her that her parents do not even want her that was cold. This makes me as I have said before want So badly to see these girls locked under the jail I pray they do not get a little wrist sleep. I still wish there were laws to hold these parents responsible for what their little darlings have done.


  3. Gage says:

    These scum need to get a life. Drama, drama, drama, that’s all my generation consists of. Nothing matters to them except dating, sex, and gossip.


  4. navigator says:

    We had gossip, dating and sex in my generation …and even fights.. but they happened at the school… or a public place… NO ONE ever came to my house and waited for me to get home to attack me. It was the NO FIGHT ZONE. To go to someones home and do this was unspeakable and disrespectful to the adults that own that home and just plain wrong! We had respect for our families and our parents… at least in my town…I can’t say everyone because I only know the town where I grew up… Some one on a blog about this made a great point…they said that in earlier generations there were to things that went through our heads before we did anything stupid… number one: “How am I going to explain this to my mother” and number two: “Is this going to embarrass my family”. I just don’t think many kids think that way anymore… they have lost respect for their parents and their family name.

    And Bay.. lol… we all got drunk before we were 18… if we could get ahold of it … we drank it… and my parents were very good, theyh knew where I was … I just didn’t let them know that the kids I was hanging out with drank.. who would… I kept ALOT of things from them and I went down some paths myself and turned out pretty good, even if I say so myself. …. And hey… I said my share of bad things about others back then as well… but fist did not fly because of what was said… it was usually about someones boyfriend sleeping with someones girlfrened and so on… This was about Tori not liking these girls all that much… and them being jealous about that and that she had a boyfriend and that she slept with him… and WHY that all matters is the question. She probably didn’t want to hang out with them because this is what kind of people they are. And yes, this is all TEEN stuff but these girls took this way to far and escalated it into a violent brutal crime for REALLY no reason in my eyes….


  5. Trench says:

    If they were GOING to let Tori leave… why were the cameras still rolling and why does it sound like Hardcastle is asking a staged question…

    Not to mention the lighting direction being given through the latter part of the video.


  6. navigator says:

    Exactly Trench!!!


  7. Momof4 says:

    This is sad and those girls need to be punished so that they know what they did was wrong and to insure that they will never do it to anyone again.


  8. Inzanity says:

    this is beyond ridiculous…..they should be arrested for battery and stalking if they waited for her to get home.


  9. You can tell the girls were loking for trouble by how they were trying to control Tori. Them telling Tori not to yell, them telling Tori not to turn her back on them, it’s rude. They were using typical mob, gang, low life white trash tactics to intill fear into Tori. If Tori failed to follow one command – she would have gotten it. If Tori would have fought back – ALL the girls and hell, the two boys would have jumed her!


  10. annie says:

    i think these girls need to get punish for what they did and they need someone to kick their butts too since they think they so big and bad and after all they still think they did nothin wrong that makes me even more mad that poor girl didnt get a chance to defend herself but it would had been worst for her so now that will help her in tha case that she did not fight back


  11. Mars says:

    I believe they should all be put back in jail, given a higher bail and battered by someone. If not, I can’t say I’d be sad to hear that a stalker tracked down each and every one of them, beat them senseless until they are each bleeding, have major injuries, feel their life escaping their very bodies, get dumped in a ditch somewhere, end up in the ER and hopefully have a near death experience while they’re at it and come out with scars all emotional, physical, and mental that’ll stay with them for the rest of their worthless lives. Notice how I didn’t say “I hope they die” cause that would just be way too quick and easy. Maybe then perhaps the parents who created these abominations they call children can see what happens when you can’t instill good morals or values on your offspring. Not that it’s always the parents fault since I have seen other kids that are devils but have awesome parents.

    Cruel but really, what goes around comes around if they thought it would be cool to do that to someone then they should get back exactly what they dish out. It doesn’t matter how young you are when it comes to stupid things like this. Age doesn’t excuse a person from causing harm to anyone. I’m young and I would never do that to someone especially over something verbal or written unless I was attacked first in the same manner. Those cowards couldn’t even fight one on one, and remorse? the only way they’ll feel anything is when they go through the same hurt they feel is their right to give others. Using their grandmothers house of all places? it makes me sick. Again I say, I’m young but my parents and grandparents are all dead. While they were alive if I even thought I might get hurt I wouldn’t bring it too them or anyone near their house that might put them in any danger. That girl obviously didn’t care enough about her grandmother to keep that nonesensical behaviour out at all. One of the mothers made a comment about how her daughter still has a 17 year olds mentality. Crap! guess what? so does every other 17 year old out there and not all teens do this stuff. If my parents were still here the last thing I would ever do is lure someone into my house and beat them up with my friends while holding a camara to their face all because “he has a 17 year old’s mentality”.

    We’ve all heard “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” and then we’ve also heard “an eye for an eye leaves the world blind” but in cases like this, I think they need to be burned badly before they think of causing another fire. Same thing I tell people who brag about wanting to kill another person. “You didn’t give life, you have no right to take it, but if you insist on doing so, before you kill someone else, go ahead and kill yourself”. They obviously didn’t think of putting themselves on the receiving end or even the consequences of their actions before pulling this stunt. Maybe after they go through hell and back pay back what they did in blood, they’ll be sent to some counceling or something to “heal” the kind of people they are and grow into better human beings. But not until they’re in infinite pain and begging for mercy.


