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Without truth there is no justice

Two Vermilion teens say they were sexually assaulted by MySpace friends from New York:

Three men from New York state are being accused of rape by two teenage girls from Vermilion, Ohio.

Michael Wightman, 18, Anthony Edinger, 19, and James Lass, 21, are have said to met the Ohio girls over MySpace then were invited to visit. That’s a 300 mile trip by the way.

When Wightman was caught wandering the streets of Vermilion with pot in his possession he led the police to Edinger who was in a nearby car, who then led them to Lass who was at the house where the girls were. The ages of the girls at the house were 15, 14, and 14.

Two of the girls are claiming rape but for once I’m not so sure…

Edinger, who had an open can of beer in the car, had bruising on his neck that appeared to be ”hickeys,” the report said. He admitted to having sexual relations with a girl at a nearby house where one of his friends was still located.

The story unfolded from there. Inside the house, police found the three teenage girls — ages 15 and 14 — and James Lass, 21, of Brattsburg, N.Y., who was sleeping in the master bedroom.

At first the girls were reluctant to talk to police, but once separated, two of the three girls broke down.

The 15-year-old had sex with all three males — twice with two of them, but claims it was not consensual, police said. One of the 14-year-old girls, who said she was sleeping in a bathroom, said she was raped by Lass.

The other 14-year-old was not involved in any of the sexual activity, police said.

In case you were wondering where the parents were the father of the girl who lived in the house was at work.

But before everyone gets their panties in a bunch about how these ‘poor boys’ were set up let’s not forget the fact that while the sex may have been consensual they still had sex with minors and provided them with drugs and alcohol. D’oh!

Enjoy your stay in Ohio boys.

13 thoughts on “New York men arrested for being with Ohio teens

  1. Jack Slade says:

    I think maybe these boys will need a little comfortin’ after their long journey and trying ordeal. Maybe they will be comforted by Bubba and Jamaal as they rest themselves in the local county jail.


  2. Joanie says:

    As a mother of 2 daughters..ages 18 and 15 and a son who is 16 I do worry about things like this…it’s always on my mind….my daughters, as well as my son, I hope if a situation as such arises, they will make the right choice…..however…I do believe that it is up to the girls that are “putting themselves out there” should be responsible enough and honest when it comes to telling guys their age…..I’ve heard of so many situations where the girl lies about their age and when they get caught by a parent or guardian the story changes to shift the blame elsewhere…..I am proud to say that I was Michael Wightman’s (one of the ACCUSED) “step~mom”for almost 9 years and have always thought of him as a son and am always in contact w/ him and am confident in saying that this is not who he is…and believe in his innocence….and believe that he truly did not know the real age of the girls…he has better judgement than that…and as a mother of 2 teen girls maybe we as parents should stop being so quick to believe that in some cases under aged consensual sex should instead be considered possibly being a very bad mistake instead of jumping right to a rape charge…which can tarnish the record and lives of all involved…….

    ~Joanie Hogan


  3. dewalt says:

    Joanie –
    Crime pays sometimes. Sometimes, when someone makes a “bad mistake,” they have to pay for it….Isn’t it….just….horrible that there are CONSEQUENCES for things? I mean, they should have just told him to say he was sorry for giving them alcohol and drugs and whatever else happened!! Then they could’ve gotten ice cream and everyone would be happy and the little girls could have their bastard babies on a bed of beautiful pink roses.
    Feel lucky that your ex-stepson gets a chance to learn a lesson from this, instead of getting away with it like most young men do.


  4. David says:

    Age of consent issues can be confusing to kids this age (and yes I’m talking about 14 and 15…not 21, but that’s a whole different discussion). Often times, the girls know what’s going on is wrong, but think they are in just as much (or more) trouble than the boys for engaging in sex…this becomes even more so when the police show up and seemingly reinforce this belief. So what do they do? They say they were raped.


  5. Bay says:

    Sorry i believe that the 15 year old consented to these interactions and was trying to grow a bit to fast and when faced with Daddy finding out cried rape.
    I however do question the consent of the 14 year old. I wonder if she did not get pushed into something she may have been talking big about doing and then when faced with the reality changed her mind and was then “forced” into doing something she was not really ready or comfortable doing. the fact this youngster was sleeping in the bathroom makes me believe that either she tried to back out at crunch time or that she felt really bad after doing it and was worried what her “more mature” (HAHA) 15 year old friend would think of her.
    Youngsters are smart now days and IF in fact they were raped the friends were no where around and dude was sleep so HAD it really been rape why were they not calling or leaving the home for help?
    i tell you why Because the 15 year old was playing grown up and was likely loving showing off to her friends that she had a older boyfriend from NY who came all this way and was sleeping in her house etc etc etc.
    Not to mention the hickeys on the neck being another added sign that someone was having fun in this.

    That said though i do believe that the guys need to face a bit of consequence though I do not feel this should be a sex offender situation.
    I honestly believe that the sex offender title and the registry has proved it can ruin young mens lives when used improperly.
    Do not take this the wrong way I am all for locking up and putting a X on the foreheads of any pedophile. However this does not strike me as a case of 3 pedophiles

    I would love to see the conversations had by the guy and the 15 year old before calling him a pedophile rapist.


