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Mesa teen sentenced for plan to hold his classroom hostage:

15-year-old Brent Clark was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison with 9 months served for plotting to hold his class at Powell Junior High hostage and holding a girl at knifepoint.

On March 23, 2007, the Powell Junior High School student packed his backpack with a gun, 3 knives, and latex gloves with the apparent intent to hold his classroom hostage and be killed by police, referred to as “suicide by cop.”

Clark was originally charged with terrorism which could have kept him in prison for 40 years. The plea dropped that charge. Clark’s mother feels they were blackmailed into the plea.

“We were being blackmailed,” said Donette Reid, Clark’s mom. “That terrorism charge was blackmail.”

His mom fears that his childhood is gone and his experience in prison will take his adulthood too.

“My heart is broken.” she said through tears. “They just took my heart.”

I think his childhood was gone the moment he held that girl at knifepoint. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Ms. Reid shortly.

One thought on “Brent Clark sentenced

  1. Eric wells says:

    My name is Eric Wells Mr. Brent Clark stole guns fromy apt. On July2 2014. Then came back on Sept 29 2014. He still is free due to people helping him and his mom Dennette Reid. 3yrs have passed and I still suffer from this man.


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