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Newark man who threatened Columbine detective given probation:

So if some guy in his late 20’s from Ohio e-mailed threats to a police officer, claimed he knew a mass murderer, then claimed the mass murder was his idea what kind of sentence do you think he would get? You’d think he at least get a few years for violently threatening a cop right? Wrong!!!!

Patrick Gauchel threatened one of the Jefferson County Sheriffs who investigated Columbine and all he got was five years probation, a $750 fine, and has been banned from the internet for 5 years.

Add Judge Thomas Marcelain to the list of judges that must be on crack. At the very least this nutbag, Gauchel should have been sent to the squirrel factory for an extended stay.

2 thoughts on “Mutant king gets probation

  1. Zach says:

    Yet another reason why the get tough approach with juveniles doesn’t work? How are they supposed to be scared of the adult system or respect it if guys that are ten years older and should know better get slaps on the wrist?


  2. Doesn’t Canada have its share of Kimveer Gills?


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