MISSING: Brooke Bennett

Brooke Bennett
Brooke Bennett

MySpace linked to Vermont girl’s disappearance:

An Amber Alert has been issued in the disappearance of 12-year-old Brooke Bennett of Vermont and they believe that MySpace has played a part in it.

Relatives dropped her off at a local mini market thinking she was going to meet a friend however security footage shows she walked off by herself.

Items of hers were found on the side of a highway.

After police investigated they found that she was communicating with somebody from MySpace who may have had something to do with her disappearance.

Her parents had previously cut her off from MySpace but police seem to think she made a new one at a different computer.

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  1. my heart goes out there to all the family…this is sooo sad i hope she found safe abd very soon like now…she is in my prays

  2. If the police think it’s someone from MySpace, then my guess is that they should look harder at people she already knows. Her myspace account is set to private, so in order to communicate with anyone on Myspace with a private account you must grant them permission. I think she knew the person prior to MySpace, so the police should just check her “friends” list on her home page. I certainly hope I am wrong and she just ran away on her own somewhere, hopefully she’s found soon!

  3. some one took her thats why i am praying for those kids kids dont run away from home there are sex offenders and rapest out there that take children they never come back i am praying for all those familys that lost there children i been colleting buttons posters and flyers even billy mom son missing i am praying for her son to shes send me a ribbon button etc from darlene

  4. It has Been reported here in Vermont That the very Uncle tHat Brook was last seen with is a convicted Sex ofender And he was arrested
    yesterday on unrelated Sex charges.. In the past
    he was also suspected of Kidnapping. Makes you wonder if He made the whole story up And he got Brooke lucked up somewhere. God I hope not…

    Remember everybody is inocent (EVEN THE SLIME BALLS) till convicted in a court of law.
    BUt i will lay my money on that he abducted her.

    Please come home Safe Brooke! We Want you home

  5. Her uncle was apart of a internet crime group that preyed on sexual assaulting young girls. I think that he had someone from his group befried Brooke online, and the day that he “dropped” her off…she was meeting someone from this group…so i believe her uncle had part in planning the kidnapping, even if he wasnt the officall kidnapper…he also had kidnapping charges from 1993. makes ya wonder?!?

  6. I continue to pray that Brooke is found and returned safely to her father. My question what the HECK is wrong with this girl’s mother? Allowing her to spend time alone with convicted sex offenders? Give me a break!

  7. You always ask”Where are the parents”? Good question and I have an answer.They think social networking is harmless.After telling the parents of a 12 year od I know that their daughter was bragging about being *crunk* on her profile,I was told to mind my own buisness as the little girl was*just kidding*.Parents,please PLEASE monitor your kids online.Dont have time?Then you dont need an internet connection.Mine never had private passwords untill 18 &amp I reserved the right to check EVERY e-mail&amp IM.If I could nt acess them,I shut the accounts down.In 8 years&amp2 kids I only had to do it once.

  8. Lets stop bashing the family, No Matter who was wrong and who was right. Lets ALL pray she comes home safe, and stop pointing fingers. Dont you think her family feels bad already?? Come on People!

  9. What is wrong with her mother? She allowed her 12 yr old around beautiful girl around a sexual predator? Let’s look at the whole family! Someone there didnt take their resposibility seriously, not the 14 girl cousin who was in the kiddie porn ring or the sex offender uncle or the mother who is ultimately responsible for her safety!

  10. Lastest News From Here in Vermont. Brookes Uncle
    used a 13 Yo girl to Lure Her Back to the uncle’s
    House Where He Forced Her to Have Sex (SICK)

    ANd To introduce Brook into the Sex Ring That Her uncle is Part Of
    State Police has Changed this From a Missing person case to Kidnapping Case

    State Police Said @ 4:45 Today What is to belived Brooke Bennetts remains Were Found on the Land
    belonging to Micheal Jackes

    Positive Id Has to be proformed

  12. That poor girl never had a chance with the pervert uncle and questionable stepfather. The 14 yo that had been molested for 5yrs made a statement to the police. In reading that you see burning red flags (to the point the mother should be charged) about what was going on. It is always senseless and criminal when a murder occurs but this was 100% preventable.