  12. beck says:

    throw them in prison for life and let them suffer mentally and physically.. just like victoria will do for the rest of her lifeeee


  13. mooksey says:

    “GOOD HIT”
    After that you all aught to rot bitches.
    We all had to watch the shit, im sure karma will do the same to you.



  14. CharmedFan says:

    I totally agree!! It doesn’t even seem like they are friends, they sure do fight a lot. I thought that, who is cooler, and who isn’t died out in middle school. and by the time you get to highschool, you don’t fucking care about shit like that! And in the first video, they could of let her leave, but they didn’t give her the phone, so she couldn’t, but to tell you the truth, if I was in that problem, even if I didn’t have any where to go, I would walk out of that house, for my own saftey. I don’t get girls now a days, they have to be this, and they have to look perfect…blah blah blah, thats just a bunck of bull shit, like who YOU are and be glad that your in your skin, and not someone elses.


  15. someone says:

    I can’t believe people these days. So basically they are calling her a whore for sleeping with her boyfriend. well then shit 100% of america are whores and what not. I feel really bad for her she didn’t not deserve to go through this. She’s a very strong girl for over coming something like this. And to be able to still go out there and be who she is. You just can’t trust who your friend’s are now a days. You can be great best friend’s one day, and the next they are bringing you some place to beat the shit out of you. So am I getting this part correct? and please correct me if i am wrong, But i do remember hearing that Mercedes Nicols is the one who lured her to the house, But then again after lureing her to the house she says that she shouldn’t go in not to and tries to stop tori? Why lure someone someplace then sit there saying “don’t go in”…?? I don’t get this at all. All of them girls need to grow up. Well atleast they got the “fame” they wanted. And i’m sure their videos are getting ton’s of hits. but not only on youtube and myspace… Atleast they got what they wanted right? But now cuz they wanted to do this they are going to be in for a hard along road ahead of them. Can’t they settle shit with words? whatever, I hope they rot in hell. I pray something like this don’t happen anymore, but this is the world today. It’s all came to hell. I’m scared to have my kid’s grow up and go to school after hearing about all this. Am i post to worry that my kid’s are going to get gained up on? Get the shit beat out of them? If that happens the people who did it will WANT to stay in jail, Believe me. I wont be the most happiest camper in the world if I see em’. I pray for tori and i’m glad shes getting better. I read that she’s getting married and expecting a baby. So i’m glad her life is going up hill from now. 🙂


  16. navigator says:


    Mercedes did lure Tori to the house, telling her to hurry home. My point of view of this is that Mercedes just said this while the cameras where rolling so it makes her look as if she DID tell Tori not to come in. Tori is surprised when Mercedes is saying that.. saying that she knew this was planned. I think they KNEW EXACTLY what they were doing. The questions that both Hardcastle and April are asking sound like they are pre-rehearsed and calling her a whore is their way of trying to get her to start the hitting so they can say she started it… but they couldn’t get her to hit them… and that is the best thing that Tori did.


  17. navigator says:

    Also, the baby stuff may be all hear say by the perps to cause people to look at her differently and don’t believe everything out there on youtube and myspace.. they hack those sites and create false ones everyday.


  18. Mars says:

    Some friend! Even if Mercades had told Torri not to come in that doesn’t excuse the fact that a real friend wouldn’t have let her be attacked by other people, would’ve told torri exactly what was going on, and instead would’ve told those other b****es to leave immediately as opposed to lending her grandmother’s house to such disgusting behaviour. “Torri, these girls are talking about kicking your ass and they’re here right now” would’ve been a much better excuse than “don’t come in”. A likely story. Though I’ve never actually been in a real fight, I’ve definetely have had to defend other people before and I do alot more than just “don’t come in”. If I remember correctly the last time a friend of mine got threatened in my apartment I stood in front of the guy and said “You have no right to do anything of this nature in MY home which is very disrespectful to ME. I won’t allow you to hurt ANYONE in my presence especially if it’s someone I care about. Even if whatever you’re upset about doesn’t involve me, by acting in such a way where I have to witness it, you are affecting ME as well. I am NOT afraid of you and you have NO power or say so whatsoever in my home and no one is forcing you to stay here. If you can’t abide by my rules then by all means leave or i’ll have you taken out through the proper authorities. Your choice.” I don’t get it, these kids have no real understanding of love or friendship in any way.


  19. someone says:

    Yeah it was planned I believe that. But Toris new myspace said shes getting married and she’s pregnant. I read some of the comments to make sure it’s “real” and i guess it was her sisters or something before hand. But the myspace is REAL is was made WAY before this whole thing started lol. And their are new pictures of her and her soon to be husband also. Shes a strong girl to pick her life up so quickly and move on. I guess thats all you can do in situations like this


  20. navigator says:

    Good blog Mars! THAT is what a REAL friend would do!!

    Someone, It is hard to tell if these spaces are real or fakes anymore, but if it is and she is getting marreid and having a baby and she is happy.. then good for her. I hope she can move on and that someday she will be able to trust and have GOOD friends.


