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Local Teen Meets Sex Offender On MySpace:

34-year-old Dennis Boehm of Indiana met a 20-year-old girl over MySpace. Except that the girl was actually 15. When the girl told him she was 15 that didn’t discourage him any. He picked the girl up from her church in his van (windowless I’m sure) and took her to an American Legion parking lot where they had sex.

Dennis had a secret of his own though. He’s a registered sex offender who spent 11 years in prison for the attempted rape of two kids ages 9 and 11.

Boehm lives with his parents, no shock there, and they’re in complete denial. They claim the girl never told him her real age. But it’s not like he’s a registered sex offender or anything. Oh wait, yes he is.

He’s now looking at 6-20 years behind bars.

UPDATE: What do you know. Mom’s basement dweller is a Juggalo. Thanks Nancy.

11 thoughts on “Sex offender in mom's basement

  1. Nancy says:

    Found his myspace. He seems like a real darling!


  2. Trench says:

    And look at that. He’s a Juggalo. I’m so shocked (not really).


  3. duda says:

    wtf is a juggalo?

    (trying not to sound uncool)


  4. Trench says:

    Don’t worry. You’re much cooler not knowing.


  5. Missi says:

    The fifteen year old girl that is his top friend says on her profile that she may be pregnant. It would be horrible to be the child of a fifteen year old rape victim and a pedophile. Especially since they both claim to be juggalos. You know the baby would be named something like Shaggy Two Dope.


  6. Shannon says:

    What a piece of shit this guy is.

    I feel so bad for that poor girl she is going to affected by this for the rest of her life.
    And I hope it isn’t the girl that’s no.1 on his friends list because she might be pregnant.What a shit deal that would be for her.

    Parents need to keep their kids off myspace.. how many stories do we need to hear about before people wake up and watch what their kids are doing and who they are talking to ?


  7. Trench says:

    Shannon, MySpace is like plane crashes. You only hear about the bad stories., You never hear the ones about kids who never have a problem with it.

    When parents are vigilant it goes a long way to protecting their kids.


  8. mad as hell says:

    what is worse…he started as a trainee for the Kirby Vaccum Co., IN HOME DEMONSTATIONS, but a local mom recognized him, BUT, law inforcement saw red flags , they could legally not do anything. 5 months before he was ooked on this last charge. She was a vigilant parent. But we need to tighten the laws on sex offenders of this nature! Who is with me?


  9. Trench says:

    A Kirby salesman? That’s worse than being a juggalo.


  10. Smommabear1999 says:

    I actually know the guy. He is a real creep. One of my best friends got pregnant with his son before we found out he was a sex offender. It was absolutely horrifying. But the Juggalo part is false. He was a fan of the group…but as far as that none of the Juggalos I have ever met wanted anything to do with him. He introduced me to my husband. My husband didn’t even know the whole ins and outs of the entire thing. When we found out we broke off contact. My friend is terrified of him and his getting out of jail. She is terrified for herself and her son. His parents are crazy as hell too…Just fyi. I do know the guy and he is a majorly creepy sob


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