  13. In Vermont We dont have a Death Penlity but we should, just for people like that. This sick SOB
    should have never been put back on the Street
    Praying on Young Girls Like Brooke. The only Justice I see this Guy getting is when he is back behind bars, Believe me Child Rapers in Jail are called “snappers” He will get what he deserves

  14. I pray for the family of This young lady. My friends have been missing their daughter since May 4, 2007. I hope and pray that this man is brought to justice because we know what it is like. We will keep you in our thoughts!

  15. Please everyone that is bashing the stupid mother: little girls befriend adult males while trying to FIND their father. Please give equal blame to the father too.

    Lets all pray the uncle rots in prison and gets what he deserves.

  16. Angel – you are absolutely right – there is enough blame for all. The mom, the uncle, the father, society for letting slimeballs, disgusting predators out on the streets – society to blame for creating them to begin with. If they did not learn this behavior from someone else, did they make the conscious choice? All the more reason they will get what they deserve behind bars, screaming for momma like a little baby.

    The young 14 year old girl is not responsible in this case – she has been brainwashed since she was 9 years old!!!! Where the heck were her parents? Can you imagine being told you were going to have your throat slit at the age of 9????

    Thank God this girl is talking now. I pray for her as well.

    I can’t imagine the pain Brooke’s family is going through – hindsight is always 20/20. A lesson for us all – just because someone was convicted of a sex crime years ago, and served their time, does not mean they are rehabilitated. We do not know what to do with sex offenders, who could be rahabilitated, and who can’t.

    Most sexual offenders will never change. Especially in a sick case such as this. Its not just about the sex – the whole control factor – man over young girl, or young boy. And, if the mom was victimized as a child, and it seems like there is alot of ‘familial’ abuse going on there, then people have a tendency to not see things as illegal or unlawful, or harmful – that is their life and it is what it is. A lot of therapy is going to be needed to help everyone through this tragedy – alot of support so people can heal.

    And, the sick bas***s will get theirs. You wait and see.

  17. Laurie, Unfortunately we also have to look at the 14 yr old. She is also a suspect. Let’s not forget that jealousy is a very ugly monster that doesnt discrimate the young.

  18. I am a Step father as well…………………
    these pieces of shit need to DIE!!
    I can not believe what is happening to our children these days

  19. Unfortunately, I half know what its like to have this happen to you. The 14 yr old girl has no reason to be included as a suspect. For all you know he could have threatened her not to tell. Last year at the fair i go to everyday as part of 4-H, I had a guy try kidnapping me (I was 11 at the time, now im 12) luckily for me, he did it infront of an off duty volunteer junior firefighter. Who by chance was also in 4-H and he pulled out his walkie talkie and immediately called for police and followed the guy staying hidden telling the police exactly where we were. Trust me, its not fun being threatened to get killed if you ask for help. If that Junior firefighter wasnt there I probably would not be here right now. So please, dont bash the family or the 14 yr old girl.
    Prayers go out to the family of Brooke! RIP Brooke



  21. Gina – no 14 year old who has been sexualized and threatened since she was 9 – threatened with her own death, can be held responsible for this. If you can’t understand this, I would suggest you do some volunteer work with victims of sexual assault. It will open you eyes to what it really is like to be assaulted and abused and what happens to your brain and how your thought processes get skewed by these moron monsters. We should NEVER hold this young victim responsible. She will carry the guilt herself now that ll has come to the surface.

  22. I have volunteered and the bulk of the blame goes to the parents who dont want to know what their children are doing. I am sure the young girl knows the difference between right and wrong and death. If she remained silent, or if she was complicit in the event or participated remains to be seen. Either way, she could have asked for help. This wasnt about sexual abuse this was about murder. At the point it escalated, she had the responsibility to step up and tell someone. I worked Emergency Services as a volunteer, I know parents in this case are mostly to blame for allowing a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER around their kids providing access to other children they are in contact with.

    If we dont hold the parents/adults responsible for exposing their children to registered sex offenders, then we are complicit in allowing this to happen.

    It’s so easy to call the Local District Attorney and find out the name of the name of the parole officer and to inform both, the District Attorney and the Parole officer that a specific Registered Sex Offender is having contact with minors UNSUPERVISED! It’s always a condition of their parole that they dont have contact with children.

    I did it when one Registered Sex Offender attempted to have contact with a local group of kids. This prevented those kids from being exposed to this monster and all the kids those kids knew too!!!