  21. someone says:

    Yeah thats true it is hard to tell if their real or fake. But another thing that proves that myspace is real is she has her friends on there. Like that Megann girl.. That Megann girl is on there and they comment back and forth. I believe its real.


  22. Hopefully, the You Tube video of them being led off to prison for ten years will be more popular than beating video.

    What I don’t understand is why kids videotape these beatings. Do they really think no one will find out?


  23. navigator says:

    I hope the same thing Jon.

    No, I think they want them to find out and become immortilized somehow. It seems they think..If you can’t be famous in a good way… be famous in a bad way. This video HAS become famous, but I just hope that it will lead to some kind of resolution to the issues we are facing with our kids. Maybe useing it in schools and telling the students about how many years these girls went to prison for this brutal beating will somehow change the way kids look at violence as well… maybe.


  24. CC says:



  25. Mars says:

    How will it help society? easy, by now all the comotion brought on by the incident should have told society that if anyone does this and they’re caught, they face being charged as adults not only in courts but by the public as well. If you want to humiliate not only yourself, but also your family and then receive death threats and hatred from the rest of the world, face years in prison where you’ll probably get beaten yourself then go and do stupid crap like that. There’s the messege. As for everyone who blames myspace and youtube, here’s my take on it: these websites are not EVIL nor where they intended to be, it’s the heart of the people who use it for their own selfish deeds that make the outcome of their decisions quite regretable. Not everyone out there who uses myspace and youtube are bad but no matter what you do or where you are there is going to be evil intentions. It’s part of life. We all have the freedom to post and do whatever online on whatever site that permits it, however it’s up to the individual to make the right choice as to whether they’re going to use the internet for bad or good not the site itself. These are chances being taken everyday in every situation, not just the net.


  26. CC says:



  27. megan says:

    all this over bullcrap drama such as boys?
    are you kidding me. ugh all these girls are pathetic


  28. NO BIG DEAL says:


    If you wanna discuss i’ll be glad to address your disagreements…


  29. Chuck D. says:

    Yeah, so what if a girl was nearly beaten to a pulp while her so-called “friends” looked on and laughed? NBD, if I loan you $1, would you maybe buy a clue?


  30. navigator says:

    No big deal, Just wait till it happens to YOUR kid! Then we will see if you think this is NO BIG DEAL. Then again, I hope you have NOT bred… because we do not need more people in this world that think like you. You and all the others like you are one of the reasons this goes on. You sweep it under the rug and hope it does not happen again or think it is NORMAL and then, when one of YOUR kids does this to someone else you make excuses for them… please DON”T BREED!!!


  31. NO BIG DEAL says:

    Hey I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone as I respect your balls to be able to defend your position behind a computer.

    BUT HEY!!!! I guess it’s a tragedy that a girl was beaten because she was probably a whore (i’ve been beaten like this and it was filmed and so have others and trust me, we ALL deserved it) because things like this just do not happen to people who don’t deserve it in one way or another. She got beat up, and left the house WALKING AWAY.
    She walked away from it! Some black eyes and shit…temporary loss of hearing…like I said NO BIG DEAL!!!!

    I’m willing to bet money that the reason she didn’t hit back was to get them all in trouble cuz if she fought back a few charges would be dropped. Yeah, she’s a whore but a smart whore. She would have been accused of assaulting people on their property and that might have caused her incarceration or even murder…smart whore. But smart whores make enemies. She wasn’t too smart because she shouldn’t have been talking shit!

    I’m gonna teach you guys a lesson in empathy, which is the ability to place yourself in others shoes. I’ve already been the one being beaten and also doing the beating in the past. If those were MY kids doing the beating i’d punish them for A. doing it in my house. B. not being smarter about it. C. FILMING IT TO PUT ON YOUTUBE!!!

    If my kid was beaten and filmed I would have tought her better social skills and not to piss people off. If she doesn’t learn then she deserves it again.

    Plain and simple…everyone here is guilty the fucking girls, the stupid two so called “men” who were clearly manipulated into this by the other little cunts and the “victim” herself is also guilty. Shes guilty of being a whore who fell into a trap and the attackers are guilty for making a fucking video about it not seeing that it would be evidence…if they had any brains at all then they wouldn’t film it. They would have beat her ass, called the cops on HER and said “officer, this girl came into my house trying to hit me out of nowhere and i have the myspace messages to prove it!” but no…

    and then people have the nerve to call these attackers “sociopaths”. Gimmie a break, just dumb kids who drink and smoke too much. if anyones a sociopath its the victim. No normal human has that many enemies.

    So yea…bunch of high school kids just do what high school kids do now a days except only now they filmed it….and that made the news?



  32. navigator says:

    I am glad you signed off as pathetic… because you are a pathetic excuse ofa human being. Tori is not to blame here and she is not a whore. If you listen to what is said it is ONLY HER BOYFRIEND she slept with and if that makes you a whore then I guess everyone in this country is a whore in cluding the men. Sounds to me like YOU deserved to get your but kicked because you are A WHORE and AN PATHETIC IDIOT!!! Like I said before…. DO NOT BREED!!! You have proven your worthlessness to our society.


