Hardcastle has restrictions eased

Polk Video Beating Case Defendant Has Release Rules Eased:

Brittni Hardcastle, she of the infamous Victoria Lindsay beating, has had her request to ease her house arrest granted.

However she still has to adhere to a curfew and have no contact with the other suspects or the victim.

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  1. navigator

    Now this just pisses me off…. this girl, the one who was beating Tori the most in this video, is getting rights. I am so tired of the victim getting treated like the accused and the accused getting to roam the world and do it again and again because we need to protect some “RIGHT” they have. This girl has never been to a church in her life, and now she wants to go to CHURCH!!!! She better start beggin that the walls don’t come down upon her when she walks in the door. I thought that when you are a criminal you LOOSE your rights… that is part of the PUNISHMENT!!!! RIGHT?

  2. D Weaver

    Brittni not even under house arrest any longer? Poor girl (NOT), she still has a curfew whereas Victoria’s life is forever changed due to the abuse.

  3. Chris Ganus

    In April 2007, I was victimized by a former housemate who stole some of my property and then, as I threatened prosecution, falsely accused me of various crimes and intentions to harm her. After essentially proving my side of the story, the prosecutor’s office never went after her. She had me lose my job and costed me 13 days in jail and 14,000 in legal bills and she walked away clean. But, apart from the aforementioned, so did I. But what happened to me seems to be going on here. Criminals seem to have more rights than victims. I wonder why? Who encourages who to write the laws.

  4. D Weaver

    Chris ~ You hit the nail on the head. Remember Mary Winkler? Killed her pastor husband? Very little jail time and now she may even get her kids back, even though the oldest one scared that Mom might kill her too.

  5. Mrs Garda

    Wow. The parents dont give kids a consequence for their actions, now not even the state does. No wonder our kids are becoming hellions.

  6. Ed

    Be a REAL shame if a group of girl beat the hell out of her (wink, wink…)

  7. Nicole

    Oh believe me, if I lived in the US I would be hunting these gutless bitches down and teaching them a lesson.

  8. Greg

    Have any of you read Might is Right?

    Google preview: http://books.google.com/books?id=HioKA46blE8C&ampprintsec=frontcover&ampdq=Might+is+Right&ampsig=ACfU3U2pDbDPE-R359HCIR806a6FHUd6Nw

    Most peoples first instinct is to ban a book like this, but I think this book should be required reading. Most people don’t understand, that if there weren’t laws protecting you, these people would proceed to kill without remorse and follow the laws of the animal kingdom.

    Might is Right is a book which describes natural law, something most people today have forgot.
    I don’t endorse the ideas in the book, but if you want to understand the mindset that a lot of these youth are in, they are in the mindset that might makes right, and damn the law.

    Understand that Hardcastle feels no guilt, no remorse, and no mercy. In fact Hardcastle likely blames the victim. It’s all Victoria’s fault for snitching and getting her caught.

    And it’s our fault for catching her. And trust me, if she thought she could get out of it by destroying each one of us, she would. The people who want to release her out onto the streets are her enablers, very much like how Hitler alone couldn’t have done much without his enablers making excuses for him and passively letting him get away with murder.

    Check out Might is Right, and post your comments.

  9. Anonnymous

    I just wished they lived in my neighborhood and that it was me they were hitting, or one of my friends – BECAUSE I WOULD HUNT THEM DOWN AND MAKE THE REST OF THEIR LIVES HELL! They’d wish they’d gotten the life sentence in prison behind those concrete walls when I’m through with them…lol.

    *Pretty sure more people feel the same way? As ‘graphic’ as my comment is*

  10. Chris Ganus

    While it is easy to let those feelings of rage take over while seeing that video. I could visualize myself asking her if she wants to be on TV and throw her in the big screen TV. I cannot in the end do that, nor does it truly help anything. Perhaps it is simply best to try to vocalize it with them. Let them see what they do. My problem is that the laws of society suddenly have no teeth to discourage people from acting like this. Crime, seems to pay here.

  11. Scott

    Anonymous, you sound full of anger and revenge.

    The laws or lackthereof are a big issue Chris. And I wonder if the girls thought they were safe in their roles in assaulting Victoria Lindsay because they were all under the age of 18. They may have thought even if we get into trouble it will be as juveniles. But they are correctly charged as adults.

  12. AndyShep

    For those who would like to beat the hell out of her, you have a lot in common with her. She felt that she had good cause and that she was doing it for her friends. But I’m in the same boat with you because smacking the crap out of her does sound like justice.. lol..

    They deserve jail time. Permanent eye damage means a fair amount of jail time. Ideally Hardcastle will feel as much or more damaged by the ordeal 20 years from today as her victim does. I’d give her five years.

  13. Scooter

    They could have killed this girl. For what? They all need to take a field trip to a country where kids their age have no home or parents and have to prostitute themselves to eat. Then come back at tell us how bad they have it and how they need to beat someone down for attention. Pathetic.


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