  6. WHAT IS GOIN ON!!! says:

    first off they are probably just little sluts that wanted some dick. They told them that they were of legal age so they didnt think about it. They took the trip because its just what they do. I know all three guys and they are still all of my very good friends. So fuck everybody that thinks that they know something about them. Tony had hickeys on his neck for christ sake. What? do you think it was one of the guys that put them all there? I dont think so. Like I said before, there just some little whores that wanted some dick and they got caught. So instead of them getting in trouble they blamed it on the guys instead. I hope that those girls know whose lifes they ruined, and of how respectable, fun, and caring that these guys truly are. I wouldnt trade them for anything in this world. FUCK YOU OHIO!!!!


  7. anthony edinger says:

    to everyone who thinks im sum sick bastard ill tell u what really went on. i was up for 2 days b4 i even went down there because i lost my feance of 2 years and i might be able to start a real relationship with this girl who at the time told me she was 17 and her name was annie. ya i had sex with her and i found out how much of a skank she really was. after that i went and passed out in my car waiting for my friend jimmy to come out so we could just go home well i cant say anything about what happened after i passed out but mikey ran out and said that this girl was passed out drunk and stoned on her back in the bathroom. wich anyone that has ever partied can tell u that if she threw up she could drownd in her oun vomit. when she came to she breathed in deep and arched her back and her friend (also stoned retarded) freaked out and said jimmy was trying to rape her and called the cops. i told mikey to go get jimmy and lets go home. well on his way across the road to get jimmy the cops pulled up. i dident think i did anything wrong so y should i go anywhare let alone hide. so i told the cops what i knew to be true and they informed me of what was really true. it turns out in the month i talked to her on the phone she lied to me about everything except whare she lived. she wasent 17 her name was not annie and her friends who she said was 16 yup all bullshit. so b4 i get convicted and my life ruined i just want to say that dont trust anyone in life. doubt everything told to u by the news, the cops, everyone right down to the people u think give a damn about u cuz i found out the hard way that they most likely dont give a flying fuck about anything but fulfilling theyr oun intrests and when that is done they will ship your ass up the river.


  8. A says:

    I believe the above statement was actually an early rough draft of the classic 1942 film “Casablanca.”

    However, it was quickly re-written for fear that moviegoers would find the characters to be both white trash and pathetic.


  9. anthony edinger says:

    never seen &ldquoCasablanca.&rdquo and if u can really look at sumthing sumone has written and make a movie refrence to it u really need to get a life


  10. A says:

    That’s a shame, it was a beautiful move.

    Check it out sometime.


  11. anthony edinger says:

    i prefer resident evil


  12. Bay says:

    Umm not doubting your side of the story but it would really come off a lot more believable if you possible learned how to type or at least spell. you could possibly even run the post through Microsoft Word and let the program do your spelling and grammar.
    Not mind you that I am great at typing or grammar for that matter.
    Than again it does not matter so much for my posts as I am not trying to have people believe I am innocent of anything.
    Just thought I would let you know that it does not look all that great. Sort of makes you sound well uneducated immature and low life. I pray you do not act or speak in that manner in court or you can kiss your freedom bye bye.

    Oh and can I ask since you are trying to share with us the events of that day.
    How could you not tell that these were kids once you got there?
    or did it just not matter after all you were tired high and heartbroken Oh and by the way that fianc&eacute heartbroken part I would leave that out of my story when you go to tell it to the judge.
    It just really does not help you nor does it really matter, and it also makes you look real unstable.

    Seriously though how could you not tell? these kids do not sound like they were all that mature and i am going to guess when you got there that you could tell from the layout that this was the home of a family and that parents were missing from the picture when you arrived.
    What made you decide to enter that home feed these youngsters drugs and alcohol and than have sex with them and never once think Hmm something is not adding up?
    I mean come on no way in heck can you tell me especially once you got kissing and feeling that you could Not tell this was a child.

    Good luck dude you are going to need it if you speak that way in real life. Actually if you read my first post and than this you will see that I was actually more on your side till you came in here and showed your true ignorance err i mean self.


  13. anthony edinger says:

    well the other two (14 year olds) ya i could tell they were young but the 15 year old acted, looked, and just carried herself diffrently. this was not just any 15 year old skank. she knew what she was doing. by the way mikey brought the pot ya but they asked jimmy to go buy the alcohol. i dident want to cuz my money was limmeted (about 15 bucks left) and considering we were 336 miles away from anyone we knew my car was not about to move frome the spot it was in. and i never smoked while i was there mike and jimmy did that while the skank was on top of me. and there are a few other kind of graphic details that lead me to beleave she was older. lets just say i was not exactaly her first if u know what im gettin at. and i did not come in here to prove my innocence or guilt i just think that there is a lot of details that were left out in the news report. like the fact that when we got there the mother or aunt (an older woman) was there. she even asked us and i quote “you guys came all the way from NY for this” while the girls were running around playing like girls in their teens typicaly do. well she was there for about 20 minuts painting a wall then left the six of us not saying your not smarter than me and i dont claim to have a whole lot of common sence. i mearly wanted to try to tell the truth to people who seemed interested. not to seem like a duche bag but ya i am bad at spelling and i have lived in a town whare cows outnumber people my whole life so ya my grammer could use some work too but then again that really is not the point.. i just wanted to throw my side of the story out there what you do with it is up to you


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