  33. Mars says:

    Wow, no one has that many enemies? PLEASE go back to highschool! The Drama that ensues in there is retarded. Anyone nice, bitch, retarded or otherwise will have both friends an enemies. However, to say that ANYONE deserves being beated one way or another can only mean that you weren’t beaten hard enough the first time. Nothing verbal that is being said to anyone merrits the use of physical violence! I know this because although I’ve gotten into MANY verbal arguments most of time defending someone else, I’ve NEVER tried to hit anyone. There are better ways to handle whatever situation. As for her being a whore, even if she is or isn’t, that’s not the point, it’s NO ONE’S buisness reguardless! the reason for the fight isn’t important in the least unless victoria had actually fought and beat up someone else in the same way. As for defending points of views online, guess what? this discussion IS online and reguardless of where it is everyone has the right to defend themselves online or otherwise.


  34. Laurie says:

    No big deal – I am so glad that my life is not yours. I can’t imagine I would wake up and look forward to every day, thinking that I deserved to be beaten, and that a girl is a whore for sleeping with her boyfiend, and thinking that you don’t fight back (not out of fear) but because you have the clarity of mind as you are being hit to realize you could be charged with assault. How absurd.

    You think you have empathy, because you have beaten and been beaten??? and putting yourself in someone elses shoes somehow condones what happened??? Again – I am so happy my life is not yours. I have been the victim of beatings by my x-husband. He was such a low life jerk – thought that was what life was about – women ‘folk’ should heed what the big all powerful man has told her to do. I really feel sorry for you and people like him.



    What were you taught? Obviously, not how to have a good life. These girls are not average schools girls – they will reap what they have sown, and probably will be as miserable as you.



  35. ashley says:

    i think this is all BULL SHIT…..that does not give them FUCKING GIRLS the right to BEAT her up like that ……im just gonna let u know that people say SHIT just to watch people get beat up…and the girls that beat her up where not there when the thing SUPPOSUBLY happended with that boy so how in the HELL do they know if it did or did not like VICTORIA SAID……so b4 yall go beat the SHIT out of people yall need to maek sure yall got yalls FUCKINg facts STRAIGHT…..


    the girls that beat them up TOO charma will come for u and i will laugh when yall get the SHIT beat out of yall….B/c yall will sure as HELL desirve it ……


  36. NO BIG DEAL says:

    Navigator. I commend you for your dedication to defend the whore but give it a rest. She slept with her boyfriend, where was he when this happened? Why wasn’t he there to defend her. OH RIGHT, because nobody physically defends a whore unless it’s a pimp or and idiot. He’s clearly not an idiot because they are fighting over him and he’s not even there. Nice job.

    I have proven my worthlessness to society? reallllllyy….thats why I’m a therapist/counselor and I help people get better.

    Mars. You think that physical violence is worse than it is. You don’t think that words have an effect. Not only is the pen mightier than the sword but so is the tounge. You contradict yourself by saying things like “nothing merrits the use of violence” and then say “nobody deserves it unless they did it in the same way” make up your mind.

    Laurie. Times have changed since we were kids. People like these girls are the lesser of the evils. What about those horrible people who play with your mind and emotions who never commit a single crime? what about kids who commit suicide everyday? What about guys that rape girls in school bathrooms and no one ever knows because they are just so damn scared that they shut up? Things like this are the norm in schools and so is video taping fights. Now a days fights don’t break out, they are preplanned and calculated and everyone knows who the winner will be before it starts. Thats just how american society molds kids. The media, peer pressure, stupid kids, BAD PARENTS. All contribute to the things I mentioned. Happens. At the end of the day it’s all about the $$$.

    I KNOW I have empathy. Not think. Know. Just because your ex-husand was a coward and abuser with no real feelings for you doesn’t mean I am. I’m truly sorry for what that man did to you.

    You say nobody deserves to be hit? What about your ex-husband?

    No one has the right to hit another person? Then why did God make our knuckles so damn hard? For decoration?

    What was I taught? I was taught to speak my mind and not give a damn what others think. I was taught to be a good person because guess what? Just because I don’t give a shit about this dumb bitch don’t mean I’m a bad guy!

    But think what you must.


  37. Trench says:

    Ok, NO BIG DEAL, aka John Pupparo, how many times do I have to ban you before you take the hint?


  38. navigator says:

    No Big Deal, I feel sorry for the people who would use you as a therapist/counselor, if you really are. You should be banned from practice if this is how you would treat others in session. You probably provoked some suicides yourself. Again… please don’t breed, so that I know my daughter will not have to deal with some screwed up spawn of yours in her future world… we already have enough to deal with…thank you!!

    And thank you Trench, though everyone has an opinion, I believe this is just another attack on a girl who AGAIN can not defend herself against this kind of ignorance that has only fueled this type of violent behavior throughout our society.


