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School shooter: I could have been stopped:

To be honest I never heard of Evan Ramsey or the Bethel High School shooting until today. It happened back in 1997 before I was the crime blogger that you see today. To sum up in February of 1997 Ramsey shot and killed a student and his principal at his school in Bethel, Alaska when he was 16.

According to the Wikipedia entry, the Bethel High shooting may have been even more preventable than Columbine.

Reports say over 20 people knew of Ramsey’s plan to shoot up the school, and two actually helped him. One, named James Randall, taught him how to use a shotgun, and the other told Ramsey of the infamy that would come. Reports say one student even brought a camera to school on the day.

Now fast forward to today, or tonight to be specific. Ramsey is set to appear on Nightline tonight on ABC. Currently, he is serving two 99 year sentences. On Nightline tonight he’s going to claim that he thought death wasn’t permanent.

“I honestly believed that if you shoot somebody, that they would get back up,” he said.

What a load of crap that is. If you don’t know that death is permanent by the age of 16 then you’re a complete moron who probably couldn’t tie his own shoes. Two things betray his idiotic school of thought. The first is that most reports say that Ramsey was above average intelligence. The other is that after he killed his principal he stuck his shotgun to his chin but said: “I don’t want to die”. So right there to that shows that he knew death was permanent.

Now he’s probably going to try to garner some sympathy on TV tonight or maybe he’s trying to get the notoriety he’s never had outside of Alaska.

I’ll watch but I’m sure I’ll be disgusted.

2 thoughts on “School shooter thought death wasn't permanent

  1. ZappaCrappa says:

    That’s about the lamest defense/excuse I think I have ever heard.


  2. Trench says:

    Wait until you see what I post later.


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