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Man accused of raping 13-year-old he met on MySpace:

28-year-old Scott Knight of Aurora, Oregon has been arrested on charges that he raped a 13-year-old girl he met through MySpace.

Not only is he trying the ‘she said she was 18 defense’ but his mommy is defending him in the press.

“That’s not Scott, Scott may do things, but this is not Scott. He met this girl on a Web site, it happened to be a Web site that only 18-year-olds can go on, He doesn’t understand and I don’t understand. He doesn’t do that,” said Knight’s mother, Janice Abraham.

Granted that a 13-year-old is not supposed to be on MySpace but it’s not a site for 18-year-olds. According to MySpace’s terms of service, you can be as young as 14 to sign up for MySpace.

Then Knight’s sister plays a little ‘blame the victim’ game…

“She set him up and it’s not right. She should be under house arrest or something, she should be stopped,” added Knight’s sister, Angelica White.

Ah Personal Responsibility, we hardly knew ye.

Knight is facing charges of rape, kidnapping, and child sex abuse. Another suspect may be involved as well.

Knight also has a felony theft warrant in another county.

35 thoughts on “Oregon MySpace rape

  1. Mrs Garda says:

    This is why you should ask for fucking id if you’re dumb enough to randomly hook up with some girl you meet on myspace. And really who does that? No offense (okay some offense) but getting ‘together’ with a ‘boyfriend’ you meet on myspace sounds like the dumbest shit ever.

    Doesnt matter if she set him up or not, but really what would she gain from setting him up? And who cares if she did? This is HOPEFULLY going to jail up all the idiots who cant tell a 13 year old from a grown woman.


  2. duda says:

    unless she was really really really over developed for her age, and he didnt actually talk to her… then maybe.. but no not really i cant imagine believing a 13 yr old is 18…. but then i dont troll the net looking for young girls..


  3. Kim says:

    Um 13 and 18 is a huge difference and maybe mommy should be questioning what a nasty perv her son is that he would actually hook up for sex with a girl he met online.


  4. chandra says:

    you guys make me so sick, i am his girlfriend i have been with him since january and lived with him since february, he is an honost hard working father, goes to work everyday had the same job for 3 years and take full responsibility for his daughter that he has full custody of because the mom is worthless and has her other 2 kids taken as well, you guys need to get to understand the whole story before listining to the news, the news only tell whaty they hear they dont tell the story for how it really is.. and no i am not just sticking up for him because i am his girlfriend, he would not do anything to hurt anyone and that includes this.. this girl needs to be tought right from wrong.. and not only that they did not meet on myspace they talked off of myspace for a while but originally met on which for your inofrmation is a 18 and above sight, so stick you myspace comment up yours.. get to know tha facts before you go spouting your mouth.. if you want to know the real story then talk to me his girlfriend, or his mom or sisters, or aunt.. just goes to show how judgemental the world is, and its sick, what if this was your son, your boyfriend, common use your heads.. not only is he being accused of this but this girl is blaming 2 or 3 other guys, common, what kind of a girl is she if she is doing this kind of thing her mother needs to look at her own daughter, and not only that the person who stated he needed to ask for id to make sure her age.. well you can stick that comment up yours to because he did ask for id because he thought she did look young and she showed him an id stating she was born in 88 and she was 19.. just goes to show that you guys need to know the facts before you go spouting your mouths about this..


  5. chandra says:

    ok im sorry i flew off the handle, try to put your self in my shoes and think about the emotions his family and i are going through, and think about his daughter and what she is going through being thrown in a foster home.. i am sorry for being rude by saying up yours and else whys.. but please if you want to know the truth and have any questiones please email me.. i am willing to answer questions and talk… again im sorry