  39. Alana says:

    This is to NO BIG DEAL… aparrently you are a dumbass… I HIGHLY doubt you’re a therapist because if you were then you wouldn’t be talking that way. some people have problems no one know victorias life story no one knows why she acts the way she does IF THATS EVEN TRUE…. girls lie about things all the time just to see a fight….

    she did NOT deserve this… and it shouldn’t have happened it doesn’t matter if she was a whore do you know if thats true anyway are you victoria NO… and besides that victoria wasnt even fighting back it really shows how low of a person you are to keep on fighting somone for THIRTY minutes when they don’t want to fight you….

    i hope karma does come around and hits them really hard… because when someone stands up to them and beats they’re asses they’re going to be sorry

    they wanted people to notice them for beating up a helpless person (she never had a chance if she would have fought back every single one would have jumped in) and well they got what they wanted to be noticed and now everyone does as low life pieces of shit who can’t even fight someone who will fight back just so they can be “cool” on the internet…. i hope they get what they deserve…. GOOD LUCK TO VICTORIA I SUPPORT HER 100%


  40. James Barrek says:

    Hi,i have to say that no one deserves to get beat up at all no mater what they say. To that NO BIG DEAL person,that is like so mean to say,even though they beat her up even they don’t deserve to get beat to a pulp,yes they deserve to go to jail for what they did but not a beating,No need to stoop to there level.

    I hope Tori is doing ok.

    Really wish the world was alot better 😦

    I used to get beat up in school for no reason by this one person and some others just because i was a “wimp” “teachers pet” “too nice” etc.

    I turned out ok but i am always watching my back when i go outside,and when someone goes past me i jump sometimes. But other than that i grew up to be a good adult. And im still Nice 😛


  41. navigator says:

    I’m glad you are still nice James… What happened to you was unfair and cruel. I hope that someday we can get a control on bullying in schools and the net. The violence is getting worse everyday and I am concerned for our future if we can not stop the extreme anger that has built up in our youth today.


  42. James Barrek says:

    Hi i know what school bullying is but im not sure what internet bullying is. Could anyone explain please?


  43. Chuck D. says:

    Basically harassment via e-mail, IM, etc.


  44. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL says:

    Im baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

    James, you are a fuckin coward and you disgust me you pussy. Navigator…shame on you for encouraging James’s pussy ass conduct.

    Trench you are a facist with no appreciation for other peoples views! Shame, shame, shame!!! BAD TRENCH!

    Oh and fuck you Alana, dont even get me started with you…

    “some people have problems no one know victorias life story no one knows why she acts the way she does”

    its that kind of mentality that keeps “tragedies” LMAO like what happened to Victoria Cocklick happen!


  45. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL says:

    Oh and which one of you KNOW the girl? I mean REALLY REALLy know her? I hope those of you who call her “Tori” and shit like that do because if you don’t you are outright pathetic and incredibly ignorant.

    I guess I’m gonna go get my ass beat now and not do shit about it so people can think they know me and automatically feel bad for me and love me! Yay! I’m a whore!

    If any of you only know what the media DOESN’T show then you’d know this is not a big deal.

    Dead bodies poppin up in your little suburban “havens”, police corruption, your daughter getting gangbanged by all her college professors at the same time because she needs the grades, cuz she was too busy drinking and doing exactly what the good old profs are doing to her now!,mulitple killings and rapes…with numbers as high as 10 a day in some parts…you know, places where you work and your kids play…thats just scratching the surface.

    They’re right to not let you people anything too crazy. You’d all be crying and bitching about it and living in fear.

    Oh not to mention you’d all be dead because theres a huge lack of originality out there and people like to copy!

    So yea…keep crying about your precious “Tori”. If it couldn’t happen to your kid then you wouldn’t even care. How selfish.


  46. please get over it. says:

    I agree with the person above me in all respects. who the hell gives when worse things are happening? whatever she’ll live through it boohoo life is hard move on sweetheart.

    and i dont care what any of you say, i had my only daughter killed and brutally raped and mutillated. i had to ID her body and get a closed casket for her. did it make the news? no. Why? because of where it happened and how it happened and im DAMN glad it didnt make the news. i dont need sympathy from a buch of brainwashed robots who “sympathise” just so they can feel like “good people”.

    Get over it.


  47. cUzZiN says:

    wel im toris cuzin and all i got to say is nobody deservz dis except hur. she was in fakt a little loose and still iz aroun guyz. dey waz jealous but dey waz rite b/c she stole my man 2 but i did nt do nething becuz i dont wan git in trouble. im glad dey did dis. u guyz do not kno hur obvisly i do becuz im hur cuzzin. shes not a good prson and is pure evil but spineles 2. i tlk to her but ill admit im rlly fake round her cuz she iz too.


  48. Chuck D. says:

    INaBD, interesting how you accuse others of being “pussies”, but are too scared to use your real name…ever hear of practicing what you preach? And PGOI, sorry for your harrowing ordeal and loss, but in case you haven’t noticed, this is a crime blog…reporting on stories like this is what Trench and his loyal readers like myself do. Maybe you should try a victims’ rights blog and see if your crap about people allegedly just pretending to care will fly w/those people…


  49. James Barrek says:

    To ITS NOT A BIG DEAL, aka John Pupparo,aka NO BIG DEAL.

    You really need some anger mangement help,i will pray for you. Hopefully someday you will find peace 😦 .


