AZ family taken by scammers

Family Of Nine Loses Savings Because Of Craigslist Rental Scam:

Another family has been taken by the craigslist rental scam. A family from Peoria, Arizona was new to the area and found a rental home on craigslist that was too good to be true. As expected it was too good to be true.

They met a couple who called themselves Jim and Jaime Williams who they forked over $1500 to.

Then when the family tried to move in they met the actual owner. Luckily the real owners worked something out with the family to let them stay there.

As far as the “Williamses” go…

Peoria Arizona police are asking for the public’s help in looking for the scam artists responsible. They are described as “a short heavyset woman and a man with crooked teeth and a heart tattooed on one hand. They were last seen driving a white Chevy Blazer.”

The article recommends checking with the county first to see who actually owns a rental property.

Surrounded by drama – The latest on the disappearance of Caylee Marie

Family Of Missing Girl’s Mom Meets With Investigators For 6 Hours:

Casey Anthony’s parents met with investigators for six hours telling the investigators what Casey had told them. The always talkative Cindy Anthony wouldn’t comment on what she talked to investigators about but as usual she had something to say to reporters…

“My daughter may have some mistruths out there or half-truths, but she is not a murderer. You all are sucking the life right out of me every day, having to remind everybody that this is what it’s all about,” Cindy Anthony said while holding a flier of Caylee.

I’m not saying that Cindy Anthony has committed any crime but she sure does act like it by blaming every one but her own daughter.

There was also another phone call between Casey Anthony and her brother Lee released but I didn’t find it interesting at all.

The article also states that People Magazine is doing a story about Casey Anthony and spoke to some of her friends…

In the article, friends said, “She would complain about her mother and how she was trying to run her life. But then a few days later, she’d say how much she loved her mother and father.”

A friend who has known Anthony since middle school describes her as “immature and strange at times.”

The friend also said she is always surrounded by drama, according to the article.

I think we all know someone like that. They’re usually just selfish at heart but it manifests itself in some of the most destructive ways possible.

Gagnon’s computer still missing

Search Continues For Computer Belonging To Child Sex Ring Suspect:

The search for Ray Gagnon’s computer continues. Gagnon is the ex-stepfather of Brooke Bennett and instructed a friend of his to dispose of his computer at the time of Brooke’s disappearance.

Originally investigators believed that it was it a San Antonio landfill since that where Gagnon lives. However they were unable to find the computer in the landfill. Now they’re posting fliers in Gagnon’s neighborhood hoping that someone picked it up out of the trash.

The computer allegedly contains a vast amount of child porn and could possibly contain evidence regarding Brooke’s disappearance.

Memorial Middle shooter avoids trial

No trial for school shooter:

Thomas White’s mother has told the media that her son has been ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial.

White was the kid who fired off a round in to he ceiling of Memorial Middle School in Joplin, Missouri. The gun he had was his father’s MAC-90.

Without seeing how that evaluation came about I can’t comment on the legitimacy of the findings. However I can comment on what Norma White said to the press.

“He just doesn’t speak like a child would talk,” she said. “It’s a little hard to understand (him) sometimes, and also a little bit of rocking back and forth and he has no memory – very little memory of being a child. He’s asked ‘what was I like as a child?'”

I’m not saying she’s full of crap but I think she does have a flair for the overly dramatic. If it is true then why didn’t she get her son help? Why did it have to take her son firing a gun in school for her to finally do something about it?

The latest in the disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony

Who Are The Players in The Caylee Saga?:

Some new ‘mystery people’ have been introduced into the disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony.

We already know about Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales, the alleged baby sitter of Caylee Marie. Now we have two more names to add the mystery list. Those names would be Jeff Hopkins and Juliet Lewis. Those people are the ones that Casey Anthony allegedly told about the disappearance of Caylee Marie. She allegedly worked with these people at Kodak/Universal.

WOFL have found a Hopkins family that know the Anthonys but were asked by the Anthonys not to say anything. Then Lee Anthony told them that Jeff Hopkins is from a different Hopkins family.

They have not been able to locate Juliet Lewis at all.

Police have not been able to locate Lewis or Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales. Is it coincidence that all these people can’t be located? I don’t believe in coincidence.

Photos Show Missing Florida Girl’s Mother Partying at Club:

Fox News claims that they have photos that show Casey Anthony partying at a club after Caylee’s disappearance, The photos can be viewed by clicking on the above link.

One of Casey Anthony’s attorneys, Micheal Walsh, disputes that the pictures were taken after Caylee’s disappearance. How many lawyers does she has anyway?

However as I posted before there have been witnesses that say Casey Anthony was partying like she didn’t have a care in the world during 4th of July weekend. That is while Caylee was missing.

The article also states that the FBI is considering taking over the investigation.

Grandmother: ‘I believe we’re going to find Caylee:

We haven’t talked about Grandma Cindy Anthony lately. She was on Larry King last night during her latest stop on her whirlwind press tour.

King: Why did you turn your daughter in?

Anthony: Well, a little background, Casey had gone on an extended trip, kind of trying to figure out — she’s 22. We were talking about when it might be the right time for her and Caylee to move out. Her trip just kept getting extended and extended, which was really not a red flag, I mean, the trip itself. There would be a few days at a time that she would go and stay with friends. She went from a couple different friends, and I never got a chance to speak with Caylee during that time.