  23. Hey, folks….. This is Vermont we’re talking about here so let’s keep it civil. FUCK civility! It’s time for the good people of my sister state to throw these feel-good, heads-in-the-clouds-and up-their-ass legislators out on their collective ass! The animal(s) responsible for taking the life of this precious child has/have a history of pedophilia that by any NORMAL (i.e. other than Vermont) standard had not been dealt with realistically. These sick pricks should still be doing time and Miss Bennett should be swimming and attending sleep-overs with her friends instead of being the subject of an autopsy as her grammar school picture is being splashed all over Fox News. I know it may be pointless to say this, but it will make me feel better because the bile is eating me up inside. When these sick fucks are convicted they should cut their genitalia off, shove it in their mouths, duct tape their mouths shut, pour Vermont maple syrup on their bodies and stake them to hills of fire ants. If they cant breathe with their balls in their mouths, perform emergency tracheotomies with dull knives. Leave them on the ant hills until they are almost comatose and then hose them off with the backwash of a septic waste truck. At this point we could begin to end their suffering by feeding them feet-first into a woodchipper. Of course we want to be humane so we’d have to stop once every couple of seconds to make sure they aren’t TOO uncomfortable. If you think this makes ME just as sick as these guys, keep your comments to yourself. I don’t give a rat’s ass. If you don’t see the difference between ending the life of an innocent child during the commission of a depraved crime and ridding the planet of the vermin who perpetuate such a cime, then you are just as bad as these lowlifes. CASE CLOSED.

  24. Toby,
    Most of these nice people never responded to an infant who had his rectal orifice torn by a pedofile sadomizing it or to a female toddler or child who was cut by a knife so the pedofile could insert himself into their vagina. Graphic? Rescue workers live with these images forever and thats the lucky ones who get to live.
    Y’all get off you asses and ACT! PSSST DO SOMETHING! Get your legislator to act, get your DA’s to Move and most importantly get your Parole Officers out there. Take pictures of your neighborhood pedofile’s (YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE) and send them to the District Attorney when they hang out with kids. WAKE UP! DO SOMETHING!

  25. Absolutely Gina – the parents are responsible, not to mention the whole family, and our society that lets people like this back out on the streets. But, any 14 year old who has been abused as this 14 year was, does not have a clear perception on what is right and what is wrong. Hopefully, she will get the treatment she needs and will heal, so she will have that clear perception. You did say that jealousy???? MAY have been a motive? And you say you have done volunteer work with victims? I think you need to go for some training. Obviously, this 14 year old is totally screwed up, and needs desperate intervention for mental health. But, in light of what has happened to her, she is not responsible. If she receives treatment, successful treatment, and chooses to particpate in these types of behaviors as she matures, then she is responsible.

    This whole situation is a perfect example of why sexual abuse will always be in our society – the family did nothing, society did nothing, and people are trying to blame the kids. HA! Go figure!

  26. Gina, You’re preaching to the choir. I live next door in New Hampshire. I would like to think that we do a better job of protecting our children, at least at the government level. Parents in this state would have little compunction about taking the law into their own hands if our lawmakers ever dared to be as lenient as those granola crunching dirtballs in Montpelier. My only fear is that too many Mass-holes from our southern neighboring state are being allowed to move here without having their credentials properly checked.

  27. So Toby – are you saying that no dirtball, sexual offenders are in New Hampshire?

    i think it is more a matter of awareness.

    Most sexual abuse occurs in people’s own homes and or by someone who knows the victim – just like this case – so, think about the statistics on sexual abuse, 1 in 4 girls, 1 in 6 boys, and look around your neighborhood. Or look at the schools, or look at the churches.

    It is all over the place, and has been ever since the human species has been on earth. If you research the subject – you will find this to be true. It is not a new phenomena – it is new, however, that we are actually trying to do something about it. Rape was not declared a crime until 1970.

    I hope this guy gets the death penalty – better yet, I would like to get a nice big vat of boiling oil, and slowly take the time, bit by bit, to immerse his inhuman body into the vat of boiling oil. Then I would like to go after the rest of his family that is responsible, and the men who also participated with this whole operation, until they no longer exist. The sad thing, is that there are more, many many more, of this type of creature living amongst us.