  50. Trench says:

    In case you couldn’t tell ‘Cuzzin’ was also our favorite troll. Hopefully I’ve banished him to back under the bridge.


  51. Marcus Arelius says:

    This girl went through a bad experience. I hope that she can recover and that this will serve as an example to sexually risky teens.


  52. Amber says:

    ‘ITS NO BIG DEAL’ is a prime example of what is wrong with our society. A desensitized outlook, and blatant disrespect for human life and human rights. People these days seem to carry around a huge ego with a nice splash of self-entitlement. I highly doubt said troll is a therapist, as therapists and counselors tend to be educated and well-spoken (which, I believe it’s safe to say, our troll is neither).

    Furthermore, no self-respecting parent would EVER encourage violence and illegal activity among their children, by offering sneaky and sly ways to get around consequences. Any GOOD parent would teach their child to stand up and use their voice when they see such a horrible display of abuse. They would teach their child that calm words and respect for your fellow man, is the path to being a good person, and being respected in other people’s eyes. Any good parent would be horrified, disgraced, broken-hearted, and ASHAMED to see their child laying their fists and disgusting words on another in such a primitive nature.

    It’s parents who don’t give a damn about their children, parents who laugh off inappropriate behavior, parents who don’t talk to and have relationships with their kids, parents who are so self-absorbed to hear their children’s cries for help, who produce monstrosities such as these. I thank my lucky stars that I was blessed with a mother who cared enough to not let me stay out past dark, who cared enough to talk to me about sex, who cared enough to watch me like a hawk, and evaluate the friends I hung out with. Without her, I’d likely be in the same place these little monsters ended up. In prison.

    ‘ITS NO BIG DEAL’, my mother raised ME right, and raised ME to be a good person. I have never laid a hand on another human being, and unless it’s to defend myself, I never will. I feel sorry for you, and disgusted at the prospect that you may raise your spawn, the same way your obviously lacking parent raised you.


  53. Steve-O says:

    I think it would be funny if that Cara Murphy bitch got beaten and brutally raped. Then I woud put it on youtube and everyone can laugh there ass off!!!


  54. J says:

    Law enforcement lied &mdash if you look at the sworn statements from the victim and her ride, it is clear that 1) they did NOT &ldquolure&rdquo her into the house, they in fact kicked her out and she was let back in only because her ride insisted on it 2) Two of the girls never hit her 3) it was all impromptu, not planned 4) there is NO evidence against the &ldquolookouts&rdquo.

    Tori was probably NEVER unconscious and the girls probably never even realized she suffered a concussion. The new video directly contradicts the “knocked out” allegations.

    The media will NOT tell you the truth about any of this.

    The supposed lack of remorse is also bull, 3 of the girls apologized soon after the beating

    and Kayla cried every night in jail. And they have not been allowed by the judge to even

    publicly apologize (not to mention tell the truth about what happened).

    Yes the girls have done something very wrong, but it boils down to a *misdemeanor* battery. Now they will become felons for life (it can never be erased).

    And that&rsquos assuming they will survive until the trial starts &mdash there have been numerous death threats by phone and innumerable threats against them posted on the Internet. Law enforcement released their home addresses so that any lunatic can find them there alone under home arrest. And law enforcement refused to protect them.

    All this lying and misinformation in the media may yet get them killed. Judging by the comments here I guess many of you will be very happy then.


  55. navigator says:


    So you fear for the life of these BRATS, Kinda like Tori probably felt when she was being beatin…. Maybe you should think about HER shoe being on YOUR FOOT! CARMA will get them, no matter what!


  56. John Pupparo says:

    Dear Amber,

    I am currently outside of my professional setting. I am at home, typing on this crime blog. This is the same activity I was engaging in the other times I posted here. Just because I share my unrefined, uncensored, opinion does not negate the fact that the freedom of expression is mine to exercise. It’s one thing to state your opinion and another to attack a poster. As I recall, I was just stating an opinion of mine and I was attacked head on by multiple posters. Now you must really ask yourself and be careful when you do this as it takes a lot of personal insight do do so. Ask yourself, “Is attacking a poster something that is civilized? Is it primitive behavior? Does it change because I am behind a piece of technology?” Think about it.

    You seem to think I was not raised by good, loving parents. You amuse me and I hope you know how to raise your children. Unfortunately, I doubt that very much. Chances are that they will end up like so many other children of self-righteous people like you. On suicide watch, being helped by people like me.

    You are a very special case Amber. I sincerely hope you open your eyes to the world around you and realize that the world is not a nice place and opinions will vary. Therapists also have feelings they must express, and being politically correct at all times is just mental enslavement and unhealthy.

    I hope you understand where I am coming from and if you do not, then I must conclude that you are not educated enough to understand this counselor.

    I hope you are well spoken enough and educated to respond!

    Hugs &amp Kisses,

    John Pupparo


  57. Amber says:


    All I have to say, is said ‘therapist’ has some serious issues with multiple personality disorder.

    Internets. Serious business.

    It’s funny how quickly a troll can go from typing like a moronic fifteen year old, calling people whores and sluts, to a nine year old using an excess of the letter ‘z’ and ‘u’, and out of nowhere attempt to redeem oneself with big words they looked up in the dictionary.