She’s either lying or the dumbest woman in America. Do you know what a lot of 22-year-old women like to do? That would be partying. And I know some people are going to say “But she’s an adult what’s her mother supposed to do?” There comes a time as a parent even if your child is legally adult that you need to intervene when your kid is screwing their life up.

Here Cindy Anthony talks about the mysterious baby sitter…

Anthony: No, it’s not that type of kidnapping, sir. This person loves this girl and wants to have her as her own. That happens all the time. That happened not too long ago. In Orlando, Florida, someone stole the baby right out of a hospital.

Is it me or does Cindy Anthony seem to be citing a lot of ‘precedent’. It’s almost like she’s getting her explanations from Lifetime movies of the week.

Stolen gas cans may be linked to Caylee Anthony disappearance:

According to the article someone stole two cans of gasoline from George Anthony’s shed around the same time Caylee is believed to have disappeared. Combine that with the shovel that Casey Anthony borrowed from a neighbor and the dirt found in her car this is not looking too good for all involved.

Inmate’s ‘Ex-Boyfriend Has Missing Girl’ Story Can’t Be Verified:

An inmate in the same jail as Casey Anthony is making a claim that Anthony said that her ex-boyfriend has Caylee. 20-year-old Travis Nichols says he talked to Casey while they were in nearby holding cells.

“I asked her through a holding cell, ‘What’d you do with your baby?'” Nichols said. “She said, ‘I didn’t do nothing. My ex-boyfriend has her.'”

The Sheriff’s office believes that Nichols’ story is fake.

No Bond Reduction for Cindy Anthony:

Also Casey Anthony’s bond was not lowered. It still stands at $500K

Zarate confession ruled admissible

Judge rules Randolph man’s murder confession admissible:

Jonathan Zarate’s videotaped confession to the killing of Jennifer Parks will be allowed into evidence. Superior Court Judge Salem Ahto ruled today that Zarate was not coerced into giving a confession and was read his Miranda rights six times which he gave consent for each.

Today (the 30th) is the third anniversary of Jennifer’s murder. Let’s get this trial started already and bring some much-needed justice to the Parks family.

Anthony gag order denied

Casey Anthony Gag Motion Denied:

The request to have Casey Anthony’s phone calls and prison visits not to be made public has been denied by Judge Stan Strickland of the Ninth Circuit Court. Judge Strickland argued that he’d rather “err on the side on the First Amendment.”

Another part of the article that interested me was that Orange County Sheriff’s Office Attorney Eric Dunlap said that the Sheriff has the power to decide what information is to be made public. The fact that the phone calls have been made public leads me to believe that they have no bearing on the ongoing investigation.

Things are afoot at Wawa

Police arrest Pa. teen in Margate through internet sex sting:

19-year-old Michael Williams of Pennsburg, Pennsylvania was arrested in Margate, NJ over this past weekend for trying to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Williams had met the 13-year-old girl over MySpace and prior to his arrest had sex with the girl. The girl’s mother found out and notified local police. Police then posed as the 13-year-old and arranged for Williams to meet the ‘girl’ at a Wawa (convenience store) parking lot where he was promptly arrested.

Zarate confession heard in court

Videotaped confession details girl’s slaying:

Confession: Insult led to Randolph girl’s killing:

“When I stabbed her in the mouth, she was still alive, so I stabbed her in the neck,”

Those are the words of Jonathan Zarate in his videotaped confession describing the 2005 murder of 16-year-old Jennifer Parks. In the tape he casually uttered those words while eating a Snickers bar.

The tape was played in court today to determine if the confession is admissible in the trial.

Zarate’s attorney, Rich Mazawey, argued that his client uses PCP, has OCD, anger issues, and was hallucinating at the time of the interview and the murder. Are those supposed to be reasons not to throw his ass in a hole for the rest of his life?

The lead investigator, Lt. Jane Recktenwald of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, testified that Zarate did not appear to be under the influence of any drugs at the time of the interview.

Another jailhouse phone call for Casey Anthony

Lee Anthony’s Jailhouse Call With Casey:

That link goes to a transcript of a jailhouse phone call between Casey Anthony and her brother Lee.

The part I want to focus on is near the end where they start talking about the alleged phone call Casey received when she claims she last spoke to Caylee. I would imagine that police have already poured through her phone records looking for the one-armed man, I mean the mysterious baby sitter.

Have you noticed that for the most part the police have been tight-lipped about their investigation? The Anthony’s might want to take a cue from them.

Speaking of which…

Attorney seeks to stop release of calls in Caylee Anthony case:

Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, is trying to stop the releases of any future phone calls or videos of Casey’s visitors.

“The release of any visitation video-conferencing could impede the investigation, chill the public’s willingness to report any leads, and compromise the integrity of the defendant’s right to a fair trial,” Baez wrote in the one-page motion.

I actually don’t disagree with Mr. Baez in the off-chance that Casey Anthony is telling the truth. However I think he needs to get with his client’s mother as well to get her to keep her trap shut. I think that Cindy Anthony is her daughter’s biggest handicap.