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Online sex predator paroled:

The last time I posted about Joshua Innes was almost a year ago when he was sentenced to nine years behind bars.

To refresh your memory Innes, from Montreal, used the social site Nexopia to threaten and blackmail underage girls into stripping in cam for him by posing as a 16-year-old girl named Nicky.

When he was sentenced I bemoaned the fact that 9 years wasn’t enough for a predatory scumbag like Innes. As it turns out the Canadian system thought not even a year was too much.

Innes has been paroled by the National Parole Board even though his own case managers were against it.

In a decision released Friday, the board said Innes made progress in his treatment program and demonstrates “insight and understanding” about what led to his crimes.

“While you were offending you were leading a double life and found your Internet involvement both intoxicating and addictive,” the board wrote. “While you have yet to deal with the addictive aspect of your criminal behaviour, your double life has been exposed.”

Innes will be a registered sex offender and can not be on the internet while on parole.

You know, we had a case recently here in the states where a sexual predator allegedly completed a state program and was deemed fit to return to society. His name was Michael Jacques and he allegedly kidnapped his own niece and possibly had a hand in her death.

Now you have your own Michael Jacques Canada. Congratulations.

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