HIV positive man accused of rape

Man with HIV charged:

23-year-old Shaun Patrick Austin of Bath, Pennsylvania was originally arrested last month when police found child porn on his computer.

Now he’s also accused of using MySpace and VampireFreaks to meet girls ages 12-15 and either having sex with them or raping them. To make matters worse Austin is HIV positive. Some of the pictures were even of his victims.

He’s being held on $250K bond.

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  1. Vampirefreaks is a pedophile playground. Jeremy Stineke met a 12-year-old on there and went on a killing spree with her in tow when he was 23. The only pedophile who I know of who’s been thrown off is “viamund the rake” who prefers boys.

    I guess on VF it’s ok for grown men to pick up little girls, but they draw the line at the “gay” stuff.

    That site can’t go out of business to soon if you ask me.

  2. I think they should get him for attempted murder.
    He knew he was HIV+ yet still proceeded RAPE these poor girls.
    In my book if you know you have a disease that can kill people and you knowingly put them at risk should be considered an attempted murder.

    Figures he was on that “Vampire freaks” site everyone on there is a felching, delusional douche bag.

    I hope he gets his ass kicked in jail…scumbag

  3. Yes, all of his “victims” were underage, but they were quite willing and most knew his HIV status. No one was forced, it was consensual.

  4. Sorry Witchlady but you can’t have consensual sex with a child. And what a disgusting defense of a man who has sentenced these children to death.

    Do you really think a kid has the maturity to choose to have sex with an adult? And if you do doesn’t your thesis that they knew he was HIV+ prove that they don’t?

    If you had a 12-year-old daughter would you allow them to have sex with adult men?

  5. I am Not condoning what he did, all I was saying was that they were not raped. These girls were out there looking for sex with older men. If it wasn’t him it would have been another guy. And one of the guardians knew how old he was and had no problem with them dating.
    Yes, I do have a daughter and no I would not allow her to have sex with an adult male.

  6. So if a 12 year old wanted to have sex with a 30 year old the adult has no responsibility to do the right thing because theoretically another dude would do the same thing?

    Just because degenerates allow adults to nail their kids doesn’t mean it’s no longer rape. You’re condemning children from bad parents to becoming victims of predators by OKing their behavior, and in this case the man has MURDERED them with a fatal infection.

    By the gods woman where do we draw the line? If kids want to work in the Bunny Ranch should we allow them?

  7. OMG You people are twisting everything I have said. What I am saying is that the girls should bear SOME of the responsibility for their actions. I am Not saying the adult does not also have the responsibility to do the right thing and not sleep with underage girls. So far NONE of the girls has tested positive therefore no murder had been committed at this time.
    (150 yrs ago the age difference wouldn’t have been an issue. Most of the girls would have been married and having babies at this age. Before you say it, no I don’t think girls should be married and having babies at this age!)
    Also, I haven’t met any of the parents so I don’t know what kind of up-bringing these girls had. It is entirely possible that these girls had a wonderful upbringing but for one reason or another have rebelled and done something stupid.

    Have you never in your life done something stupid?

  8. This is the kind of criminal who deserves a far more serious punishment than our feeble crime-friendly laws allow. “Put him behind bars” just doesn’t cut it.
    And saying the girls should bear some responsibility???? That is really twisted. Like, they deserved a death sentence?????

  9. This is the worst criminal I’ve ever seen, it’s bad enough we have people spreading hiv, but to combine it with rape and pedophilia is just extreme evil. It’s obvious that this person has no conscience, but I don’t support giving this individual the death penalty.

    Keep him alive just so we can study his brain and find a cure for his mental illness.

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