  6. chandra says:

    we need to pray for this little girl and her family because any little girl that goes on dating sites without her parents knowing or goes out to meet men without her parents knowing needs support because obviously she is missing something that she needs she needs a good support structure so she can get back on the path of being a 13 year old little girl… being 13 years old does not invole anything besides going shopping, hanging out with friends, doing well in school, extracuricular activities, doing anything that a 13 year old should be doing to have fun with life make life the best before she grows up.. i hope the parents will better support her daughter so she wont be on dating websites and be more vigilant of there daughter, due to parents not being vigilant to there childs activities can be the product of rape, rape is having sex with someone without consent, without letting the person, when there unconcious and the guy takes advantage of her, or beats her to the point she cant fight back.. rape is not when little girls fake to be older and go hunt down men and try to convince the man to have sex, that also reminds me of what happend in boston about a month ago, there was eighteen girls in one high school, who had purposly gotten pregnant by older me, weather it be homless men, or just a willing older man none of these men have been found or charged but these girls are happy about what they did and are pressuring other girls to get pregnant.. these girls can conduct std’s herpes and aids are the 2 that you cant ever get rid of or die because of.. we dont want to see these girls be killed or beatin and left to suffer, its not like scott whent out to hunt her down, stalk her or anything else, he was being carefull by asking for id… they met mutually and talked and no im not saying that its ok to have sex with someone underage he never would have even talked to her or any of that if he knew her real age.. he does know better, he knows the wrong and right, he would never let his own 7 year old daughter be in that situatuin.. please keep scott and this girl and her family in your prayers during these following days this is going to be the hardest time for both parties..


  7. Mrs Garda says:

    Lol chandra first you say up yours, and say the girl is basically an evil troll monster who led your sweet loving wonderful man astray (Oh btw LOL if he’s your boyfriend and trolling for bitches on the intrawebz. LOL I say) and then she’s a misguided soul who should be prayed for? If your moods change constantly like this all the time no wonder your man’s out searching for online booty.

    Too bad he’s a rapist. I almost feel bad for him.


  8. chandra says:

    its not a mood switch it was my friend helping me realize i was in the wrong for saying what i had said, and i apologized.. and also this all started in october and november before we were even together.. please i ask that you guys ask questions dont be afraid to ask i want the truth to come out, and im sorry you feal that way, but every one is intitled to there opinions…


  9. Mrs Garda says:

    so you’re going out with an alleged rapist and you decided to take his word for it instead of waiting to make SURE that he wasn’t one? NO offense but that’s not very smart. He could seem to be the nicest guy in the world. Mostoffenders do. They dont walk around with “OMG I”M A RAPIST” tattooed on their heads. Yes, his family’s standing with him. That’s what family does. But until all the evidence is in, honey, you really shouldnt have gone out with him. That just makes you look naieve and stupid. (Note I didnt say you WERE stupid. I said that’s what it makes you look)


  10. chandra says:

    yes i understand where your coming from, i knwo more of his past and life then what needs to be said on here, please just give him a chance, I know his heart better then that.. you are entitled to your opinion, and i am as well, again i am sorry for my previous post stating that she was a bad person or in your words a evil troll, lol.. i was not thinking it was reacting to what i had read, and not thinking, and just to put it out there, there has been no evidence found, they cant find anything, no dna, nothing, i just ask that you try to see my point, i just ask try.. i completly understand if your totally against that..


  11. Mrs Garda says:

    Listen I understand he’s your boyfriend and you think you know him, but you also have to understand EVERYONE says that when they find out their boyfriend has done something horrible.

    In this case you may be right. I honestly kind of hope you are because that means there’s one less monster in the world, and the kid can get the help she needs, or at worst put in juvvie for a bit for lying. That would be preferable to the knowledge that someone raped another child. So I hope you’re right. But until it’s proven that you are, I’m cynical and I will be, because child molesters don’t look evil at all, and they certainly don’t act it until they’re in the act.


  12. chandra says:

    yes i completely understand your point, trust me i do.. i see your point about thinking i know him, but please dont get mad and bear with me when im guessing you dont even know him or the life he lives everyday.. so yes in the end we will see, but please keep in mind, innocent people get locked up for things they didnt do and guilty people get let go when they really were guilty in the first place.. so whos to say that the law is always correct… please just think on that for a minute..


  13. Mrs Garda says:

    Unfortunately the system does fail sometimes but it’s the only system we have. No I dont know him, and therefore I cant say he’s a bad person or a good one, but what I CAN say is no one truly knows ANYONE else no matter what they think they know, and it’s naieve to believe otherwise. As far as I’m concerned if there’s evidence, great. if there isnt, then great as well. I just said I would rather he be found innocent, and I meant it. But I’m also not going to be an idiot and stick up for a guy I both dont know, and was caught in such a stupid predicament to begin with. I’m not angry with you. I’m merely calling it like I see it.