    Watch out. I think the next personality might be ‘creepy-pedophile-on-a-porn-withdrawal’.

    Seek medical attention. Quickly.

    J – I also noticed that she wasn’t ‘knocked out’ as was said in multiple articles and press conferences. I also read over Victoria’s statement on the ledger, and I found it very confusing, with a lot of loose ends. Maybe she wasn’t telling the whole truth after all, and in that case, I certainly do hope it can be found.

    As far as the attackers go, I don’t expect them to spend their lives in prison, nor would I hope them to. But they do DESERVE punishment for their actions, and their parents excusing their horrific behavior is not paying them any favors. I think a good 2-5 years in prison with the stigma they will have to carry around for the rest of their lives (or until media attention dies down), is enough. Hopefully it’ll send a message to other kids who are contemplating something like this.


  58. STRYKER says:

    I feel sorry for those girls and really sorry for those two guys cause if I’m ever around lakewood FL and run into them I’ll def be beating the shit out of them. This I swear!


  59. Laurie says:

    Okay – Stryker – that is the solution. Thank you for enlightening me. Beat someone else….makes sense.


  60. ED says:

    I have a 13 year old daughter and I really feel bad for Victoria. I have been really down over this and I want to let Victoria know that I am on her side and will support her any way I can.

    I was picked on my whole childhood and when I got older I took up karate and weight lifting and back in my home town no one would mess with me.

    I would love to train Victoria in martial arts some day. I would love for her and my daughter to be come friends to show Victoria that ther are grils you can trust and ther are good young girls out there.

    Now she feels she cant trust anyone and lives in fear. Those girls are lucky so far I know they are all going to jail.

    to Brinty and April who did the most damage you girls are gong down. Do you know what goes on in jail. The fact you jumped Victoria and she had no chance.

    Get this and get it now you girls are done over end of story, the whole world is against I was unble to find anyone out there who is on your side

    In jail they are going to beat and rape you and no is going to help you. When and if you make it out of jail you will nevre be able to fit in and get a real job. On every job application they ask ever convicted of a crime and you will always have to say yes to that.

    May be you can be a hooker in vegas but that runs out too. Prision is a great place for you girls.



  61. :p says:

    you KNOW those girls who beat her up are getting what they deserve, I mean.. their information has been leaked onto the internet, so it’s obvious they’re suffering some verbal harrassment over the phone.

    and hello, they’re being charged as adults, everyone knows damn well those guys will meet Bubba and those girls aren’t gonna have that hair for very long once it gets pulled out.

    we’ll see how long it takes for them to fight back ) oh wait. they won’t! haha.


  62. Liz says:

    Everybody feels sorry for Victoria Lindsay, but there are some things that she needs to fix with herself. After watching these videos a few times, Victoria has lied to April’s face about a nasty phone call and blaming it on her sister. April said “It was definitely you.” Then Victoria admitted it was. Also, in this video, Kayla said “Did she not run away (Victoria). I had to chase after Demarcus and you (Victoria) said ‘When you get back, I’ll beat you Kayla’.” Victoria sounds like an instigator. That doesn’t jusify everything but everybody thinks these girls are just having fun. Maybe they were really personally injured and angry. Kids don’t handle that too well. I think Victoria Lindsay is guilty of one thing: Inciting a riot. Her own riot. My sister is an instigator and I have often wanted to do this to my sister, but I’m a grown-up and control my anger. Kids often can’t.


  63. CARLA says:

    Oh yeah… that mercades looks like a “great friend”… what a fat whore, all of them are!! there is just NO justification for this conduct, i hope they get what they deserve


  64. Daron says:

    I have to strongly agree with No BIG Deal, James and John Poppu-whatever his name is. I do know from a real life experience that some men, boys, women and girls ARE NO GOOD! Being evil isn’t always about taking actions against people via battery and murder. Often times the most evilist things can be done without touching someone at all. eg: Oppression, racism, discrimination, heartbreak, isolationism, rejection, verbal humiliation, betrayal, and exploitation. All of these things I have experienced at one point in my life and from the looks of the video…Victoria has just received her first taste and if she continues in her track this is only the beginning for her! Being a whore is not a kind thing…and I doubt she was that kind of a person to be sleeping with other people’s boyfriends causing that much anger and drama. Sure jealousy is a dangerous thing and it doesn’t gain much respect, but when you’re hurting other people with your actions you can’t not expect a reaction. I bet if I lead on 99% of the women on this board while fucking another girl they knew, rubbing it in their face they’d all be affected in one way or another. Or let be all the men out there who claim to have daughters…let your so-called wifey fuck your best budie, or the neighborhood friendlyman. I’d like to see your emotional reaction coming out of that. MOST PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD DON’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE SHIT THEY HAVEN’T REALLY TAKEN. I hope every woman who defends her gets a man who cheats on her and marries the other woman so they understand what jealous rage feels like. It doesn’t sound like this girl had much respect for others. As everyone on this board wants to wickedly defend her as it seems the most popular thing to do. I have experienced having a woman betray me, lead me on while banging one of my acquaintances. This was all OK according to people on these boards…and nowhere in my heart should I be happy if her face gets burned off or her DD tits catch gangrene and rotted?!! Of course NOT! I understand the rage that these girls felt. but unfortunately for all the evil self-righteous slimeballs out there being the “hurter” “oppressor” “rejector” and “cheater” is taking the high road. So in theory I guess I’d rather be the low life scum who fucks someone else’s wife or cheat on my wife rather than being the pathetic moron who has to take it and watch it happen. Cause there’s no sympathy for the “hurt” in this world. I guess I need to go find some other guys girlfriend and fuck her, get drunk tell him about it and then hope he finds me and blows me to smithereens and films it so I can get sympathy from all the wicked people in this world! That’s exactly what I’ll do. In fact a girl who said she had a boyfriend gave me her number at a bar. I guess I’ve got to get to work. :]