  28. Laurie,
    Ask any law enforcement officer, jealousy is a big key in turning in sexual predators. The older victim sometimes turn the perpetrator in when they are replaced. It is not uncommon! Also, I dont need training. IN the case of the 14 yr old the parents and family are to blame 100%
    How is a 9 yr old allowed to be unsuprevised by a male so as to carry out this crime? Its not ignorance, its lack or responsibility which lead to this. The girl at 14 knows the difference between life and death and being an accomplice.
    Let’s watch and see how much of this is uglier than we know or want to know.
    I’ve just seen tooo much!

  29. If a child at the tender age of 9, is threatened with murder, is sexually abused, and physically abused, not to mention the overwhelming emotional and psychological control that the abuser has over the child, jealousy is not the real, defining motivation for bringing another child into the mix – Someone you know may be murdered, and jealousy is not the motivation for doing what you are told. This very same motivation can and does stop kids from coming forward – their spirit has been destroyed, maybe not forever, but their spirit that directs them has been blown away by this trauma. They are living at the mercy of that adult. Eventually, some may know the difference between right and wrong and feel strong enough to do something about it. In this girls case, she did come forward with information, I am not sure of the circumstances – whether she came forward immediately as a witness or not. But she finally has told someone.

    Usually true predators and pedophiles will put kids in the position of recruiting other kids. This 14 year old appears to have been spared for some reason, from murder. I wonder if that could be part of her motivation? Self preservation? In any case, she is definitely looking at the world in a warped manner.

    She is a victim as well. Only she did not pay for her victimization with her life. Cases like this tear my heart out – I was abused as a young child, and believe me, it really screws up your head for many years.

    I can’t even imagine….Brooke – and what she went through. And, this guy did the same thing to the other girl, but at least her life was spared.

    I wonder about other victims…

  30. I am so sad for that poor baby girl that has lost her life because of those sobs. I am a mother and I make sure I know everything about everyone around my child and if someone touches her I will rip their hearts out with my bare hands. Call it grisly, gruesome whatever you want but I call it loving and protecting my child, Just like someone should have done for Brooke!

  31. In my opinion I don’t see wasting anytime with a sex offender. They never get well no matter how long they recieve treatment. I don’t care how much you offenders out there would like us to believe that treatment do help. I think the best thing for the world is just put them all down,like we do sick animals.

  32. So many foolish people writing here – from those that don’t know Vermont has no death penalty, to those who don’t know why traumatized children don’t tell, why those suffering from PTSD don’t talk, to those who think child rapists have it really bad in prison (that’s decades ago). Nearly all prisons have special sections for sex offenders, and they are never mixed in with the general population. Why is it that both Brooke’s mother and her mother’s sister both lived with pedophiles? Whatever is wrong in that family didn’t start with this generation, but it’s this generation that is paying for it. Pedophiles should never leave prison. They cannot be rehabiltated, and there is no cure. Why aren’t laws being changed? It makes me wonder about the people who come up with a short sentence for raping, or otherwise molesting, a child or an adult. What’s going on in THEIR life?

  33. Caroline – absolutely – we need to look at who is creating the laws. How many law makers have been in the news for sex crimes? HA!

    Never know what ‘people’ do behind closed doors.

  34. I’m praying for the Bennett family and that justice will be served! I have no mercy on ANYONE that could hurt an innocent child. May GOD be with the family.

  35. POOR YOUNGE GIRL!! i do think it’s the stepmom’s faul and stepdad.. en i do think that 14 yr old girl does know wat happen to brooke bennet and maybe even saw her death JEALOUSLY is very dangerous specialy if ur a teen but in this case that 14 yr old girl should know better then that..

    All Local Vermont People Please Show Up
    and Pay Last respects I will be going as well

    Funeral arrangements have been finalized for 12-year-old Brooke Bennett.

    Her funeral will be held Wednesday July from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Randolph Union High School auditorium in Randolph.

    Calling hours are Tuesday night from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the high school auditorium

  37. Thanks for the link Gina. I agree – it is very sad what these sick individuals have done to mess up the minds of other young people, like this 14 year old and her ‘boyfriend’, not to mention the murder of an innocent child. I hope there is some solace for the family, in knowing that the murderer is caught. The Mom thought the daughter went to meet someone – exactly how the scum bucket planned it – that is why she said she was not mad at Brooke when she went on TV. From what i have read in the local papers, the community is very supportive and handling this trauma with useful tools to educate. They have a website set up for information for parents. I hope they all use it. Never trust a pedophile or predator.