  14. chandra says:

    thank you thank you thank you.. i wish more people thought the way you did,


  15. Laurie says:

    I agree with Chandra and I agree with Kim and others….they are both responsible for their behavior – but obviously, he is more responsible – he is 15 years older, OMG. 15 more years of experience on this earth!!!!

    The parents of the 13 year old have some responsibility here as well – no 13 year should be making dates online. Neither should the 28 year old – he should definitely know better.

    This 13 year old is going to need lots of help.

    The thing that really ticks me off, is that we are holding kids responsible for murder, when they make a stupid mistake like shooting a gun with no idea of the real consequences, but yet, we do not hold them responsible for having a sexual encounter or relationship. I wonder why that is so?

    This 28 year old is going to regret the day he ever logged on.

    This does not mean this man is a predator, or a pedophile. It could mean he made a really really stupid mistake. For me – It depends on many things, like, has he done this before? Does he view child porn? Does he take responsibility for what he has done? Has he been involved in any other illegal activity, and if so, what is the nature of the crime?

    Chandra – don’t feel sorry for this guy – and find somebody else who is not carrying this type of baggage around. You don’t need it. There is someone more worthy of your loyalty. You are not married, and not in a long term relationship with this guy – find something else to focus on. I realize this is very emotional for you, but this guy has real issues. Don’t apologize for having emotions, and don’t block them, but don’t let them rule your decisions.


  16. chandra says:

    i myself believe and know that he is a better guy then what is being portrayed, the news tends to show only one side of things, if i had any doubt in my mind that he was guilty of what he is being accused of i would be this determined to stick behind him a 100percent.. look at it this way i on one hand know him better then any of you respnding, and on the other hand you guys are reacting to what is being said on the news..


  17. Mrs Garda says:

    I agree with you to a degree Lydia. They’re both responsible for themselves, and honestly if this kid was off meeting an adult, she needs to be monitored and SOMETHING in her needs to be fixed because this isnt okay no matter how you slice it, and her parents are definitely neglectful for not knowing where their child was. I have a daughter and I dont believe children should have computers in their rooms. It’s not smart.

    At the same time, indeed, this boy was 28 years old. An adult. And if he didnt know this child was thirteen…I mean thirteen is very hard to mistake for eighteen.

    If they did have sex, I HONESTLY can believe that she regretted it afterward and screamed rape. I honestly can. Because a thirteen year old just isnt ready to have sex, no matter what they think. Period. and no matter what she wanted, it was probably traumatic for her. So yes. I can believe that it was willing on her part. And I can believe that she might be making it more than it is.


    And this is a big but.

    No matter what he was told. She was still 13. If he had any doubts at ALL by looking at her he should have walked away. And if he asked for an ID, then yeah…he had doubts. He never should have touched her. If you have doubts at ALL you do not touch.

    Ignorance is a piss poor excuse. I’m sorry chandra it is. I can believe this girl led him to believe other things. But I can ALSO believe that he WANTED to believe her lies.

    And either way, circumstances dont matter. If he had sex with a thirteen year old, no matter what was going on, he broke the law. Circumstances mean shit in cases like this. Unfortunately if he did it, he’s going to be in trouble. Doesnt matter what she said or did.

    But she does need to be in trouble too. And her parents need to at the very LEAST take some classes. At the LEAST.


  18. Mrs Garda says:

    Chandra…I do understand what your’e saying but at the same time I have seen more than a hundred women stick by child molesters, rapists, murderers, etc etc because “they knew better” than the police, than the evidence, than anything. Because they had no doubt at all. None. That’s never healthy. You need to keep in mind that there’s a chance he did this, just like everyone else needs to keep in mind that there’s a chance he didn’t.


  19. chandra says:

    ok honostly we could go at this all night, obviously we all have our own opinions, and we are all entitled to them, i have to finish up here at work and head home, hope you all have a great evening..