  65. Scott says:

    I’m hoping Victoria is doing better and is ready for a tough trial.

    And I wonder if a third video will be released.


  66. Pukey says:

    seriously, WTF? this has to be the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen. those girls have no fucking rhyme or reason for this. this is something as stupid as sex escalating into nothing short of premeditated assault and battery. there was no fucking reason for this. if you want to start something with someone you better have a damn good reason. not high school relationships. jesus christ what is going on in this country?

    they dont need prison time just send those little bitches over to me, i’ll show just how it feels to have the shit kicked out of them for no reason. see if they like that scared trapped feeling along with black eyes and bruises.


  67. Pukey says:

    hey daron, while i see where you’re coming from(having been down that same road) i still dont see the point for this violent reaction.
    yeah i’ve been my fair share of fights and yes some have been over some stupid shit but, 8 girls trapping and beating this one girl? just a bit extreme dont ya think?
    it seems that the majority of this is between mercedes and tori. why did the other girls have to step in?
    if mercedes had and issue with tori they could have talked about it. or mercedes could have given her a warning, something like “hey dont be messin with my man or you’ll get ur ass beat”
    but this, this was just way uncalled for.
    like i said send the bitches to me i’ll show them what fear and anger really is.
    oh and i’ve never hit a women, but these girls deserve a beating, i dont care how old they are or what gender they are.


  68. Leijpeideaud says:

    These girls deserve some beating !!, i hope the girl who was beaten, kicks them one by one to get even !!. So low, such girls should be punished like adults !!. Lock them up, and after that give them treatment.

    A big hug for the girl who gets beaten !!, all the way from the Netherlands !!


  69. Amanda Caple says:

    this video really makes me mad. yeahh i understand teenage years has alot involved in it, and what not. but listening to my sister tell me about how it was when she was in school and growing up is wayy diffrent then it is now. i’ am a freshman this year, and yeah i will admit i have gotten in a fight over a guy that in the end was not right for either one of us. its just dumb for these girls to be fighting over nothing but their own stupidy. no one really ever keeps their high school sweethearts so why fight over them? i meen if a girl wants to fight me i will fight her, but im not gonna walk up to her and cause all kinds of drama and cause problems when in a few years all im gonna do it regret it. now adays these kids are haveing sex at a younger age then they should it really is a shame to me. i personaly know a little girl that is 12 years old and is in the 7th grade, well she was dating this 16 year old which to start off with was completely wrong. but it made it worse that she ended up having sex with him and he ended up leaving her and never talking to him. i cant tell you from personal experience but from what my friends have told me when you loose yer virginty, your gonna fall in love with the kid you lost it too. really i dont believ in love right now i am only 14 years old and im not gonna lie i dont know what its about. and if that girl would have came at me like that i would have atleast stood up for myself and hit her back a couple times. i feel sorry for this girl. and i respect her for all the things she has made it threw.


  70. ME says:

    I am 16 years old. and as a girl who has been threw the “talk trash” stage its belivable anad under standable to be upset and want to be cool. and want to beat up the bitch that your friends dont like at the moment. yes its nice to be the hero. But when you think about it how long have you been friends witht he girl video taping you beat the shit out of a girl? ppl get in fits and who know maybe one day that girl will turn around and kick your ass because she is now friends with the previous victium. The point is you need to watch what you say. I have gone through 2 years of high school so far with out toching a cigg or a drug no sex and no driking. When it comes down to it you dont need tht shit. It gets you into bad situation. My advice. Surronded yourself with family. I understand Tori had a hard life with her family and such but still a grandparent? and aunt or uncle a cousin? someone. dont trust your friends with your life. trust your family. an dplus the second half of beating(not seen here) is 10 worse.


  71. Ashleighjayneex says:

    I haven’t read any of these comments however I would like to get my opinion across.
    I have read several comments on other websites stating that It’s Tori’s fault as she “trash talked” her friends on a social networking site. All I have to say is that how on earth are the actions of those 8 people justified by Toris actions?! Just because she wrote some things about people online but hasn’t everyone done that before?
    Hasn’t everyone been two faced at one point? So how does that justify beating up a poor girl for a few youtube views?
    Please can somebody explain to me how the defendants were the victims in this?! Yes threats of violence is only sinking to their level but you CANNOT say that they are innocent victims.
    Ultimately I feel so sorry for Tori and her family, there is no way that anybody deserves that.


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