  38. Laurie, you are so on target! Education is key here in preventing this from happening to others.
    KNOW where your children are at all times. Check out the people your children associate with and for pete’s sake, don’t allow them unsupervised on the computer.

    My computer is in the kitchen and my 12 and 10 year, who are both computer literate and proficient, are not permitted in chat rooms or on networking sites.

    Most parents think I am a meanie but I just care about my children and take the responsibility of parenting SERIOUSLY.

  39. We shouldn’t have to lock up our children to protect them from child predators. It’s rather sad that many parents feel that they have to and one of these days I have little doubt that we’ll see the harm that has caused.

    I was molested when I was 5 years old – back in the day when the justice system usually did nothing about it. My Mom didn’t even realize things like that happened until it happened to me. I’m not sure how my Mom managed to give me the freedom she did after it happened, but a part of me grieves for my child and other children today that will never know it. I was allowed to spend entire days hiking up hills/mountains, hanging out with my friends, etc by the age of 12. I was allowed to play outside (without bringing my parents along – sometimes I had to take my little sister) well before the age of 12. I was free to play at the park with my friends and back then the only time I ever saw parents was with babies and toddlers, so I think it’s safe to say that other kids were allowed to do the same. That was before pedophiles became the owners of childrens parks where no responsible parent allows their child to go without them.

    We can’t keep locking our kids up – enough blaming the parents (or grandma) for letting a 5 year old play on her door step or a 12 year old to go “meet a friend”. Start blaming the pedophiles and rapists, enough to keep them locked up and away from kids for life.

  40. I agree with Amelia…I too was almost kidnapped when I was 9. I am 30 now and remember it like it was yesterday, down to what clothes he was wearing. I don’t know what he intended on doing with me had he persueded me to get into his c ar. I hate the thought that I might not be alive today If I did. We need to educate out children more about pedophiles and rapists, so their reactions become second nature. I have 2 children who are just starting to use the computer socially and I make damn sure that they never trust anyone except the good friends that they know. Nobody can be trusted these days, but we can’t keep our children inside the house living in fear and not living their lives. Lock these sex perverts up after one conviction (I say), there is no cure and no rehabilitation for sex crimes. Period.

  41. A month ago, not far from me, in Waleetka, Oklahoma two little girls out for an innocent walk were shot to death. Young, Ages 9 &amp 11. A month has passed and there are no leads.

    Both families are horribly devastated as is the community and their sorrounding communities.

    We just live in such different times than we were raised.

    Guns, violence, rape and most of the time, domestic violence that children should never see or hear. Sad times!

  42. Because Vermont has no real punishment for child sex offenders but instead has “therapy” for them, these things continue and beautiful children like Brooke and her cousin are destroyed. Vermont must get on the stick and pass Jessica’s law and stop coddling these monsters. I disagree that we must become gestapo agents for our children and never let them out of our sight, that is a secondary. First we need to get these monsters who can never be rehabilitated off the streets. The officials of Vermont should hang their heads in shame because they have opposed just punishment and allowed this to happen.

  43. Brooke, we will always remember you. even though me and you really didnt talk much we are still cousins and i will miss you. r.i.p. luv ya brooke…….. Ray.

  44. This is very sad. It breaks my heart that lives are lost due to these talk sites. Call me old fashond but i believe in talking safely face to face. Very sad. Ipray for the family and friends of Brooke.

  45. Sexual predators and child molesters absolutely CAN be rehabilitated! All it takes is a couple of ounces of lead delivered at high velocity to the brain of the offender. Presto! Instant rehabilitation. It is a virtual certainty that after such treatment the offender will never repeat his offenses. And isn’t that, after all, the definition of rehabilitation?

    Any other form of ‘rehabilitation’ is bullshit. It simply doesn’t work. Those who disagree with this assessment are deluding themselves, to the detriment of our society as a whole.

  46. Last July Laurie took me to task for what she thought was my declaration that New Hampshire is free of child molesters. I know only too well that that is NOT the case. My statement was that I feel that our legislators are far more concerned with the victims rights than the rights of the despicable, cowardly lowlife bastards who perpetrate these crimes against children. These kids should be able to expect solace and protection from these same animals who rape and deflower their own children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren for their own twisted needs. I know from whence I speak, having been molested for 3 years by my own grandfather. So forgive me if I shed no tears for those who offer up the excuse of having been molested themselves as to why they molest in turn. I have not the slightest inclination to have sexual relations with children and my own two adult children (son and daughter) grew up free of molestation. BREAK THE CYCLE!!!!!