  20. Heidi Hartwell says:

    I am going to say something here in Chandra’s defense. I am also Scotty’s cousin, who lives in Michigan and has tried to follow the story to the best of my ability, when you only get the media side. #1. Chandra is telling all of you that she came to know Scott “after” this incident happened. #2. The girl did lie about her age, and Id’s can fool people these days. #3. Scott did error in judgment, but he had little to nothing to do with the girl after meeting her. #4. She started stalking him through text messages. Even the news stated that the investigations began when “she” was using a friend’s cell phone to leave text messages for Scott. If she was crying rape/sodomy/kidnapping etc.. then why is she texting him after the event? She is definitely not an innocent party if she has done this before. As a future attorney, I’ve always had the ability to see around words, and the media mentioned the fact with the text messages. I know that if a girl/woman is raped, she wants to be as far as she can from the incident, not text the guy, or keep in touch with the guy. #5. Scott was taken from my mother’s house Sunday morning, but he went willingly–he was not handcuffed. He willingly surrendered his laptop and cell and anything else the police asked for. He had nothing to hide. His only guilt the way I look at it is that he made a mistake in thinking he could find love online. His actions are not excused, but who among us has not made serious mistakes, and have been lucky enough not to get caught. “He who is without sin…” you fill in the rest.
    Chandra keep standing up for Scott. He needs all our support right now. The law says “beyond a resonable doubt…”–and there is plenty.


  21. chandra says:

    heidi thank you so much, it makes me feal so much better when seeing things like what oyu wrote.. i would like to talk to you more, if you wouldnt mind, please contact me at chandra_elise_2002 @ yahoo . com, just take out the spaces it would be nice to talk to someone who has a level head in all this.. again thank you so much…


  22. Heidi Hartwell says:

    I just e-mailed you Chandra. You are very welcome. Just that there’s always more to every story than the media spin on it. Media these days is just as bad as “Desperate Housewives” or other soaps.


  23. Mrs Garda says:

    Mrs Hartwell, if you are a future attorney then you know that it is very rare that a judge will be nice and say “Oh you didnt know, well okay then” when it comes to cases like this.

    As I have said NUMEROUS times I really hope that what you mentioned IS the case. I hope she did lead him on. I hope this is just some stupid crap some kid made up because she was scorned. I can believe that. But I can also believe the other.

    As I said to chandra, one has to be open to both sides of things. She has to accept that there’s a slim chance he is guilty just like everyone else has to accept there is a slim chance he’s innocent. We dont know. We werent there. None of this, and that includes yourself and chandra. You people know him. that’s great. Stand by him if you love him. But keep your mind open.


  24. chandra says:

    trench your sick, you dont even know his past or who he is, and you go saying that comment about the smokes, thats sick.. your intitled to your opinions, and so am i,


  25. Trench says:

    I wish I had a nickel from every girlfriend/wife who left a comment on my site telling me how their man is innocent. I’d at least be able to buy a carton of smokes.

    Then a year later the boyfriends end up going to jail after pleading guilty to the charges against them.


  26. Mrs Garda says:

    Chandra he has a point. Girlfriends tend tos ay that and then tend to be wrong, quite often.


  27. Heidi Hartwell says:

    Trench, I’m going to write here what I wrote to Chandra in email about the man who went to jail falsly accused. Mrs. Garda, you are right about the judges, that they will be more concerned with getting what they call a bad seed off the streets, rather than justice sometimes. The justice system seems to be rather slanted toward men, because the ones who “really” do the crimes mess it up for the ones who did not.
    Anyway, about 10-15 years ago, there was a man in Arizona who was a single father raising his two pre-teen daughters. My friend Teri told me the girls were about 11 and 13 at the time. She knew this man personally and he had a good job with Consumers Energy and sole custody of his girls. Then, he allowed his daughters to invite friends over for a slumber party, and when the girls got rowdy and it was past ten, he told them to go to bed. Well, they didn’t like that, so a couple of them snuck out of the house. They were caught, and they told the police that their friends’ dad raped them, and did all kinds of other things. The man lost custody of his daughters right away. There was no 6 month investigation. They arrested him right away, and he also lost his job and credibility. He proved his case in court with his attorney, but the judge sent him to prison. A few years later, he came up for parole and one of the conditions on his being released was that he attend counseling sessions for sex offenders. When he went to the first meeting, they told him that in order for him to belong, he had to “admit” that he is a sex offender. Well, he stood up and said that he was not going to admit to something he did not do. They violated his parole and he went back to prison. Grant it, there are plenty of men out there who really are sick individuals, but this is not the case with the man I mentioned before, and it is not the case with Scotty. My mother is a senior citizen, and she was helping Scotty with his daughter, and giving him a place to stay while he continued to go to work and make a life for himself. He had a good job, but I’m sure not anymore. My parents have had gawkers go by their place and it’s a quiet neighborhood. Their house has been flashed on the news in Oregon. My point is, at what point do the girls have to take some responsibility about what happened? Like I said before, if you are raped, you don’t want “anything” to do with the person. She was “texting” him– repeatedly. He didn’t want anything to do with her. From what I understand he got suspicious, even after she showed him a fake ID.