  47. Toby:

    There are many of us who feel the same way you do about that topic. The difference is people don’t hear about those of us who were molested, and then grew up to be decent people themselves. I think that back when we were growing up, since topics like these weren’t talked about openly, (and everything of this nature was just swept under the rug, figuratively speaking) that the abused were often ignored. I, too, have grown children (and four young ones, still at home) who I have spent my life trying to protect from these animals. I was molested from the time of my earliest memories until I was 12 – also by my mother’s sperm donor. I have said it before, and I will keep saying it until the day I die: Those who are molested, and use that as an excuse to go out and harm others, are worse than the ones who molested them – because they knew the damage that it would cause, and they DID IT ANYWAY! They are the dregs of society, preying on others, and trying to justify their behavior by blaming someone else. Things of this nature are not an ‘inherited’ or a ‘learned’ behavior – they are a conscious choice. Some (I believe, most) of us who have lived through such an ordeal, have chosen to break the cycle. Unfortunately, the few who continue to perpetuate these kinds of abuses are going to continue to try and make the public believe that they had no choice, because of their childhood traumas. Only those of us who have actually been there, and refused to carry on that legacy, can truly understand that choices can be made that will stop the cruelty. The bleeding hearts and defense lawyers of this country will continue to tout their misguided beliefs that “this poor guy did what he did because it was done to him.” I call BULLSHIT! I think they all should fry, and then let God, in His infinite wisdom, decide if they qualify for forgiveness, since that is His job. My job is to protect my children. That’s why god gave them to ME.

  48. Well, those molesters are monsters who deserve to die. But they still are entitled to human rights.

    Innocent before guilty.

  49. Angel – I agree with you. BUT, if a small child, is being molested, they may have a sense that something is wrong, but they do not have the capabilities to know it is really wrong (And that is the way the law reads for children underage, that they do not have the capabilities – some small kids do not even know the names of their body parts) of making a decision about sexuality. A small child who does not receive any type of counseling, and type of guidance in this area after having been molested, who grows up and offends (molests, touches, NOT violent rape, or murder) should, in my mind, be given a chance especially if they have not offended hundreds. Unfortunately, by the time we hear of someone molesting or offending, chances are they have done this to way too many. Of course, we do not make it easy for someone, lets say a teenager who knows they have a problem, to come forward, do we???

    And what about the family who grows up thinking this behavior is normal, like eating butter on toast or going to church on Sundays? It is part of their daily life. Sometimes even tho’ you know something is wrong, you have been taught to do it, and cannot stop it.

    They may be repeating behavior that feels good. And, for too long we have ignored this factor. Even tho’ in many ways it is painful, for some, there is pleasure attached to that pain, and there you have it, a sickness or perverted sense of sexuality.

    Just imagine if you blindfolded someone put them in a room with all sorts of people and animals, and sexually stimulated them, they would not know who it was, whether it was human or an animal, but they would still be stimulated, and depending on the stimulation, it would feel good.

    In this particular case, JACQUES DESERVES THE DEATH PENALTY. I would love to be the one to shock him just slightly, and then shock him again, just slightly, until he can’t stand it anymore, and then just dies.

    We lump all crimes of this nature together, when there are clearly different types of offenders and each should have different types of punishment and treatments. Molesters are not murderers, all offenders are not pedophiles etc. And, this murder and torture of beautiful Brooke had nothing to do with a website. It had to do with someone who was never punished for their crimes, and someone who never received the appropriate punishment and treatment for those crimes. There was also no one really looking out for the kids….from the system, to the parents. Everyone makes mistakes, but to allow someone who has committed Jacques types of crimes, around children, is asking for tragedy. Of course, maybe no one knew the details of his crimes, which is another terrible mistake – not allowing the public to know when a rapist is freed from jail. And then, or course, he could lie saying the crime was not as serious as they made it sound, and then you have the officials who are supposed to be watching over him, letting him go (not all, but most in this particular case, allowed him to go and be free).

    I say, no more allowing these bastards the opportunity to downplay their crimes with plea agreements. No more freedom to wander around, taking victims who unknowingly cross their paths. But, we don’t do that – we say they have done the time, and let them go. We are sick too.

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