  28. Trench says:

    I’m not sick. I’m just giving you a little history lesson.


  29. Mrs Garda says:

    Heidi you also have to admit Trench does have a point. Almost ALL women whether their husbands/boyfriends are guilty or not cannot bear to think of them in such a light and as such, claim innocence even if they both really dont know, and are just being childish, and looking at their men through rose colored glasses. Unfortunately that pretty much means Chandra’s statements are going to be viewed with rolled eyes. Serial killers in prison have girlfriends outside who dont think their boyfriends are ‘really all that bad’. So even if Chandra is right, even if he is innocent, Her telling us she slept with someone who could have possibly raped someone else puts her in low standing (And yes, there is still a chance he did it, and still a chance he didnt and I will not treat it otherwise)

    You are very right that those that are raped often do not want to go near their attackers. There is only -one- problem with that theory though. A very slim percentage of women latch on to their attackers especiallly if they had ‘liked’ them before the ‘attack’. Even if they were raped, there becomes a kind of desperation afterward for them to see some sort of ‘love’ from their attacker, because love and sex are so screwed up in their heads from before. (As in “I love him, he loves me. He loves me so he had sex with me because thats’ what love is. So even if I didnt want it, he MUST love me”) Now, I dont necessarily think that this is the case here, but there are exceptions to almost every rule, and that is one I figured Id mention.

    Now, honestly, it would be nice if she was being a dunce and making it all up. (the girl, not chandra) because I really would rather there not be one more innocent faced monster out there. But we dont know for sure yet. You’re right though her continually contacting him is somewhat distressing. That is going to have to be brought up with his lawyer. Hopefully he’ll present a good case.

    The only problem I see arising is, if he did have sex with this girl, it doesnt matter what she said. She was 13. And the law on THAT is very intolerant on excuses. You know?


  30. Trench says:

    Also let’s not forget the letter of the law. Even if the sex was consensual sex between an adult and a minor is always considered rape.


  31. Mrs Garda says:

    Exactly. The hows and whys aren’t important at all. If there was sex, even just one time, he’s guilty of Statutory rape, no matter how old she said she was.


  32. bootyj says:

    I think what every guy out there needs to realize is that once you have had sex with anyone (girl, women, man, what ever) you have to be preparred to except all of the possible consequences that come with that, not to sound too crude, the second you stick your penis into someone, you better be ready to accept that fact that anyone, of age or not could scream rape, plus the possiblity of pregnancy, std’s, etc.
    I still find it hard to believe that with all the news that goes on about situations such as this, plus all the Dateline exposes, why any guy would even risk it, I have posted this before, guys the best way to protect yourself is dont hook up with someone you meet on myspace (or anywhere on the internet), if you want to meet women, do it the old fashioned way, go to a bar, there you know the girl is at least 21 (and then someone else said “well they can get a fake ID”, IMO the only girls that have fake ID’s are at least 18 so you dont even have to worry abou that). So, I hope that only enough stories like this keep happening, maybe eventually some guy will get the clue.


  33. duda says:

    well it comes down to
    a. dont pick up 18yr olds on myspace that look younger then thier age.
    b. request id from anyone you suspect to being under 18.
    c. have a converstation with said person, a 13 yr old cannot have any concept of real conversational/social skills. dont accept at face value.

    just a few friendly reminders for those trolling myspace for hookups.


  34. Heidi Hartwell says:

    I do agree with the last posts though. Anytime you look for love online, most of the time it is a lie.


  35. Misty says:

    hey my daughter has a cousin that is 9 years old and has a myspace of 18 I told her mom about it and her words about the fact was she trusted her daughter to do nothing bad. well if she is prtending to be 18 then something is wrong and she wears makeup and she is developed more in the chest then I and sometimes I think she looks around the same age as I do I am 27 years old girls are just growing up way to fast and parents need to pay better attention to their youg daughters cause I think that is why they do this they thrive the negative attention cause that is all they can get that is all I got to say about that


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